14 Nature-Inspired Necklaces You Need To Have

Nature-inspired necklace you need to have

Nature is an excellent source of inspiration in every way. The beauty and power of mother nature can be seen in every wind breeze and wave splashing to a rock at the beach. We have collected some of the most beautiful nature-inspired necklaces we could find and listed them below for you to discover.

Even though we have lived on this planet for millions of years, the mysteries of nature remain untouched. What we know and understand about the earth and its nature is just a drop and what we are yet to discover is an ocean. If you stop to think about it, it's easy to see why nature is probably the single most influential source of inspiration. It offers peace and quiet when you need to relax, variety and a diverse environment when you want to wonder, and an occasional show of its power to keep your feet on the ground.

Wearing a necklace that draws its design directly inspired by nature is an excellent way to feel good in your everyday life. Although it's great to see our modern world develop into a more advanced version, we might feel more and more disconnected from nature. A necklace is an easy way to connect with nature anywhere you are. It goes where you go effortlessly on your neck, as well. Surrounding yourself with sources of inspiration is probably one of the best ways to live a happy, optimistic, and joyful life, and a nature-inspired necklace isn't an exception.

We have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful necklaces inspired by nature. All necklaces on this list have a stunning nature-related design, and some are even sourced directly from the earth. So if you're looking to get inspired by nature by wearing a necklace, our list makes sure you will find one you love. All of our picks are guaranteed to elevate your looks to the next level and collect admiring eyes wherever you go.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Sunflower pendant necklace

Sunflower pendant necklace


Coming in first on our list is this absolutely stunning sunflower necklace. It combines sterling silver, gold vermeil, and a clear white crystal into one of the most beautiful necklace designs we've seen. The unique and timeless design makes it ideal for nature-loving women. It's the best necklace choice to increase positivity and happiness in your everyday life. Silver & gold sunflower necklace, €75.95 EUR.

2. Silver crescent moon necklace

Silver crescent moon necklace


The moon, especially in its crescent form, is a well-known representation of fertility and feminine sexuality. This necklace features a crescent moon with a surface that mirrors an irregular, smoothly flowing liquid silver. A gorgeous moon necklace like this will undoubtedly catch some admiring eyes wherever you go. Silver crescent moon necklace, €48.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

3. Honeycomb bee necklace

Honeycomb bee necklace


If it weren't for bees, we wouldn't be alive on this planet. They account for the vast majority of pollination of flowering plants and, as a result, produce the ever-so-sweet honey many of us crave. As perhaps the cutest necklace on the list, the honeycomb and bee necklace is another captivating design. It draws a beautiful illustration of a cute bee and its delicious melting honey. Sterling silver honeycomb & bee necklace, €59.95 EUR.

4. Silver & gold tree of life necklace

Silver and gold tree of life necklace


The tree of life is a symbol of endurance, protection, connection, and longevity. This necklace features a beautiful, polished silver tree framed by a golden ring. The tree is seen as a stable support that reaches out with its branches, and some cultures associate it with their family. The tree of life is also thought to represent wisdom, rebirth, immortality, and even enlightenment. Silver & gold tree of life necklace, €49.95 EUR.

5. Botswana agate necklace

Botswana agate necklace


This breathtaking necklace is made from Botswana agate. It's a beautiful natural stone that kind of resembles the different stones seen on beaches and shores in the tropic. Sometimes called the stone of strength, Botswana agate symbolizes harmony, grounding, healing, and it is believed to rebalance and harmonize your body. The agate on the necklace is held together by a premium multi-thread silk rope, ensuring the longevity and tenacity of the chain. It is the perfect nature-inspired necklace that brings a piece of the earth with you anywhere you are. Natural beaded Botswana agate necklace, €72.95 EUR.

6. Silver turtle necklace

Silver turtle pendant necklace


It is very well possible that turtles are loved by every human alive. They are a symbol of long life, happiness, and innocence. Wearing a turtle necklace can be a great way to introduce cuteness, guidance, and joy into your life while also standing behind cleaner oceans. The bluish turquoise shell of the turtle looks amazing with the silver details of the chain. Furthermore, it goes with any style or outfit and matches well with other accessories you might want to wear. Silver sea turtle necklace, €63.95 EUR.

7. Essence of life necklace

Essence of life necklace


Water is the foundational element and a prerequisite of life. Without water, life wouldn't survive on this planet. Accordingly, this piece is called the essence of life necklace. It portrays water inside a hollow coin using a faceted semi-circle crystal with a transparent blue color. The blue crystal is framed by a silver coin pendant and connected to a matching silver chain. Essence of life necklace, €52.95 EUR.

8. Gold butterfly necklace

Gold butterfly necklace


Seeing a butterfly fly by can instantly elevate your mood and spark appreciation towards life and the beauty of nature. A jewelry piece like this gorgeous butterfly necklace is perfect for anyone who loves summer and seeks happiness and joy everywhere in life. Furthermore, the necklace looks stunning by itself and combines effortlessly with other jewelry to create more complex styles. Gold vermeil butterfly necklace, €82.95 EUR.

9. Ocean wave necklace

Ocean wave necklace


When thinking about nature, it's hard to overlook oceans and their authoritative position in inspiring people. Even by measurement of volume and mass, oceans dominate other aspects of nature; they cover over 70% of the earth's surface and hold more than 95% of all water found on our planet. This necklace captures the power and energy of our oceans and displays it as a beautiful wave pattern inside a silver coin pendant. It's a unique and ageless design that is sure to catch some admiring gazes. Sterling silver ocean wave necklace, €37.95 EUR.

10. Moon & sun coin necklace

Moon & sun coin necklace


The sun and moon together provide what we conceive as day and night. The sun provides the light we need during the day, while the moon, often considered the opposite of the sun, is associated with night. Like the yin and yang symbol, the sun and moon are often associated with balance, harmony, and peace. This coin necklace is designed to convey the ancient meanings of the sun & moon symbols in a modern manner, representing peace of mind and the thought of how precious life is. Gold moon and sun coin necklace, €34.95 EUR.

11. Lightning bolt necklace

Lightning bolt necklace


A lightning bolt is one of the most remarkable ways nature shows its power. This necklace displays the visual essence of thunderstorms, a stunning crystal-embellished lightning bolt with a polished gold frame. To some, a lightning pendant might symbolize a fierce strength of will they possess deep inside them, while others might carry a lightning necklace just because of its fashionable appearance. Gold lightning bolt necklace, €49.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

12. Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace


Pearls are considered highly feminine and sensual by nature. That's why wearing a necklace made from beautiful natural pearls is a great way to enhance your inner beauty. This one comes with a set of stunning oval freshwater pearls. Because freshwater pearls come from clams and oysters, a pearl necklace offers a direct way to carry a piece of nature with you. 9-10mm freshwater pearl necklace, €94.95 EUR. If you love pearl chains and necklaces, make sure to visit our complete selection of pearl necklaces. We provide an extensive selection of both freshwater and shell pearls alike.

13. Crystal feather necklace

Crystal feather necklace


The feather is one of the most beautiful and desired symbols in jewelry today. It has a soothing, elegant shape and an accompanying velvety smooth texture that flows through the air weightlessly. A feather is a symbol associated with freedom, relaxation, angels, and a connection to the higher realms. This necklace captures the natural beauty of a feather in a successful combination of rose gold stainless steel and clear white crystal. Rose gold crystal feather necklace, €42.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

14. Small star necklace

Small star necklace


One of the most beautiful views in the world is a bright, cloudless night sky. The endless amount of stars and far-away planets light up the sky. But, if the lighting conditions are optimal, lucky ones can see our home galaxy, the milky way. This small and simple star necklace is only a tiny piece of that overwhelming scenery, yet the amount of inspiration it can deliver can be huge. Small silver star necklace, €24.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

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