Elastic Crystal Tennis Anklet
Elastic Crystal Tennis Ankle Bracelet
Elastic Crystal Diamond Tennis Anklet

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Classy Women Elastic Crystal Tennis Anklet

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An elastic crystal tennis ankle bracelet.

The timeless favorite, a sparking tennis chain, as an elastic ankle bracelet. This stunning anklet is designed for women who love to boost their feminine sensuality with sparkle and diamonds. The dashing crystal diamante row catches light from all angles and shines beautifully when only a subtle ray of light hits it, making it look beautiful during the day and night time. Whether you look to upgrade your casual attire or you want a jewelry piece to compliment you at a party or while enjoying a night out, this elastic crystal tennis anklet is your best companion!

Tennis anklets have a distinctive design of crystals or diamonds set right next to each other, creating a luxurious look that keeps astonishing with its beauty year after year. Of all the tennis anklet styles, one with clear crystals is the most popular one. Affordable and accessible, high-grade crystal stones cannot be told apart from real diamonds with the bare eye, making them a top gem choice for a range of jewelry.

On top of looking attractive, clear crystal jewelry is also popular because of its symbolic meaning. Clear crystal is said to promote health and have healing powers. Many believe that when you wear clear crystal jewelry and carry it close to you, it amplifies your energy while protecting you and guiding you in the right direction.

The width of the anklet is 0.12" / 3mm, just the perfect size to be noticed without being too flashy. The elastic band is stretchy but doesn't break. It ensures a perfect fit for most ankles. The anklet is quite lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Tip: If you want to look extra fine at a cocktail event or any formal party, wear a crystal tennis anklet on both ankles. The balanced style will look amazing with your favorite high heels!

Avoid water exposure to keep the anklet in prime condition.

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Size: 9" / 23cm (elastic and can be stretched)
  • Width: 0.12" / 3mm
  • Metal: Silver-toned zinc alloy
  • Gemstone: Clear-cut Austrian crystal
  • Weight: 2.1g
Anklet size chart
Actual ankle size Tight fit Exact fit Loose fit
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
7.5 19 7.8 19.8 8.3 21 8.6 22
8.0 20 8.3 20.8 8.6 22 9.0 23
8.5 21.5 8.8 22.3 9.3 23.5 9.6 24.5
9.0 23 9.3 23.8 9.8 25 10.2 26
9.5 24 9.8 24.8 10.2 26 10.6 27
10.0 25.5 10.3 26.3 10.8 27.5 11.2 28.5