Are Anklets Still in Style Today?

Are Anklets Still In Style?

An anklet is a bracelet that you wear around your ankle. That's why they are sometimes simply just called ankle bracelets. Anklets come in many styles, from simple and delicate to bold and flashy. They look great with cropped jeans and pants, as well as with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Whether you wear heels or flats, an anklet can always take your attire to a whole new level. They are a beautiful, small accessory that is subtle, but when noticed, very sexy. Some people even say that when you wear an anklet, each step you take repels negative energy and vibrates positivity to everyone around you. 

As with all things fashion, trends come and go, and you might be wondering if anklets are still in style today. It might be hard to constantly stay in the know of what's in style and what's not, but don't worry, we're here to help!

So, are anklets still in style today?

Short answer: yes, anklets are still in style today.

When you think of anklets, the '90s, when they were a huge thing, usually comes first in mind. The '90s was a decade of choker necklaces, crop tops, slim sunglasses, platform shoes, knee-high boots, satin, mesh, kitten heels, cat-eye sunglasses, fanny packs, fishnet ties, high waist pants, scrunchies, and the list goes on and on... And all of them have made a comeback at some point within the past couple of years. As a subtle accessory that comes in countless styles and designs, an anklet can't be a huge fashion mistake even if it's not considered a trend. The rule of thumb is: if it looks good and you can pull it off, go ahead! Besides, nowadays it is very cool to look unique and stand out, so keeping up with the ever-changing trends isn't that important.

Anklets for women

On the left: Silver Crystal Tennis Anklet, €66.95 EUR.

On the right: Gold Rope Chain Anklet, €37.95 EUR.

When should anklets be worn?

Anklets should be worn whenever and wherever you want to. Of course, you should choose the style of it by the occasion and your outfit. For example, if the occasion is festive and you're wearing a dress and heels, choose an anklet with some sparkle in it. If it's a casual summer day and you're wearing cropped jeans or a skirt, choose a simple chain anklet or a beaded anklet to complement the look.

Also, make sure to wear anklets only on bare ankles, not over socks or tights (in some cases it's acceptable to wear them over stockings). Yet again, if the combination looks good, there's nothing that stops you from wearing it. Confidence is key!

On which ankle should an anklet be worn?

Anklets can be worn in either ankle or both ankles. In some situations, you can create an extremely luxurious look by wearing an anklet on both ankles (see our 2-Row Crystal Tennis Anklet). However, in most situations, a better choice is to wear an anklet on one ankle only. It doesn't matter if you wear it on your right or left ankle.

The best anklet styles right now

If you are convinced that an anklet is a great buy right now, great, you're on the right track. The only thing you have left to figure out is the style of the anklet you want.

As we've seen with numerous trends, they come and go. You can, of course, choose a trendy anklet. They look good and make you appear like someone who knows their fashion. However, if you want to play it safe and ease into wearing anklets, a simple, delicate, and timeless anklet may be the best kind to start with.

For ideas and inspiration, please see our list of some popular anklet styles below.

1. Chain anklets

Chain anklets are very versatile and usually quite simple. They can be worn with casual clothes as well as more festive ones. You can choose a single layer chain anklet or a layered one. Chain anklets can have pendants or beads in them to create interesting details, but the most popular ones are just plain chains, with or without layers.

Chain Anklets

On the left: Gold Snake Chain Anklet, €39.95 EUR.

On the right: Silver Multilayer Chain Anklet, €24.95 EUR.

2. Crystal anklets

Crystal anklets are one of the most luxurious anklet types, thanks to their close resemblance to expensive diamonds. Crystal anklets sparkle and shine, giving your attire a sumptuous vibe. A crystal anklet is the best choice for a cocktail event or a night out at the club. 

Crystal Anklets

On the left: Gold Delicate Crystal Anklet, €24.95 EUR.

On the right: Elastic Crystal Tennis Anklet, €22.95 EUR.

3. Layered anklets

Layers are a huge jewelry trend at the moment. Layered necklaces and rings can be seen worn by fashion influencers all over the world, and the same goes for anklets. If a trendy look is what you're going for, go with a layered anklet!

Layered Anklets

On the left: Gold Layered Evil Eye Anklet, €24.95 EUR.

On the right: Silver Layered Pineapple Anklet, €24.95 EUR.

4. Beaded anklets

Beaded anklets are casual and playful. They are usually colorful but can be found in neutral colors as well. Beads can be made of numerous materials, such as crystal, natural stone, resin, and metal.

Beaded anklets go best with casual outfits in summer. They are also a great accessory for days on the beach since bead materials usually endure water very well. 

Beaded Anklets

On the left: Layered Turquoise Beaded Anklet, €19.95 EUR.

On the right: Beaded Ocean Seashell Anklet, €21.95 EUR.

5. Beach anklets

Beach anklets are perfect for a hot day at the beach. The materials will endure water and heat, making it a perfect choice for summer days. You can, of course, wear beach anklets elsewhere as well, as long as your outfit is casual. 

Beach Anklets

On the left: Cowrie Shell Beach Anklet, €24.95 EUR.

On the right: Turtle Beach Anklet in Black, Turquoise, and White, €19.95 EUR.

6. Simple anklets

Simple anklets are great anklets to start with. They are subtle, usually quite delicate, and can be worn on various occasions. The simple design and outlook make it easy to combine with other jewelry.

Simple Anklets

On the left: Silver Simple Crystal Anklet, €34.95 EUR.

On the right: Simple Rose Gold Beaded Anklet, €27.95 EUR.

Whatever your style is, you can definitely find an anklet that fits it. For more ankle bracelet styles and designs, visit our anklet collection.

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