Rose gold beaded anklet
Rose gold beaded anklet displayed on an ankle
Rose gold beaded ankle bracelet details

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Rose Gold Beaded Anklet

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Rose gold beaded ankle bracelet.

A classic rose gold chain with five matching beads on it. The 0.2" / 5mm wide beads look smooth, simple, and are perfectly suited for daily use. The anklet is recommended to be used with casual, smart casual, or semi-formal outfits.

Although the simple rose gold beaded ankle bracelet looks very simplistic, it has a symbolic meaning, as well. Throughout history, the number five has been associated with love, marriage, and loyalty. In the Mayan culture the number five was considered as the symbol of perfection. In the Christian religion, the number five represents God's grace, kindness, and favor to humankind.

The five beads on the anklet are meant to bring positivity and good luck into the future of the wearer. The anklet is perfect for women who are looking for a simple good luck anklet to guide them in their daily life. On top of the symbolism, the anklet looks nice and minimalistic on an ankle making your feet look more feminine and seductive.

The rose gold beaded anklet is made of high-quality materials. The chain and the beads are polished rose gold-toned 316L stainless steel. The ankle bracelet is essentially waterproof and doesn't fade or lose color over time. Furthermore, the anklet is made of anti-allergic materials to ensure the best experience.

Overall, the rose gold beaded ankle bracelet is surely among the most popular minimalistic anklets available.

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: 18K rose gold
  • Metal: 316L stainless steel
  • Beads: Five 0.2" / 5mm beads
  • Length: 8" + 2.4" / 21cm + 6cm
  • Weight: 2.9g
Anklet size chart
Actual ankle size Tight fit Exact fit Loose fit
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
7.5 19 7.8 19.8 8.3 21 8.6 22
8.0 20 8.3 20.8 8.6 22 9.0 23
8.5 21.5 8.8 22.3 9.3 23.5 9.6 24.5
9.0 23 9.3 23.8 9.8 25 10.2 26
9.5 24 9.8 24.8 10.2 26 10.6 27
10.0 25.5 10.3 26.3 10.8 27.5 11.2 28.5