Rose gold snake chain anklet on a white background
Rose gold snake chain anklet displayed on a womans ankle
Detailed picture of the rose gold snake chain ankle bracelet

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Classy Women Rose Gold Snake Chain Anklet

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Rose gold snake chain ankle bracelet.

A beautiful anklet that resembles the form of a snake by its pattern. The snake anklet is also sometimes called a herringbone anklet. It consists of a detailed rose gold design and an extension chain with a heart pendant at the end. The anklet can be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal, because of its simple versatile design.

The herringbone or snake pattern was originally the stitching pattern seen in fishermen's sweaters. From sweaters, the pattern successfully transitioned to jewelry. Today, the herringbone pattern is among the strongest chain patterns available. If you are looking for a lightweight anklet with a durable, waterproof design the rose gold snake chain anklet is an excellent choice. 

The mesmerizing looks of the anklet are achieved with the combination of polished, interlinked pieces made of high-quality stainless steel. The nice blend of extravagant design, simplicity, and durability make a tempting anklet for the modern woman.

To keep the anklet in shiny condition, clean it with a cloth once a year to maintain its natural shine. The ankle bracelet is essentially waterproof and doesn't fade or lose color over time. Furthermore, the anklet is made of anti-allergic materials to ensure the best experience.

Overall, the rose gold snake chain ankle bracelet is beautiful, low maintenance, and definitely a great find for a classy woman.

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: 14K rose gold (polished)
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Lock: Simple lobster clasp
  • Length: 8.1" + 2.2" / 20.5cm + 5.5cm (adjustable)
  • Width: 3.2mm / 0.125"
  • Weight: 3g
Anklet size chart
Actual ankle size Tight fit Exact fit Loose fit
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
7.5 19 7.8 19.8 8.3 21 8.6 22
8.0 20 8.3 20.8 8.6 22 9.0 23
8.5 21.5 8.8 22.3 9.3 23.5 9.6 24.5
9.0 23 9.3 23.8 9.8 25 10.2 26
9.5 24 9.8 24.8 10.2 26 10.6 27
10.0 25.5 10.3 26.3 10.8 27.5 11.2 28.5