Pearl Chokers: 8 Beautiful Pieces You Need To Have

Pearl chokers you need to have

The iridescent glow of a beautiful pearl necklace is enough to mesmerize any woman. If you've ever worn a choker made from pearls, you know how the collar alone can elevate your looks to another level. However, when it comes to finding a pearl choker that you like the most, the ocean of options and alternatives makes it difficult to locate the perfect one for you. To save your precious time, we have compiled a list of the eight most beautiful popular pearl chokers we could find.

Pearls come in a spectrum of styles, shapes, and sizes. In fact, some of the most wanter pearl chokers can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Presumably, everyone would be glad to own a piece like that. However, we wanted to list realistic options instead of dreamy necklaces no one could afford. That's why we have chosen the most beautiful pearl chokers that cost under 200 dollars for this list. Even if you would be looking to get something slightly more expensive, seeing the radiant choker necklaces below just might make you fall in love.

If you're new to pearls or pearl necklaces, the chokers found below are ideal for you. The pearls are either freshwater pearls or shell pearls, which are known to be the most durable in the industry. In addition, their beauty and pearlescent appearance are only rivaled by the likes of Akoya and South Sea pearls, both known for their sky-high prices. Furthermore, freshwater pearls are also the number one favorite pearl type of most jewelers worldwide.

To help you find a design that suits you best, we have compiled a list of eight of the most popular pearl chokers, each more beautiful than the other. So, if you're looking to find a stunning pearl choker that looks good with any style and elevates your natural beauty, this article is the best place to be.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. 6-7mm Freshwater pearl choker necklace

6-7mm pearl choker necklace


Starting the list is this stunning freshwater pearl choker necklace. It comes with a set of 6-7mm near round pearls and a sterling silver clasp. The pearls are nearly flawless, with only minor natural imperfections visible on the surface. Considering the choker's gorgeous aesthetic and relatively affordable price, this one is a catch. 6-7mm freshwater pearl choker necklace, €64.95 EUR.

2. 6mm round pearl choker

6mm shell pearl choker necklace


This choker features gorgeous 6mm shell pearls with a perfectly round shape. The pearls connect to a polished sterling silver clasp, making it easy to put the necklace on and take off quickly. Because shell pearls resist chemicals exceptionally well and don't turn yellow in time like natural pearls, shell pearls are ideal for women who want their necklace to last. 6mm pearl choker necklace, €69.95 EUR.

3. Initial pearl choker necklace

Freshwater pearl initial choker necklace


If you're looking for a personal pearl choker that looks amazing with any outfit, the initial pearl choker is your best friend. This beauty showcases oval and baroque-shaped freshwater pearls and a gold-toned initial letter pendant. The pearls are around 5-6mm in size, making the necklace easy and comfortable to wear. Freshwater pearl initial choker necklace, €41.95 EUR.

4. Pearl flower choker necklace

Pearl flower choker necklace


Another beautiful necklace is this pearl choker with a flower ornament centerpiece. The smaller pearls on the chain are 3-4mm in width, while the larger freshwater pearl on the flower is 11mm in size. The unique appearance of the necklace is guaranteed to impress your friends, gathering many admiring gazes wherever you go. Freshwater pearl flower choker necklace, €84.95 EUR. The necklace is also available with green agate and red agate flower piece.

5. 4mm round pearl choker

4mm round pearl choker necklace


Here's a classic necklace featuring a set of 4mm shell pearls. Each pearl comes with a perfectly round shape and a brilliant aesthetic. The slightly smaller size of the pearls makes this choker ideal for casual and formal wearing. In addition, the sterling silver clasp and extension chain ensures the choker is lightweight and durable. It's the perfect pick for women looking for an everyday pearl choker. 4mm pearl choker necklace, €54.95 EUR.

6. Silver single pearl choker necklace

Single pearl choker necklace


A choker necklace with a single pearl decorating it is one of the favorites on this list. This necklace features a dainty cable chain made from polished sterling silver and a 4mm round freshwater pearl as its centerpiece. The timeless choker is an excellent choice for a daily companion or a night out with your friends. Silver single freshwater pearl choker necklace, €34.95 EUR.

7. Mini pearl choker

Mini freshwater pearl choker


This lovely natural choker is made of oval-shaped freshwater pearls. The necklace includes an adjustable extension chain with a lobster clasp made from sterling silver. A mini pearl choker like this one is easy to combine with various outfits and accessories. This necklace is made for you if you're looking for a pearl choker that doesn't draw too much attention but is still enough to bring out your natural beauty. 4mm mini freshwater pearl choker necklace, €48.95 EUR.

8. 4-5mm baroque pearl choker

4-5mm baroque pearl choker


Finally, we have this beautiful pearl choker showcasing baroque-shaped freshwater pearls. The asymmetrical aesthetic of baroque pearls makes you feel close to nature anywhere you go. In addition, the collar comes with a small silver extension chain so that you can adjust the necklace depending on your preference or occasion. 4-5mm baroque freshwater pearl choker necklace, €42.95 EUR.

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