Our Story

How our journey started

In a very competitive world full of ambitious people and companies, money tends to act as the motivator for the majority. This leads to companies looking for profit maximization and prices for goods and services grow ever higher.

There are only a handful of organizations, that operate for profit, driven by other factors than money. This mainly leads to overpricing of goods and services in companies operating in private sector. Many luxury brands use this method as well; they put a high price point for their products because "The actual value of the item doesn't define its value, the brand does".

We want to fight the overpricing problem and provide best possible value for people. You shouldn't have to pay 100's and 1000's extra for an item worth seemingly less. We want to make it possible to have the same quality without having to pay for the expensive price tag. Join us on the road to a more affordable planet and together we can beat the high pricing worldwide!

Let's make the world affordable again

Simple & Classy 

Our products portray what we represent.

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Less is more

We stay on top of today's fashion wave and update products regularly.
 CWC And CMC Watches

Idea of CWC

The idea of CWC came from the fact that it is very hard for women to find high-class accessories & clothing with affordable prices. We decided to build a store where you will find all women's essentials in one place, and better yet, for an affordable price. We wanted to make the shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible - with well working and simple page, secure checkout, and free worldwide shipping. We think that it should be everyone's privilege to dress as they want, without having to pay too much for it. In a world full of expensive high-class stores and brands, we want to bring similar products available for all at affordable prices and worldwide shipping.

Our products are very classy and simplistic and thus are fitted for multiple different looks. Whether you're looking for classic pieces to upgrade your wardrobe with or something more special to make your style unique - you've come to the right place. Also, all of our leather products are made of high-grade PU leather and are 100% animal free.

We started with a set of accessories for men, including watches, belts, sunglasses and other essentials and currently we have a collection for women as well.

If you want to follow our journey and stay updated, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, & CWC Store


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