Blue sea turtle pendant on a silver necklace
Woman wearing a blue sea turtle pendant on a silver necklace
Blue sea turtle pendant on a silver necklace details
Blue sea turtle pendant on a silver necklace display

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Silver Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace

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Silver necklace with a blue sea turtle pendant. 

This sterling silver necklace displays a cute sea turtle pendant with a light ocean blue color shell. The turtle and the chain are made from silver and the blue shell of the tortoise is made from vitreous enamel that looks elegant and mellow in any light. The pendant comes in a convenient size of ~1.5cm / ~0.59" and the necklace has an ideal princess fit length. It is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and doesn't fade or lose color even in daily use.

Turtles are often associated with the bright turquoise waters and sunny beaches of the tropics. They move quite slowly on land but once a turtle reaches the ocean its excellent swimming abilities are noticeable, especially in clear waters. Turtles have a similar lifespan to humans with many living over 70 years — some are even known to live up to 200 years old. Many cultures around the world consider turtles and tortoises as the embodiment of wisdom, tranquility, peace, and protection. Furthermore, because the rising levels of plastics in our seas cause more and more harm to ocean life each passing year, many organizations use a turtle as the symbol of protecting our oceans. Wearing a turtle necklace can be a great way to introduce cuteness, guidance, and joy into your life while also standing behind cleaner oceans.

Spiritually, a turtle represents longevity, knowledge, and the ability to keep calm during tough times. Seeing a turtle in your dream is often thought of as a reflection of good health and peace of mind in your waking life. Turtles are considered to bring good luck and protection to your life. In fact, many tribes and native people living in islands often wore a turtle as a protective charm, strongly believing it would provide them with good luck, strength, and protection in their life. Whether you are looking for a protective amulet or a beautiful piece of jewelry, there is nothing better than this silver and blue sea turtle pendant necklace.

The necklace is made of high-quality sterling silver for the best durability and shine. It is resistive to water, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Sterling silver is also 100% anti-allergic, making it comfortable to wear without having to worry about any skin irritation. If you are looking for a long-lasting pendant with a beautiful design and a powerful meaning, this necklace is definitely for you.

Overall, the silver necklace with a blue sea turtle pendant has a lot to offer. With an elegant, hypoallergenic design, meaningful symbolism, and premium materials, this necklace is guaranteed to go with you for a long time.

  • Anti-allergic material 
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: Silver (polished) & light ocean blue
  • Chain material: Sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper)
  • Turtle material: Vitreous enamel (blue) & silver
  • Pendant size: 1.6 x 1.3cm / 0.63 x 0.52"
  • Chain length: Adjustable up to 46cm / 18"
  • Weight: 3.4g

Necklace chain length size