Sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet
Sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet on a woman's wrist
Sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet details on a satin cloth
Sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet close up view

Classy Women Collection

Sterling Silver Twisted Bangle Bracelet

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Sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet. 

A beautiful bangle bracelet displaying a twisted bar design. The bracelet is made of sterling silver with a uniform design. The bangle starts and ends in a round, oval-shaped bar. The middle of the bangle is rotated to form a charming, twisted aesthetic detail. With hypoallergenic materials, the bracelet feels soft and smooth on the skin. Also waterproof, the sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet holds its color and lasts daily use with ease.

The contemporary look of the bracelet makes it easy to wear as an everyday bracelet as well as a classy wrist accessory to a bit more formal events. The bangle is 7.7" / 19.5cm in length with a 2.44" / 6.2cm diameter. At the top, the bracelet is twisted and at the bottom, the bracelet is enforced with two oval-shaped silver rings. Furthermore, the bracelet showcases unique detail with an approximately 1.6" / 4cm strip where it overlaps itself. All of the details on this bracelet are handmade to form a beautiful, highly durable piece of jewelry. You will definitely fall in love with this simplistic luxury piece that utilizes the combination of polished sterling silver and beautiful design.

Whether you are looking for a gift to give a loved one, or a beautiful, luxurious piece of jewelry to wear on your wrist, this is an excellent choice. With a unique look and defined details, the sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet is an exceptional choice. Its lasting design is perfectly suited for formal outfits, as well as semi-formal and casual styles.

The sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet is comfortable to wear and made of high-quality materials. The beautiful look of the bracelet is achieved with a body made of polished sterling silver. The bracelet has a total length of 7.7" / 19.5cm. Since silver is a soft, malleable metal, it can be slightly adjusted to fit smaller or larger wrist sizes, as well. The bracelet is essentially waterproof and doesn't fade or lose color over time. Also, the bracelet is made of anti-allergic materials to ensure the best experience.

Overall, this sterling silver twisted bangle bracelet offers amazing value with a premium look, lasting quality, and unique design. 

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Waterproof - doesn't lose color
  • Color: Silver (polished)
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Bracelet length: 7.7" / 19.5cm 
  • Diameter: 2.44" / 6.2cm
  • Width: ~0.24" / ~6mm
  • Weight: 19.1g
Bracelet size chart
Actual wrist size Tight fit Exact fit Loose fit
5 12.7 5.2 13.2 5.8 14.7 6.6 16.7
5.5 14 5.7 14.5 6.3 16 7.1 18
6 15.2 6.2 15.7 6.8 17.2 7.6 19.2
6.5 16.5 6.7 17 7.3 18.5 8.1 20.5
7 17.8 7.2 18.3 7.8 19.8 8.6 21.8
7.5 19 7.7 19.5 8.3 21 9.1 23