The Trendiest Necklaces You Absolutely Must Have (2024)

Trendiest necklaces you must have

If you are wondering what types of necklaces are in style today, you're in luck. This article will uncover the most popular and desired necklaces that are a must-have for any fashionable woman this year.

Wearing the right necklace can make a world of difference in terms of how you look, feel, and how others perceive you.

That's why it's essential to know what necklaces currently get all the hype, what pieces last through many cycles of fashion, and most importantly, what necklaces look best on you.

To help you elevate your style to the next level, we will go through the trendiest, must-have necklaces that get the most love from fashionistas all over the world.

1. Gold chains

Gold chains

On the left: gold vermeil rope chain necklaceOn the right: gold vermeil snake chain

Gold chains are the number one style when it comes to necklaces. Whether it's a simple golden cable chain or a more aesthetic Figaro chain, it is guaranteed to be in fashion right now.

It doesn't matter if the chain is pure gold, gold-filled, gold-vermeil, or gold-colored. As long as the tone accurately matches real gold, the chain goes with almost any outfit ensuring you stay on top of the fashion wave right now.

You can mix and match different lengths and sizes or wear a single gold chain if you are more into minimalism and simplicity.

Here are some of the most popular gold chains that women have chosen as their go-to necklace:

2. Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces in style

On the left: 9-10mm oval freshwater pearl necklaceOn the right: silver pearl satellite necklace

Pearl necklaces have dominated the fashion industry for the past century, and they remain one of the most sought-after pieces in all of the jewelry.

Many young people have become inspired by the clothing and accessories from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, during the late 20th century, pearl necklaces were only accessible to the rich and wealthy.

Today, some of the most desired pearl necklaces include freshwater pearl necklaces, mainly due to their stunning white pearlescence and attainable price point. However, because many, especially the younger generation, worry about the cruelty of clams and oysters, shell pearls have emerged as an excellent alternative to natural pearls.

Here are a few favorite pearl necklace styles to get you started:

3. Protection necklaces

Protection necklaces in style

On the left: gold eye necklaceOn the right: silver opal sun necklace

Protection necklaces and amulets have become extremely popular recently. In fact, many celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle, have also been seen wearing a protective amulet around their neck during the past few years.

Although a protective necklace can be any necklace you feel connected to or believe would shield you from the negativity around you, more than a few prominent particular pieces prevail in very high demand throughout the years.

Perhaps the most well-known protection necklaces are the classic Christian cross necklace, evil eye necklace, hamsa hand, and the Miraculous Medal. Out of these pieces, the Miraculous Medal, featuring The Virgin Mary in an oval frame, and the hamsa hand with the symmetrical open palm are the most desired necklaces.

Elevate your style with these gorgeous protection necklaces:

4. Sky-themed necklaces

Sky-themed necklaces

On the left: rose gold sunshine necklaceOn the right: small gold moon necklace

Sun necklaces and necklaces inspired by the night sky have slowly evolved into one of the all-time favorite styles. Whether it's the moon or a few stars on your chain, you are guaranteed to be at the peak of the current fashion wave.

The sky has been a major source of inspiration for thousands of years. When it comes to jewelry and the sky, the elements on it acted as the origin of many cave writings and ancient jewelry.

Wearing a sky-inspired necklace is in style right now and, interestingly, can also be a great way to get in touch with our primal and ancestral selves.

Check out these highly desired necklaces inspired by the sky:

5. Shell necklaces

Shell necklaces

On the left: ammonite fossil shell necklaceOn the right: layered seashell necklace

Shell & seashell necklaces are among the most prominent styles seen worn around the world. From cowrie shells to millions of years old ammonite fossils, you simply can't go wrong with a shell necklace.

Especially the youth who love to travel and discover the world is frequently seen wearing seashell necklaces. Although some love to wear a shell they've collected from a beach by themselves, they can turn out fragile and break quite quickly. That's why most prefer store-bought, higher-quality shell jewelry that lasts.

They represent freedom, femininity, and peace of mind, making a seashell ideal for any woman who loves symbolic jewelry they can connect with.

Take a look at some of the best-selling shell necklaces:

6. Simple & minimalistic necklaces

Simple and minimalistic necklaces

On the left: two-tone sunflower necklaceOn the right: gold bar necklace

Simple necklaces have taken over since the concept of minimalism surfaced. The transition from boasting with material possessions to owning as little as possible is real.

In jewelry, the shift towards minimalism can be seen in the rising popularity of simple arrangements. Chains and dainty necklace designs like single pendant necklaces, for example, are in high demand today.

There are many benefits to wearing a simple & minimal necklace. Primarily, they are often timeless and will combine well with many outfits. In addition, a simple necklace almost always costs less than a complex alternative.

If you are into minimalism, you'll love these simple yet trendy necklace designs:

7. Initial necklaces

Initial letter necklaces in style

On the left: simple gold initial letter necklaceOn the right: silver colorful initial necklace

Initial necklaces are among the most simple and straightforward jewelry pieces that are still customizable. They make a great gift idea but can also be worn as self-bought items to embrace your personality.

As the wave of minimalism sweeps across the nation, initial letter necklaces fall into the perfect category of simple and customizable.

Although there are endless styles to choose from, the most popular initial necklaces consistently show a single letter attached to a chain. The letter is often a solo pendant, sometimes accompanied by a small additional charm.

Let's take a peek at the most popular initial letter necklaces that are in style today:

8. Layered necklaces

Layered necklaces in style

On the left: layered pearl & coin necklace setOn the right: gold hammered coin necklace set

Layered necklaces are the dream of many women. Being able to express yourself via complex jewelry combinations can be genuinely empowering.

If you like mixing and matching your jewelry, you'll love how a well-thought-out necklace set complements your style and personality.

The most prevalent styles of layered necklaces include two- and three-layer designs, while four layers are perceived as a bit too much most of the time.

Pick your favorite from these popular layered necklace styles:

9. Zodiac necklaces

Zodiac necklaces in style

On the left: silver capricorn necklaceOn the right: leo zodiac card necklace

Zodiac necklaces have steadily risen in popularity for the past few years. The mystery and unknown of the universe and stars make your horoscope special, leading many to choose to wear their constellation or zodiac around their neck.

Embracing your horoscope and connecting with your astral self can help you learn more about yourself. So, wearing a zodiac necklace is one of the most popular ways to welcome and accept your true identity.

Many choose to wear their zodiac symbol on their necklace, while others prefer the constellation - the actual arrangement of the stars in your zodiac.

Discover some of the favorite zodiac necklaces women have rated very highly:

10. Good luck necklaces

Good luck necklaces in style

On the left: malachite butterfly necklaceOn the right: gold eye of luck necklace

Lucky charms are definitely in style this year. With a wide range of symbols and designs to choose from, a good luck necklace is a must-have for everyone.

If you believe in luck and chance, the best necklace you can pick for yourself is a lucky amulet to wear daily. What's more, personal and meaningful necklaces are very much in style right now.

Choose the one that you feel the most connected with to ensure you'll want to wear it for the foreseeable future. Besides, it's definitely in your best interest to wear your lucky charm every day.

Here are the necklaces that have been said to bring the most luck:


That's a wrap of the trendiest necklaces of this year.

Hopefully, you have a clear picture of what types of necklaces are in style at the moment and what pieces you should pass.

If you are interested in learning more about necklaces and mixing and matching your favorite styles perfectly, check out our definitive guide to necklaces.

Thanks for supporting us and taking the time to read through this article.

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