Top 20 Most Popular Anklets Today

Most popular anklets & ankle bracelets today

Anklets remain one of the most loved jewelry styles around. The best and most popular ankle bracelets make you look more attractive and complement your style. Wearing the right ankle jewelry can be a gamechanger. To find out what anklet designs are currently in high demand, make sure to scroll our full shoppable list.

Anklets have been a fundamental part of women's jewelry for a long time. If it's to impress others or to feel more confident, we want to look our best as much as we can. When it comes to achieving the beautiful, sexy legs -look via accessorizing, there is no better alternative than ankle bracelets. Regardless of your weight or height, an attractive anklet that fits your style can improve your look by a mile.

To help choose the perfect anklet for you, we'll go over 20 different anklet styles, with example pictures of each. Whether you're looking for a simple gold anklet or a layered ankle bracelet design, our list has you covered. All of our picks have excellent quality for the price, unique design, and a wallet-friendly price.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Crystal tennis anklet

Crystal tennis anklet

An absolutely beautiful rose gold-toned crystal tennis anklet. It reflects light just like a natural diamond anklet, looks very luxurious, and comes at an attractive price point. Rose gold crystal tennis anklet, €69.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

2. Cuban link anklet

Cuban link anklet

The Cuban link anklet, also known as a curb chain anklet, is one of the all-time classics. Its durable design, simplistic look, versatility, and affordable price are very seducing. Silver Cuban link anklet, €18.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

3. Initial letter heart anklet

Initial letter heart anklet

The gold-toned initial letter anklet with a heart pendant is one of the most popular anklet gifts to give. Every woman should own a piece of jewelry with her initial on it. Gold initial heart anklet, €26.95 EUR.

4. Natural cowrie shell anklet

Natural cowrie shell anklet

A stunning shell anklet made of natural cowrie shells and cord. The anklet can turn almost any outfit into a relaxed summer look. No wonder it's so popular. Natural Cowrie shell anklet, €19.95 EUR. Also available in black, light blue, red, blue, orange, & pink.

5. Layered heart anklet

Layered heart anklet

The two-layer heart anklet offers a simplistic look combined with a unique design. This is definitely a top choice when it comes to ankle bracelets. Silver layered heart anklet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in rose gold.

6. Sterling silver beaded anklet

Sterling silver beaded anklet

This beaded anklet is 925 sterling silver. Its elegant & classic design allows it to match with a lot of different styles, from dresses to jeans. Sterling silver beaded anklet, €29.95 EUR.

7. Figaro chain anklet

Figaro chain anklet

Many women like the design of the figaro anklet because it makes the ankle look sensual and classy at the same time. The design originates from Italy and is often seen in luxury jewelry. Gold figaro chain anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

8. Beaded beach anklet

Beaded beach anklet with a shell, starfish, & pearls

A perfect anklet to get you relaxed and in the beach mood. This beautiful beaded beach anklet comes displaying a seashell, starfish, and a pearl. Beaded beach anklet, €21.95 EUR.

9. Rose gold heart anklet

Rose gold heart anklet

A classic heart anklet is always among the most popular choices. The rose gold heart anklet is also a great gift idea. You really can't go wrong with it. Rose gold heart anklet, €54.95 EUR.

10. Natural amethyst crystal anklet

Natural amethyst crystal anklet

Simply gorgeous natural amethyst chain anklet with a nice gold-toned chain carrying the crystals. Women who are fans of symbolic crystals are guaranteed to love this. Natural amethyst crystal chain anklet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in garnet, turquoise, tourmaline, & red agate.

11. Snake chain anklet

Snake chain anklet

A snake chain anklet, also known as a herringbone chain, gets its name from its resemblance with a snake's skin pattern. It is one of the most popular and most liked anklets available. Silver snake chain anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in gold & rose gold.

12. Silver turtle anklet

Silver turtle anklet with white cord

This stunning anklet brings joy and relaxation into your life. Together the silver turtle and the cord rope remind of summer, beaches, and the ocean. White cord turtle anklet, €14.95 EUR. Also available in turquoise & black.

13. Simple crystal anklet

Simple crystal anklet

This simple chain with a single clear crystal is a beautiful, timeless design. It is perfect for women looking for something clean, lasting, and unique. Rose gold simple crystal anklet, €24.95 EUR. Also available in gold & silver.

14. Gold & sterling silver rose anklet

Gold & sterling silver rose anklet

This best-seller anklet displays a golden rose with silver leaves attached to a sterling silver chain. A silver anklet with golden details is enough to impress anyone. If you are after a rose anklet, it doesn't get much better than this. Gold & sterling silver rose anklet, €50.95 EUR.

15. Charm anklet

Charm anklet

Another popular choice is the charm anklet. This stunning lucky charm anklet is used to bring good luck and fortune. It showcases six pendants. In total, three hearts and three clear crystals. Rose gold heart charm anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

16. Rope chain anklet

Rope chain anklet

The rope chain anklet is a classic. Its design allows it to shine elegantly in light. The luxurious appearance and hypoallergenic material treatment make the rope chain anklet a woman's best friend. Sterling silver bead ankle chain, €37.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

17. Elastic 2-row crystal anklet

Elastic 2-row stretch crystal anklet

Are you looking for an anklet to wear on a night out? This stretchy 2-row crystal anklet is very luxurious and upgrades your style in an instant. The elastic band makes it comfortable to wear, and the two rows of crystals make your style classy. It pairs perfectly with high heels. Elastic 2-row crystal anklet, €24.95 EUR. Also available in a single row, 3-row, 4-row, & 5-row.

18. Rose gold Roman numerals anklet

Rose gold Roman numerals anklet

This anklet is perfect for women looking for something unique & special. It is a dual-chain anklet displaying two interlocked rings, one made of crystal and the other with roman numerals. Every woman would love to have this ankle bracelet. Rose gold Roman numeral anklet, €49.95 EUR.

19. Layered sterling silver snake chain anklet

Layered sterling silver snake chain anklet

Considering the anklet is 925 sterling silver and comes with such a low price tag, it's no wonder this layered snake chain anklet is among the most popular anklets. Its simplicity makes this one of the most versatile ankle bracelets on this list. Layered sterling silver snake chain anklet, €24.95 EUR.

20. Sterling silver pearl anklet

Sterling silver pearl anklet

Ending the list is this gorgeous pearl anklet. It is a 925 sterling silver anklet, displaying a row of six white freshwater pearls. Both the pearls and the silver chain are polished and shine beautifully in the light. If you are looking for a simple ankle bracelet with a design that's both elegant and close to nature, this anklet is perfect for you. Sterling silver freshwater pearl anklet, €41.95 EUR.

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An anklet is an essential part of a complete wardrobe for women. All women should own at least three types of anklets; one to wear with formal outfits, one to wear with relaxed styles during holidays & vacations, and one versatile ankle bracelet that goes well with almost anything.

Wearing the right anklet, an ankle bracelet that suits your style, can boost your confidence and show off your personality. Not to mention that a fitting anklet increases the overall attractiveness of your legs and thus your allure. Especially during the summer, when your legs are more exposed, it is a huge confidence boost to rock your favorite anklet that you know makes you more sexy, appealing, and attractive.

Whether you are new to jewelry & anklets or an experienced anklet expert looking for a new favorite ankle bracelet, the importance of choosing an anklet that fits your personality is not to be ignored. When it comes to buying the perfect anklet for you, you should trust your gut. If you see something that instantly sparks your attention, it will more than likely go well together with your personality. 

Although a perfect anklet, especially one that complements your personality, is hard to find, this is the best place to be. Seeing what others like and what are the most popular anklets overall can give you ideas about what types of anklets might suit you the best.

Choosing the perfect anklet

The perfect anklet is easy to find when you know what you are looking for. It all comes down to personal preference. First, you should decide where you would want to wear the ankle bracelet. Perhaps you have a specific occasion in mind, and you might want to, for example, wear an anklet with high heels and a dress when you head to a nightclub during the summer. If you don't have anything specific in mind, a good start is to choose whether you want your anklet to fit casual styles (outfits you wear at home, on holiday, or on vacations) formal outfits (fancy dinners, black tie events, celebrations, etc), or something in between. 

Next, decide if you prefer complexity in your jewelry or if you like to keep it simple. When it comes to ankle bracelets, there isn't a wrong choice. However, simplistic anklets tend to be more versatile and effortless to combine to different styles. On the other hand, intricate, detailed designs add more depth and persona to your style by drawing attention away from your clothes. 

At this point, you should have a vague understanding of what type of anklet you should go after. All that's left is the color options. The good news is that there are only two basic categories of color in jewelry; warm tones and cool tones. Warm tones include colors such as gold and rose gold, while cool hues involve colors such as silver and white.

Now you should have a somewhat clear image of an anklet that would best suit your style. If you are still unsure about what your ideal ankle bracelet looks like, remember that anklets are not for everyone. You look beautiful just the way you are, with or without an anklet.

Hopefully, this article helped you find & fall in love with your new favorite anklet!

Thank you for reading!

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