Rose gold anklet with two interlocked rings - one with roman numerals and one with crystals
Rose gold crystal roman numeral anklet on an ankle
Rose gold crystal roman numeral ankle bracelet details

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Rose Gold Crystal Roman Numeral Anklet

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Rose gold crystal Roman numeral ankle bracelet.

A simple yet exquisite anklet design with two linked rose gold rings, one with roman numerals around it and the other decorated with a beautiful inlaid crystal surface. The luxurious anklet is best suited for fancy and formal occasions.

On top of its eye-catching looks, the rose gold anklet carries a relatable symbolism. The two interlocked rings represent commitment, reliability, loyalty, and honesty. The Roman numerals ring represents time and the crystal ring beauty. Together, the two rings linked with each other describe in-depth the connection between beauty, integrity, and time. 

A woman wearing the rose gold crystal roman numeral anklet is perceived by others as a beautiful, trustworthy individual who is easy to be around with. In addition to the powerful meaning behind the ankle bracelet, it simply looks amazing when worn. This makes it an optimal gift idea to give to a friend, girlfriend, or wife.

The rose gold crystal roman numeral anklet is made of high-quality materials. The chain and the two rings are polished rose gold-toned 316L stainless steel, and the crystal is clear AAA+ purity Austrian crystal. The ankle bracelet is essentially waterproof and doesn't fade or lose color over time. In addition, the anklet is made of anti-allergic materials to ensure the best experience.

Overall, the rose gold roman numerals ankle bracelet is unquestionably among the best formal anklets available.

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: Rose gold
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Crystal: Pure AAA+ Austrian crystals
  • Length: 7.9" + 2" / 20cm + 5cm
  • Weight: 3.4g
Anklet size chart
Actual ankle size Tight fit Exact fit Loose fit
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
7.5 19 7.8 19.8 8.3 21 8.6 22
8.0 20 8.3 20.8 8.6 22 9.0 23
8.5 21.5 8.8 22.3 9.3 23.5 9.6 24.5
9.0 23 9.3 23.8 9.8 25 10.2 26
9.5 24 9.8 24.8 10.2 26 10.6 27
10.0 25.5 10.3 26.3 10.8 27.5 11.2 28.5

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