The Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

When choosing earrings for your face shape, the right pair will frame your face and bring out the best in your facial features.

In this article, we'll be sharing expert tips on how to choose the best earrings for your beautiful face. No matter your face shape, we'll cover it all, so you can confidently rock the perfect pair of earrings every time.

Different face shapes

different face shapes

Let's be clear from the start: all face shapes are equally gorgeous. Face shape refers to the overall structure and proportions of your face. It is determined by the combination of bone structure, muscle and fat distribution, and other physical features such as the jawline, forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

There are several common face shapes, including oval, round, heart, diamond, square, rectangle, pear, triangle, and inverted triangle. If you don't know your face shape, just take a selfie and compare your features to the illustrations above. Please note that every face is unique; yours might be a mix of two shapes or something in between.

Why consider your face shape before choosing earrings?

Understanding your face shape can help you choose jewelry that flatters your features and enhances your natural beauty.

Different face shapes have different characteristics that can be highlighted or balanced with the right type of earrings. By choosing earrings that complement your face shape, you can create a cohesive and polished look that truly brings out your best features.

What type of earrings go with which face shape?

Let's look at what type of earrings look the best with each face shape.


oval face shape


Features: A gently curved forehead, a slightly rounded jawline, and cheekbones that are the widest part of the face. The length of the face is about one and a half times the width.

Earrings: The features of an oval face are very balanced, which means you can pretty much wear any style of earring and look great. Consider trying studs and huggies for subtle looks, and large hoops and drop earrings for special occasions.

Celebrities with oval faces: Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé, Bella Hadid, Rihanna.

If you have an oval face, the following earring styles will look gorgeous on you:
round face shape


Features: A wide hairline, full cheeks, and a round chin. The length and width of the face are about the same.

Earrings: To elongate and slim down the face, long and narrow earrings like drop earrings, dangle earrings or long chain earrings work best. Avoid wearing round, button, or hoop earrings that can make your face appear rounder.

Celebrities with round faces: Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Emma Stone.

The roundness of the face can be flattered with the following earring styles:
heart face shape


Features: A wider forehead and cheekbones that taper down to a narrow chin. The length of the face is greater than the width, and the chin may have a pointy or heart-shaped appearance.

Earrings: Teardrop or chandelier-style earrings look gorgeous on someone with a heart-shaped face. Ideal earrings would be wider at the bottom to balance the narrow jawline.

Celebrities with heart-shaped faces: Naomi Campbell, Reese Witherspoon, Ruby Rose, Lily Collins.

Styles such as the following balance out the features of a heart-shaped face:
diamond face shape


Features: High cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. The length of the face is greater than the width. The chin is similar to a heart-shaped face, but the hairline is narrower.

Earrings: Like heart-shaped faces, the diamond face shape is beautifully complimented with an earring design that is wider at the bottom than the top. Great options are wide drop earrings, chandelier earrings, and teardrop-shaped earrings.

Celebrities with diamond-shaped faces: Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox, Eiza González.

Earrings like these bring out the best in a diamond-shaped face:
square face shape


Features: A strong, sharp jawline and a broad forehead. The face is about as long as it's wide, with the forehead, the cheekbones, and the jaw about the same width.

Earrings: Earrings with curved lines like oval or round shapes soften the features of a square-shaped face beautifully. Try hoops, round studs, or circle drop earrings, and avoid strong geometric shapes.

Celebrities with square faces: Margot Robbie, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde.

Soften the features of a square face with round earrings like these:
rectangle face shape


Features: Rectangular face shape is essentially a mix of square and oval: it is longer than a square face shape and often has a slightly softer jawline. The rectangular or long face shape is sometimes called oblong.

Earrings: Choose earring styles that emphasize the width of the face. Rounded shapes, chunky huggie hoops, and large stud earrings look stunning on a long or rectangular face shape.

Celebrities with rectangular/oblong faces: Gisele Bündchen, Kelly Rowland, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway.

The following earring styles draw attention to your ear level, emphasizing the width of your face:
pear face shape


Features: A pear face shape is the opposite of a heart-shaped face with a narrow forehead, wider cheeks, and a round chin.

Earrings: Earrings that add volume to the ear level look beautiful on a pear-shaped face. Try sharp geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and stars to add an edge to your soft features.

Celebrities with pear-shaped faces: Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osbourne.

Earrings like these add an edge and volume to your ear level, balancing your soft features:
triangle face shape


Features: A strong jawline and a narrow forehead. The width of the face is greatest at the jawline.

Earrings: Styles that are wider at the top balance out a strong jawline, and rounded shapes add a dash of softness to the overall look. Also, long and narrow earring designs look great on a triangle face shape as they slim down the wide jaw.

Celebrities with triangle-shaped faces: Sandra Bullock, Minnie Driver, Kate Walsh.

Bring out the best in your triangle-shaped face with the following earring styles:
inverted triangle face shape

Inverted triangle

Features: A wide forehead that tapers down to a narrow chin. Similar to a heart-shaped face but with a more angular jawline.

Earrings: Earrings that are narrow at the top can help balance a wider forehead. Hoops and drop earrings are great choices for an inverted triangle face shape. Avoid wearing earrings that are wider at the top.

Celebrities with inverted triangle-shaped faces: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chloë Grace Moretz.

The following earring styles are ideal for an inverted triangle face shape:

The final words.

Now that you have a solid grasp on how to select the perfect earrings for your face shape, get ready to take your accessorizing game to the next level.

All faces are gorgeous, and with the right earrings, you can highlight and enhance your best features like never before.

While it's true that understanding your face shape can make a world of difference when it comes to finding the most flattering earrings for you, it's not the only factor to consider. Your facial features, hairstyle, skin tone, outfit, and personal style all play a role in determining which earrings will work best for you.

Luckily, our selection of women's earrings has got you covered, no matter what your face shape or personal style may be. From delicate studs and versatile huggies to glamorous drop earrings and glittering designs, each piece is hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof, so you can wear them with confidence anytime, anywhere.

Thank you for reading!

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