Necklace size guide

First, decide how you prefer to wear your necklace, tightly, loosely, or as an exact fit.

Tight fit (collar & choker style) is recommended when you want a high-sitting necklace that stays skin-tight. These styles go well together with most outfits and look great with v-necks and other open-neck designs.

Exact fit (princess style) is the best and most popular option for most women. It allows the necklace to sit firmly and naturally on the neck. An exact fit necklace falls properly on the collar bone giving it a little room to move around.

Loose fit (matinee, opera, & rope style) is a popular style among women who prefer their necklaces to sit on low without restraint. Loose fitting necklaces are often worn with high necklines and evening wear to elegant events. 

Tip: thin metal chains often look better when shorter in length (and larger necklaces better when longer). Necklaces with soft materials are commonly best worn tightly or semi-tightly around the neck. If you are in doubt, go with a choker or princess fit, as these two tend to gather the most compliments.

Different chain necklace lengths and sizes displayed on a woman


Although the average woman's neck circumference is approximately 13.5" / 34.3cm, you should always make sure you have your correct measurements when shopping for necklaces online.

Necklace size chart
Necklace style Length (inch) Length (cm) Necklace placement
Collar 12 - 14 31 - 36 Tightly around the neck
Choker 14 - 16 36 - 41 Semi-tightly against the base of throat
Princess 17 - 19 43 - 48 Perfectly on the collar bone
Matinee 20 - 24 51 - 61 Between the collar bone and the bust
Opera 28 - 36 71 - 91 On the bust or slightly below it
Rope / Lariat 38+ 96+ On the center of the bust and below

Now that you know your preferred size, go ahead and shop your favorite necklaces!

We aim to make choosing the right size for your necklace as easy and as pleasant as possible. Find the size chart above that will guide you in finding the perfect necklace length and size. If you are unsure of the right size, please send us your measurements by email and we'll help you with the decision.