Top 20 Most Popular Ankle Chains Today

Most popular ankle chains

Ankle chains remain one of the most loved anklet styles around. They are known for their simplicity & timeless beauty. Furthermore, chain anklets are an easy addition to a heap of outfits, ranging from casual to formal styles. If you are searching for an ankle bracelet to compliment your daily looks without drawing too much attention, a chain anklet is a must-have!

Perhaps the most versatile anklet style available, ankle chains are a jewelry-loving woman's best friend. Because they look great with a skirt, dress, or high heels, you can't go wrong wearing an ankle chain. For such a little piece of jewelry, they add a lot of class and depth into an outfit. Wearing a chain anklet that suits your style can complete your outfit effortlessly.

To help you choose the perfect ankle chain for you, we'll go over 20 different chain anklet styles, with example pictures of each. Whether you're looking for a simple chain link anklet or a detailed chain ankle bracelet, our list has you covered. All of our picks have amazing quality for the price, unique design, and a wallet-friendly price.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

 1. Cuban link ankle chain

Cuban link ankle chain

A Cuban link chain anklet is a simple chain design with a luxurious look and feel. The Cuban link chain is one of the most durable anklet designs available. It consists of flattened and twisted links that interlock tightly together, forming a beautiful, versatile chain. The gold-toned anklet comes with an adjustable length setting, and it will fit most ankle sizes with ease. The simple yet, stunning Cuban link ankle bracelet goes very well together with most semi-formal and many casual outfits, as well. Gold cuban link chain anklet, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver & rose gold.

 2. Rope chain anklet

Rope chain anklet

When it comes to ankle chains, the rope chain anklet is one of the most beautiful designs available. The light reflects wonderfully from the ankle chain and makes it look very luxurious and elegant. The chain itself consists of interlinked pieces that mimic the appearance of a rope. It symbolizes security and the importance of spending time with loved ones. Because of its simple design and beautiful appearance, the rope ankle chain is easy to combine with almost any outfit with spectacular results. Gold rope chain anklet, €37.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

 3. Snake chain anklet

Snake chain anklet

A snake ankle chain, also known as a herringbone chain, looks like a simplistic anklet with a unique design pattern. The anklet includes an extension chain with a heart-shaped pendant at the end of it. Despite its simple appearance, the snake chain anklet can complement a wide range of outfits. It goes well together with summer and beach styles, as well as with dresses, skirts, and everything from slippers to high heels. If you are searching for a versatile ankle chain that adds personality to your style, the snake ankle chain is an excellent choice. Silver snake chain anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in gold & rose gold.

 4. Simple sterling silver ankle chain

Simple 925 sterling silver ankle chain

A stunning 925 sterling silver chain anklet at an incredible price point. This gorgeous ankle chain consists of a string of 1.5mm beads. Because of the polished surface, the 925 silver anklet reflects light beautifully. It is a delicate design that doesn't draw too much attention away from your outfit. Like other ankle chains on the list, the sterling silver ankle chain comes with an adjustable extension to make sure it fits most ankle sizes. A sterling silver ankle chain is an optimal choice when looking for something lasting and luxurious at an affordable price. Simple 925 sterling silver ankle chain, €29.95 EUR.

 5. Rose gold vermeil ankle chain

Rose gold vermeil ankle chain

Elegant rose-gold vermeil ankle chain. Rose gold vermeil is a material that consists of a sterling silver base with a 10K rose gold surface. The rose gold vermeil color is a beautiful light toned rose gold. The anklet looks nice in daily use as well as with semi-formal and formal outfits. The nine delicate beads make the rose-gold vermeil ankle chain unique. It also has an adjustable extension chain and an easy-to-use lobster clasp lock. Rose gold vermeil ankle chain, €59.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil & sterling silver.

 6. Rose gold multilayer ankle chain

Rose gold multilayer ankle chain

You can never go wrong with a classic multilayer chain anklet. This one displays a total of three layers with a combination of beads and chains. The surface is polished to make the anklet suit all styles from casual to semi-formal. A multilayered anklet is a perfect choice for women who enjoy jewelry and like to mix and match different looks. Also, the layered look enhances your appearance and makes you look sexy and confident at the same time. Rose gold multilayer beaded chain anklet, €29.95 EUR.

 7. Figaro chain anklet

Figaro chain anklet

A figaro anklet is a flat chain that consists of three circular links followed by one elongated oval link on the chain. The design originates from Italy and is often seen in luxury jewelry. The anklet comes with a 2" / 5cm extension chain that enables the ankle bracelet to be adjusted exactly to ones liking. Many women like the design of the figaro anklet because it makes the ankle look sensual and elegant at the same time. Gold figaro chain anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

 8. Layered sterling silver herringbone ankle chain

Layered sterling silver herringbone ankle chain

This beautiful anklet offers three layers of 925 sterling silver herringbone chain. The design is absolutely stunning and, to top it off, it reflects light nicely from all angles. The bright tone of pure sterling silver is refreshing and looks classy when combined with any outfit. The three-layer ankle chain is enough to compliment all outfits from semi-casual to formal. The anklet adds elegance and depth to your outfit without having to worry about details too much. Like other anklets on this list, the layered silver herringbone chain anklet is a favorite choice among women. Gold cuban link chain anklet, €24.95 EUR.

 9. Rose gold elegant crystal chain anklet

Rose gold elegant crystal chain anklet

A stunning ankle chain displaying two crystals; one black and one smaller clear crystal. The anklet uniquely plays around with two different sized chains and opposite color stones. Although the anklet is designed for semi-formal and formal styles, its simplistic design allows it to be worn daily with casual wear, as well. The anklet displays two crystals. The larger crystal is a 7mm / 0.28" black crystal stone with a smooth and polished surface. The smaller crystal is a 3mm / 0.12" clear crystal with a flawless diamond cut. Rose gold elegant crystal chain anklet, €59.95 EUR.

 10. Natural amethyst crystal ankle chain

Natural amethyst crystal ankle chain

Simply gorgeous amethyst chain anklet with a nice gold-toned chain carrying the crystals. All amethyst crystals in this ankle chain are natural and unique pieces, making each anklet slightly different. The amethyst stone symbolizes serenity, wisdom, clarity, and spiritual awareness. It is said that the amethyst stone dissipates negative energy, improves your immune system, and reduces anxiety. Many women love their amethyst jewelry because they feel grounded, self-assured, and peaceful when wearing it. Natural amethyst crystal chain anklet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in garnet, turquoise, tourmaline, & red agate.

 11. Sterling silver lucky charm ankle chain

Sterling silver lucky charm ankle chain

A stunning lucky charm anklet chain made of 925 sterling silver. The beautifully polished silver-tone, together with the clear crystals, makes a perfect combination with almost any outfit. Clear crystals are widely considered as powerful healing stones that amplify good and counter negative energy. Alongside its potential healing effects, the strength of clear crystals is recognized all around the world as one of the most potent good luck and good energy bringers. To further enhance the good luck effects of the anklet, it displays the crystals in a group of seven separate charms. The number seven is commonly referred to as the lucky number. Sterling silver & crystal lucky charm ankle chain, €39.95 EUR.

 12. Curb chain anklet

Curb chain anklet

A curb chain is perfect for everyday wearing, and as one of the most durable chain designs, it will last a long time. It consists of flattened and twisted oval links that interlock smoothly together, forming a beautiful chain design that is one of the strongest in the market. The flat link design makes the anklet comfortable to wear in all situations, even when tucked inside tight pants or ankle boots. Many women prefer a curb chain anklet as their go-to anklet because the design is so timeless, and the simple outlook makes it super versatile. Gold curb chain anklet, €24.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

 13. Silver ankle chain

Silver ankle chain

A timeless classic, the silver box ankle chain is among the all-time favorites. The stylish rounded design of the chain links not only makes the anklet very durable but also makes it feel incredibly smooth on the skin. The polished surface of the silver ankle chain looks luxurious and, because of the simplistic design, it goes well with most outfits. The anklet is also hypoallergenic and waterproof, so feel free to wear it anywhere. If a durable, versatile, and beautiful ankle chain is what you are looking for, this is one of the best choices. Silver box ankle chain, €22.95 EUR.

 14. Rose gold Roman chain anklet

Rose gold roman chain anklet

A stunning and unique ankle chain, displaying two connected rings with crystals and Roman numerals. This ankle chain is best for women looking to separate themselves from others in a fashionable manner. On top of its eye-catching looks, the rose gold chain anklet carries a relatable symbolism. The two interlocked rings represent commitment, reliability, loyalty, and honesty. The Roman numerals ring represents time and the crystal ring beauty. Together, the two rings linked with each other describe in-depth the connection between beauty, integrity, and time. Rose gold roman crystal chain anklet, €49.95 EUR.

 15. Gold lucky charm ankle chain

Gold lucky charm ankle chain

Another beautiful anklet design with hypoallergenic & waterproof material. The gold-toned lucky charm anklet is designed to bring as much good luck, fortune, wealth, and prosperity to your life as possible. The charms support the positivity in your life and act as a reminder of how beautiful your life is at the moment. If you are in need of a lucky charm amulet to help grow your luck in all aspects of life, this is definitely your anklet of choice. Gold lucky charm ankle chain, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

 16. Sterling silver bead ankle chain

Sterling silver bead ankle chain

A simply stunning chain anklet, showcasing six small beads. Because the anklet is made of polished 925 sterling silver, it reflects the light brightly, resembling white gold a little. The chain itself is a thin box chain so it can endure daily use with ease. Furthermore, the delicate appearance of the anklet works very well with almost any outfit combination, ranging from casual to formal styles. If you are new to wearing ankle bracelets and want to start with something easy, the sterling silver bead ankle chain is a great pick. Sterling silver bead ankle chain, €27.95 EUR.

 17. Rose gold heart chain anklet

Rose gold heart chain anklet

A beautiful rose gold chain anklet with a heart pendant. Because the anklet is hypoallergenic and waterproof, it lasts heavy use well and will look as good as new even after years of use. A heart is the universal symbol of love and passion. On an anklet, a heart can symbolize anything from personal character to love for another person or even a passionate lifestyle. A heart anklet is also one of the most popular gift ideas in ankle jewelry because of its strong symbolism related to caring and compassion. Rose gold heart chain anklet, €54.95 EUR.

 18. Cross chain anklet

Gold cross chain anklet

A unique and simple chain anklet with an integrated cross on it. The anklet comes with an adjustable length, waterproof abilities, and hypoallergenic materials. A Cross is the most popular symbol in the world. In addition to its widespread use in religion, the cross symbol is recognized as a global symbol for faith, hope, and trust. A woman wearing a cross anklet is perceived as a conscientious individual with honest intentions and an optimistic mind. The gold cross anklet is a great gift idea because of its strong symbolism and beautiful design. Gold cross chain anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver & rose gold.

 19. Rose gold butterfly ankle chain

Rose gold butterfly ankle chain

A detailed rose gold chain anklet with a gorgeous three-dimensional butterfly. In addition to the butterfly, the anklet has two premium quality crystals hanging from it. The anklet is easy to maintain as it's waterproof and doesn't lose color over time. A butterfly has a strong symbolic meaning and is widely recognized as a powerful representation of life. With a short lifespan, a butterfly also represents gratitude, beauty, and the feeling of living in the moment. The anklet is best worn with casual to semi-formal outfits. Rose gold butterfly ankle chain, €38.95 EUR.

 20. Sterling silver pearl chain anklet

Sterling silver pearl chain anklet

Last but not least on the list is a delicate 925 sterling silver chain anklet adorned with white freshwater pearls. The silver ankle chain displays a row of 6 oval-shaped pearls as a centerpiece, and two extra pearls to beautify the closure on the backside. The row of six freshwater pearls symbolizes perfection, femininity, longevity, purity, wisdom, and serenity. Beautiful white shimmering freshwater pearls are often associated with the energy of the moon, the element of water, and Venus, the goddess of love. The size and shape of the pearls vary slightly, making every anklet unique and ensuring no two identical exists. Sterling silver pearl chain anklet, €41.95 EUR.

The list of the most popular ankle chains has come to an end. We hope you found the chain anklet you were after. If you are still searching, be sure to check out our full selection of women's anklets. We offer one of the largest anklet selections in the world, and we are confident that you will fall in love with our ankle bracelets.

Thank you for reading!

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