Top 20 Most Popular Bangle Bracelets Today

Most popular bangle bracelets right now

Bangle bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet styles, year after year. Bangles are solid bracelets that go fully around the wrist and are usually made of metal. An elegant and timeless bangle bracelet never goes out of style. If you choose a waterproof one made of sterling silver or stainless steel, you can wear it on any occasion without ever having to take it off.

Bangles come in many styles and designs. We are here to point out some of the most popular bangle designs that women all over the world love. Whether you like your bangle bold, dainty, simple, or extravagant, our list of the top 20 most popular bangle bracelets has got you covered.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

 1. Gold crystal bangle

6mm Gold Crystal Bangle Bracelet

This polished gold bangle is adorned with clear, round crystal stones that sparkle like diamonds. One of the most loved bangle styles, the uncomplicated yet luxurious design dresses up a casual outfit and compliments a formal one. Made of stainless steel, the bangle is completely waterproof and hypoallergenic. The shape of the bangle is oval instead of round, making it conform to the shape of the wrist perfectly. 6mm Gold Crystal Bangle Bracelet, €41.95 EUR. Also available in silver and rose gold.

 2. Simple rose gold bangle

4mm Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

You can't go wrong with a simple metal bangle bracelet. This rose gold bangle has a beautiful polished finish that gives it a high-end look. The durable oval bangle is crafted from waterproof and hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel and is always comfortable on the wrist. The bangle is rather thin and looks great stacked with other wrist jewelry. 4mm Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet, €33.95 EUR. Also available in silver and gold.

 3. Twisted sterling silver bangle

Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet

Elegant and refined, this beautiful twisted bangle bracelet is designed for a woman with taste. The twisted bar design is eye-catching and reflects light beautifully. Hypoallergenic and waterproof 925 sterling silver as material, the bangle is a long-lasting piece of jewelry that holds its value for decades. Wear as an everyday bracelet or save for special occasions. Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet, €84.95 EUR.

 4. Leopard bangle bracelet

Leopard Leather Bangle Bracelet

If you're looking for a trendy (vegan) leather bangle bracelet, this one with a leopard print and a gold fashion clasp is a top choice. The surface has a fur-like texture, giving the bracelet a unique look and feel. The length is adjustable to fit any wrist size. For the trendiest look, wear the leopard bangle with any semi-formal outfit that you want to add a little boldness to. Leopard Leather Bangle Bracelet, €29.95 EUR. Also available in white.

 5. Moon & stars charm bangle

Sterling Silver Moon & Stars Charm Bangle Bracelet

A luxurious round bangle bracelet made of 925 sterling silver. The stunning bangle has a precisely detailed ball clasp adorned with a blue stone moon and silver stars. The bangle is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. It comes in three size options to give you the fit you want. The 0.12" / 3mm thick bangle looks gorgeous all by itself, but you can also add separately bought charms to it. Sterling silver moon and stars charm bangle bracelet, €74.95 EUR.

6. Rose gold crystal bangle

4mm Rose Gold Crystal Bangle Bracelet

This bangle is a thinner version of the oh-so-popular crystal bangle bracelet. The rose gold bangle has a high-polish surface and flawless, clear crystal stones set around it. The width of 0.16" / 4mm suits perfectly for bracelet stacking. Made of hypoallergenic, waterproof stainless steel, the bracelet will not tarnish, oxidize, or lose its beautiful rose gold color. 4mm Rose Gold Crystal Bangle Bracelet, €38.95 EUR. Also available in silver and gold.

 7. Plain gold bangle bracelet

Gold Bangle Bracelet

A stunning staple piece that all bangle-lovers should have in their collection: a plain gold bangle bracelet. The absolute minimalist style is perfect for any occasion, casual or formal. Once you slip this gold bangle on your wrist, you can keep it on always, as the bracelet is made of durable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof stainless steel. The oval shape follows the shape of the wrist comfortably. 6mm Gold Bangle Bracelet, €36.95 EUR. Also available in silver and rose gold.

8. Three-tone wire bangle

Three-Tone Wire Bangle Bracelet

Number 8 on our list of the most popular bangle bracelets is a fancy bangle that combines two trends: wire and mixed metals. The bracelet consists of a twisted wire bangle and three-tone beads in silver, gold, and rose gold color. All elements are crafted from stainless steel, making the bracelet completely waterproof and hypoallergenic. The polished three-tone beads reflect light beautifully and give the bracelet exciting contrast. Three-tone wire bangle bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

9. Tree of life bangle

Tree Of Life Bangle Bracelet

If you appreciate meaningful jewelry and are not afraid to make a statement with your style, this designer tree of life bangle bracelet is made for you. As a centerpiece, the bangle carries a gold, modern tree of life symbol. With its profound meaning, the tree of life symbol is favored by men and women across the world. Made of high-quality vegan leather and equipped with a sturdy magnetic clasp, the leather bangle feels stable and comfortable on the wrist. Gold Tree Of Life Leather Bangle Bracelet, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

10. Cubic zirconia eye charm bangle

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Eye Charm Bangle Bracelet

A sterling silver charm bangle bracelet topped off with sparkling blue and clear cubic zirconia stones. The cubic zircons are set to resemble a blue eye, a universal symbol of vision, wisdom, ultimate truth, and protection from evil. Wear the hypoallergenic and waterproof sterling silver bangle alone, or add your favorite charms. Select your fit from three sizes. Sterling Silver CZ Eye Charm Bangle Bracelet, €69.95 EUR.

11. Gold hexagon bangle

Gold Hexagon Bangle Bracelet

The symmetric, geometric hexagon pattern makes this trendy gold bangle bracelet a real treat for the eye. With its simple yet intriguing design, the bangle is extremely versatile and flatters any outfit effortlessly. The beautiful golden hue and the polished surface give the bracelet a valuable look. Made of waterproof and hypoallergenic stainless steel, the bracelet lasts daily use for years without showing significant signs of use. Gold Hexagon Bangle Bracelet, €33.95 EUR. Also available in silver and rose gold.

12. Rose gold knot bangle

Rose Gold Knot Bangle Bracelet

Knot bracelets are currently in high demand, as they have been for the past few years. This elegant knot bangle bracelet features a rose gold and white knot with a pave of clear crystal stones. Made of durable stainless steel, the bracelet is waterproof and causes no allergic reactions. The flawless clear crystals give the bracelet a highly luxurious vibe. Rose Gold Knot Bangle Bracelet, €35.95 EUR. Also available in silver and gold.

13. Sterling silver feather bangle

Sterling Silver Feather Bangle Bracelet

This sophisticated feather bangle bracelet is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver. Not only does the feather bangle look amazing, but it is also always comfortable to wear, thanks to its hypoallergenic and waterproof properties. The clean and elegant design makes the cuff an exceptional everyday bracelet, as well as a tasteful companion to any formal event. Sterling Silver Feather Bangle Bracelet, €79.95 EUR.

14. Rose gold cubic zirconia bangle

Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Bangle Bracelet

One of the top choices for a dainty bangle, this rose gold one is embellished with a row of clear cubic zirconia stones. Since cubic zircons are lab-grown stones, they are made flawless, and therefore, are even more brilliant than real diamonds. If you're looking for a diamond bangle but want to save yourself some cash, a CZ bangle is a great and affordable alternative. Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Bangle Bracelet, €29.95 EUR. Also available in silver and gold.

15. Snowflake charm bangle

Sterling Silver Snowflake Charm Bangle Bracelet

Number 15 on our list is a beautiful sterling silver bangle with a CZ-filled snowflake figure on a ball clasp. The timeless design makes sure the bangle bracelet never goes out of style. The bangle comes in three sizes and can accommodate separately bought charms. The snowflake bangle, made of hypoallergenic and waterproof 925 sterling silver, is a great gift idea for a woman who loves beautiful jewelry. Sterling Silver Snowflake Charm Bangle Bracelet, €59.95 EUR.

16. Large two-tone designer bangle

Large Two-Tone Gold Silver Designer Bangle Bracelet

Chunky and bold, this large designer bangle bracelet delights with its artistic shape and two-tone metals. Half gold, half silver, the bangle mixes the two favorite metal tones beautifully. The bangle has a hinge on the back that makes it easy to slip on the wrist. The high-polish surface and unique characteristics give the bangle major high-end designer vibes. Large Two-Tone Bangle Bracelet, €42.95 EUR.

 17. Layered snakeskin leather bangle

Layered Snakeskin Leather Bangle Bracelet

The queen of layered leather bracelets, this snakeskin bangle charms with its many layers, different textures, and gold details. The bracelet offers a popular layered look in one piece. The sturdy magnetic clasp, soft vegan leather, and anti-allergic materials make wearing the bangle a pleasure. With the bangle, you can dress up a casual outfit or complement a semi-formal one. Beige Layered Snakeskin Leather Bangle Bracelet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in black, brown, and blue.

 18. Sterling silver charm bangle

Sterling Silver Charm Bangle Bracelet

Next on our list is a simple yet beautiful sterling silver bangle bracelet. The bangle is delicately textured and has a ball clasp with the words Forever and Love engraved on it. Collect your favorite charms on it or wear it alone; either way, the bangle looks gorgeous. The bangle comes in three size options and is made of hypoallergenic and waterproof 925 sterling silver, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience for everyone. Sterling silver charm bangle bracelet, €49.95 EUR.

 19. Flower half bangle bracelet

Sterling Silver Flower Half Bangle Bracelet

If you're searching for a piece of silver jewelry that is beautiful, timeless, and can be passed down as a family heirloom, this adjustable half bangle bracelet is just what you need. Crafted with precision to detail from high-grade 925 sterling silver and flawless cubic zirconia, the bracelet looks very high-end and feels valuable. The stunning designer flower with black petals is the highlight of this half bangle bracelet. The extension chain lets you adjust the size of the bracelet to fit your wrist. A luxurious bracelet like this is best worn with formal and semi-formal attire. Sterling Silver Flower Half Bangle Bracelet, €149.95 EUR.

 20. Open bee bangle bracelet

Bee Bangle Bracelet Made Of Sterling Silver

Last but not least is an open bangle, also called a cuff bracelet, with a beautiful bee and honeycomb detail. Bees are cute, and the bee symbol is increasingly seen in all types of fashion jewelry. Whereas bangle bracelets go fully around the wrist, cuff bracelets have an opening, ergo called open bangles. This open bangle is made of 925 sterling silver and colored cubic zirconia. Fully hypoallergenic and waterproof, you can wear the open bangle bracelet comfortably on any occasion. Perfect for treating yourself with or gifting to a loved one. Sterling Silver Open Bee Bangle Bracelet, €66.95 EUR.


The list of the top 20 most popular bangle bracelets has come to an end. There are countless bangle styles and designs in the market, but we hope we helped you narrow down options.

A bangle is one of the most popular bracelet styles. A bangle is a timeless choice of wrist jewelry that never goes out of style. You can find a bangle in any shape, size, and pattern to match your liking. You can find them in casual, simple, luxurious, and festive styles.

Although bangles can be made of stone, wood, leather, plastic, or even fabric, today, the most wanted bangles are crafted from metal. Gold and silver are the two most popular metal colors, but rose gold has a large fanbase too. Some of the trendiest choices mix different metal hues, creating a stunning two-tone or three-tone look.

If you are still searching for the perfect bracelet, make sure to check out our full selection of women's bracelets. We offer one of the largest bracelet collections online, and we are confident you fall in love with some of our pieces!

Thank you for reading!

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