16 Initial Necklaces You Need To Have

Initial Necklaces You Need To Have

Initial necklaces are among the most popular jewelry today. A chain with an initial pendant or a letter charm is a personal necklace every woman should own. The timeless style never goes out of style, and with so many initial letter necklace designs and styles available, you can easily find one for any occasion. An initial necklace looks great on its own but is also beautiful when layered with other chains or pendants.

An initial necklace is an easy way to personalize your style, boost your confidence, and express your love. Most commonly, women wear necklaces with their own initials, but it is also popular to choose the initials of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, children, or anyone else you love instead. An initial necklace makes for an excellent gift, too: it lasts time and will feel personal to the wearer.

From dainty chains to chunky pendants, we have gathered the top 16 initial necklaces you need to have. All of our picks are hypoallergenic and water-resistant or waterproof, making sure they'll last you a long time and are comfortable to wear no matter where you are.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Dainty crystal initial necklace

Dainty silver crystal initial necklace


Our first pick is a dainty sterling silver initial necklace with a tiny mini letter charm and sparkling cubic zirconia accents. In addition, the delicate chain has a single cubic zircon detail on the left side of the letter charm, giving the necklace a trendy and unique touch. Thanks to the small size and subtle yet elegant design, the silver initial necklace is your perfect companion on any occasion, casual or formal. Even if you wear your tiny initial necklace daily, it is always pleasant to wear and feels almost weightless around your neck. Dainty sterling silver crystal initial necklace, €49.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil.

2. Asymmetrical initial chain necklace

Gold asymmetrical initial chain necklace


Dainty and elegant, this initial letter chain necklace made of gold vermeil is the must-have personal piece in any timeless jewelry collection. The simple design is far from boring, thanks to the sparkling cubic zirconia crystal accents and the asymmetric positioning of the initial letter charm. The initial letter charm lays sideways on the side of the collarbone, creating a fascinating asymmetric look. The gold vermeil chain is impressive on its own and looks gorgeous layered with other necklaces. Gold vermeil asymmetrical initial chain necklace, €62.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.

3. Dainty initial heart necklace

Dainty silver initial heart necklace


This delicate and versatile necklace features your initial letter engraved on a small polished silver heart. The bead-like mini heart charm hangs on a matching silver chain, ready to give your attire a subtle uplift. Together, the heart and the initial letter are a beautiful combination that feels very personal and special. The initial necklace is perfect for layering and mixing with other silver-toned jewelry due to its simple design and classic silver color. If you appreciate uncomplicated, meaningful, and long-lasting jewelry, you should definitely treat yourself to this timeless piece. Dainty silver initial heart necklace, €29.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

4. Pearl initial letter necklace

Pearl initial necklace


If you're looking for an initial necklace that captures attention and collects compliments, look no further than this stunning pearl initial necklace. The necklace boasts a large gold-toned stainless steel pendant on a natural white freshwater pearl chain. The necklace offers an unbeatable mixture of meaning, elegance, and beauty. Thanks to the combination of genuine freshwater pearls and gold accents, the necklace is both timeless and trendy. The extension chain allows you to wear the pearl chain as a choker or a short necklace. Whether you treat yourself or someone you love, this necklace is guaranteed to bring its wearer joy for years to come. Freshwater pearl initial necklace, €41.95 EUR.

5. Colorful stone initial necklace

Colorful stone initial necklace


Number five on our list is a sophisticatedly bold initial necklace made of sterling silver and decorated with colorful crystal stones in various cuts and sizes. The stones come in vibrant and soft colors such as clear diamond, milky white moonstone, black obsidian, light blue, pink, peach, yellow, amber, and olive green cubic zirconia. The sizes vary, and the shapes differ between round, marquise, teardrop, and heart. The combination of irregular colorful stones in different sizes creates a unique and luxurious look that upgrades any casual look and complements a dressed-up one. Sterling silver colorful stone initial necklace, €62.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil.

6. Cursive initial letter necklace

Rose gold cursive initial necklace


Simple and beautiful, this cursive letter pendant necklace showcases your initial in style. The plain polished initial letter in a cursive font hangs on a matching cable chain and is ready to accompany you for years to come. The initial letter pendant draws attention with its high-polish surface and feminine cursive font. The necklace is designed to be your everyday go-to necklace with the perfect combination of versatility, beauty, and simplicity. It is ideal for women who love their jewelry dainty yet noticeable. An initial necklace like this will not go out of style. Rose gold cursive initial necklace, €37.95 EUR. Also available in gold and silver.

7. Pearly initial coin necklace

Pearly coin initial necklace


This gold initial necklace stands out with its round pearly white coin letter pendant. The white background with pearlescent glow highlights the golden initial letter beautifully and gives the pendant eye-catching contrast. The pearly inlay mimics the nacre, the inner lining of pearl-producing seashells, also called Mother of Pearl. The Mother of Pearl on this necklace is carefully lab-made and 100% ethical to provide an incredibly realistic pearlescent glow guilt-free. The pendant is bold yet not at all excessive, perfect for when you want your jewelry to make a sophisticated statement. The necklace has some weight to it and feels nicely solid and valuable in hand. Gold pearly initial coin necklace, €44.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

8. Crystal letter coin necklace

Silver crystal coin initial letter necklace


If you like sparkly things, you will love this gorgeous round silver coin necklace. The round pendant displays a cursive initial letter with a brilliant crystal halo around it. The necklace is waterproof and hypoallergenic, meaning you can wear it to shower without tarnishing it. With its medium size, the necklace is perfect for all occasions, casual or formal. The combination of sparkling crystal stones, beautiful silver hue, and a high-polish finish give the necklace a luxurious look and feel. Silver crystal letter coin necklace, €35.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

9. Girly crystal initial necklace

Girly crystal initial necklace


Delighting with its unique design and girly vibes, this initial letter necklace is a true eye-catcher with its gemstones, crystals, pearls, and golden butterflies. The romantic gold-toned initial pendant embraces your feminine and playful side effortlessly and sophisticatedly. The gems, sparkling pink and white cubic zircons, artificial opals, and pearls come in various shapes and sizes, giving the necklace a trendy asymmetrical look. All gemstones, cubic zircons, opals, and pearls are lab-grown and 100% ethical, visually matching, or exceeding their natural counterparts. Girly initial letter necklace, €49.95 EUR.

10. Heart & letter charm necklace

Rose gold heart & letter charm necklace


This dainty rose gold necklace displays two small charms; a heart and an initial letter. The necklace, made of high-quality stainless steel, consists of a delicate cable chain, a mini heart charm, and a small initial letter charm. With a high-polish surface, the charms reflect light like premium high-end jewelry. The charms are one with an adjustable cable chain, letting you create all the layered looks you love. Whether you wear your own initial or your loved ones or layer both, the timeless necklace is your best companion on any occasion, day and night. Rose gold heart & letter charm necklace, €40.95 EUR. Also available in gold and silver.

11. Gold initial heart necklace

Initial heart necklace


Beautiful and personal, this two-sided gold initial heart pendant necklace is designed for daily wear. With the simple yet intriguing design, the necklace effortlessly upgrades any of your outfits and is easy to combine with other gold-toned jewelry. The necklace consists of a gold-toned initial heart pendant and a matching Singapore chain. The eye-catching pendant mixes textures uniquely with its striped and dotted pattern and polished initial letter. The pendant is two-sided with a beautifully textured backside, so you can wear the pendant either way you like. Gold initial heart necklace, €38.95 EUR.

12. Black initial coin necklace

Black initial coin necklace


The 12th spot on our list is reserved for this stunning black and silver initial coin necklace. The round coin pendant, hanging from a dainty cable chain, has a silver-toned base and deep black inlay, embracing one of the most classic and elegant color combinations of black and silver. The pitch-black background beautifully highlights the initial letter and gives the pendant an eye-catching contrast. Modern and casual, the design never goes out of style. Silver & black initial coin necklace, €39.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

13. Colorful crystal letter necklace

Colorful crystal letter necklace


This delightful initial letter necklace beautifies any outfit in an instant. The initial letter, a token of self-love and confidence, is adorned with an arrangement of colorful sparkling crystal stones. This initial necklace stands out from the rest because of its stunning colors that gleam whenever sunlight hits the gemstones. Each gemstone is a colorful cubic zirconia stone set with extreme precision and made flawless, shining brighter than most natural diamonds. The colors, including blue, peach, purple, green, pink, and red, come in random order to make every necklace unique. Gold vermeil colorful crystal letter necklace, €61.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.

14. Simple initial letter necklace

Simple initial letter necklace


There is no better initial necklace for daily wear than this simple silver initial necklace. Designed to be your go-to necklace on any occasion, the polished initial letter charm and the matching cable chain create a simple yet refined combination that never goes out of style. The unadorned letter is medium-sized and has a stunning high-polish surface that reflects light beautifully. The minimalist style is timeless and goes with any outfit, while the material, stainless steel, guarantees the necklace is waterproof, hypoallergic, and doesn't tarnish. Simple silver initial necklace, €34.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

15. Mother of pearl initial necklace

Mother of pearl initial necklace


This impressive gold necklace charms with its stunning card-shaped initial pendant with white Mother of Pearl inlay. The pendant hangs on a matching round snake chain. At the center of the pendant is a polished gold-toned initial letter that goes perfectly with the pearly white hues of the synthetic Mother of Pearl inlay. An initial necklace like this is the perfect piece of jewelry for a woman who appreciates elegant yet eye-catching jewelry. Mother of Pearl initial card necklace, €46.95 EUR.

16. Beaded initial choker necklace

Beaded initial choker necklace


Last but not least is a fun and playful beaded initial choker necklace. The necklace effortlessly brightens up any outfit with colorful beads, gold accents, and a Mother of Pearl heart. Thanks to its adjustable extension chain, the necklace is wearable as a choker or a short necklace. Fully waterproof and hypoallergenic, the durable necklace is always comfortable to wear. You can keep the initial bead chain on while you shower, swim, or work out, as it doesn't tarnish or lose color. A necklace like this is perfect for casual summer styles and beach looks. Colorful beaded initial choker necklace, €34.95 EUR. Also available with white, pink, turquoise, red, orange, and yellow beads.

Why are initial necklaces so popular?

Initial necklaces are popular all around the world because they are so meaningful and personal. An initial necklace is essentially one or more letter charms or initial pendants on a chain. You can wear them alone or layer them with other chains. Wearing your own initial letter promotes confidence and self-love, while wearing the initial of your loved one expresses your love for them with grace. Women have worn initial necklaces for centuries, and they are never going out of style. Therefore, an initial necklace makes for a timeless gift that feels personal and brings joy for years to come. Wearing an initial letter necklace makes it easy to customize your style and make it unique to you.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? If you would like to continue browsing, we suggest starting with our extensive collection of women's necklaces. The selection is one of the largest online, with timeless styles and trendy designs that women all over the world love.

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