Gold malachite butterfly necklace
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Gold Malachite Butterfly Necklace

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Gold malachite butterfly necklace. 

This gold necklace features a beautiful butterfly with striped green stone as its interior. The butterfly comes with gold-trim edges and green malachite as the pattern of its wings. Both the chain and butterfly are made of stainless steel. The necklace comes with an adjustable princess-fit length that looks good with any outfit. It is also hypoallergenic, waterproof, and doesn't fade or lose color even in daily use.

When a butterfly flies by we are almost without an exception mesmerized by it. Those few seconds of beauty, harmony, and balance of life might even bring out a few happy memories. This necklace is designed to capture the feeling of seeing a butterfly fly by and showcase that moment in a simple yet modern manner. A butterfly is thought to symbolize change, rebirth, spiritual transformation, and even life itself. Although a butterfly is the perfect combination of beauty and symbolism, many women simply love the fashion appeal of a butterfly necklace. Because butterflies are associated with femininity, happiness, and life, you can't go wrong wearing one as a necklace. Even if you don't have a symbolic reason for wearing a butterfly necklace, the timeless look will surely look good when combined with even the most difficult styles.

The green malachite butterfly with golden edges is an attractive piece with strong symbolism behind it. It offers a harmonic shape that effortlessly enhances your natural beauty and appeal. Furthermore, if you are looking for a gift idea for your friend, girlfriend, or wife, this gold malachite butterfly necklace is an excellent choice. Whether you are looking for a unique & meaningful necklace or simply a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear, this necklace is a top choice.

The necklace is made of high-quality stainless steel for the best durability and shine. It is resistive to water, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Stainless steel is also 100% anti-allergic, making it comfortable to wear without having to worry about any skin irritation. If you are looking for long-lasting jewelry with a beautiful design and a powerful meaning, this necklace is definitely for you.

Overall, this gold malachite butterfly necklace is a charming look on any woman. With an ageless, hypoallergenic design, premium materials, and meaningful symbolism, this necklace is an exceptional selection.

  • Anti-allergic material 
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: 14K gold (polished)
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Stone: Malachite (synthetic)
  • Butterfly size: 1.8 x 1.6cm / 0.7 x 0.63"
  • Chain length: Adjustable up to 48cm / 18.9"
  • Weight: 3.6g

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