Top 20 Most Popular Link Chain Bracelets For Women

Most popular link chain bracelets for women

Chain bracelets and link bracelets are among the most popular bracelet styles for women, without a doubt. Collectively called link chain bracelets, they come as dainty chains, with large links, or anything in between. Our list introduces you to the top 20 most popular link chain bracelets that you can shop right away.

Link chain bracelets are many woman's favorite bracelet styles because they are so versatile. They are trendy, timeless, and stackable, and you can wear them alone or layered. A classic gold, silver, or rose gold link chain bracelet goes well with any casual and formal outfit and can be worn on all occasions, relaxed or festive.

If you're looking for a durable everyday bracelet, a link chain bracelet made of stainless steel or precious metals is your top choice. Fully waterproof and hypoallergenic, you can wear it on your wrist all the time, without removing it before showering, swimming, or working out.

Link chain bracelets are available online in countless styles and designs. To ease your search, we have created this list of the top 20 most popular link chain bracelets to show you what bracelets are currently most loved worldwide.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

 1. Chunky cuban link bracelet

We had to start the list with one of the most widespread standard chain bracelets: the Cuban link bracelet. The simple, unisex look makes it popular among women and men all around the world. The size of the Cuban link bracelet is usually quite large and thick, making it an impressive and bold piece of jewelry that doesn't go unnoticed.

Gold chunky Cuban link bracelet

This gold chunky Cuban link bracelet is made of stainless steel, meaning it is entirely waterproof and hypoallergenic. The 0.47"/12mm wide bracelet is quite heavy, making it feel valuable on the wrist. You can adjust the length to your liking with the 2"/5cm extension chain. Gold Cuban link bracelet, €54.95 EUR. Also available in silver and rose gold.

 2. Snake chain bracelet

Many consider the snake chain the sexiest and most feminine chain there is. The smooth chain, composed of tiny links, resembles a snake with its movement. The beautiful flow of the snake chain compliments the soft figure of a woman's body. Because snake chain bracelets are usually thin and dainty, they are perfect for stacking and layering.

Rose gold snake chain bracelet

Made of 316L stainless steel, this stunning flat rose gold snake chain bracelet is durable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. You can keep it on your wrist while showering, swimming, sleeping, and working out, and it won't tarnish or lose color. Wear it with a matching anklet for a complete look! Flat rose gold snake chain bracelet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver and gold.

Silver snake chain bracelet

This silver snake chain bracelet is a daintier version of the snake chain bracelet above. With a round design, this thin snake chain bracelet is among the most delicate and fine bracelet styles there is. A classic and sophisticated chain like this goes perfectly with all casual and formal outfits. Even though the chain is thin, it is also durable as it is made of high-quality stainless steel. Thin silver snake chain bracelet, €29.95 EUR. Also available in gold and sterling silver.

 3. Rope chain bracelet

The rope chain is a modern and attractive chain type that looks very high-end and luxurious. The symmetric link pattern resembles a twisted rope and is very pleasing to the eye. A rope chain bracelet is an absolute classic that any elegant woman should have in her jewelry collection.

Gold rope chain bracelet

Dainty and beautiful, this gold rope chain bracelet is durable and waterproof because its material is stainless steel. Forever keeping its shine and stunning 14K gold hue, this rope chain bracelet is the perfect everyday bracelet for any occasion. The bracelet comes in five length options to ensure the best possible fit for your wrist. 2mm gold rope chain bracelet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in 4mm gold, 2mm silver, and 4mm silver.

4. Oval link chain bracelet

For the past couple of years, oval link chain bracelets have rapidly grown in popularity. Many style bloggers and fashion influencers love their oval link bracelets. They look stunning layered with other chain bracelets as well as bangles and cuff bracelets. Oval link bracelets are favored by women more than men, making it a more feminine chain bracelet style than, for example, curb or Cuban.

Gold oval link chain bracelet

The round, charm-like designer lock is the highlight of this trendy oval link bracelet. The oval links of this gold bracelet connect with tiny round links. The bracelet is durable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic, thanks to the high-quality stainless steel body. You can keep the bracelet on your wrist at all times, even when showering or working out. Gold oval link chain bracelet, €37.95 EUR.

Gold zodiac sign horoscope bracelet women

Queen of all zodiac bracelets, this gold and green beauty makes any outfit so much nicer. The gold oval links and the green crystal beads compliment each other beautifully. A round gold plate displays your star sign with class. All materials are waterproof and hypoallergenic, ensuring comfort on any occasion. The sturdy lobster clasp attaches to any of the oval links so that you can adjust the size to perfection. Gold and green horoscope bracelet, €43.95 EUR.

 5. Tennis chain bracelet

A tennis bracelet consists of a chain of sparkling diamonds, cubic zircons, or crystals set beside each other. A timeless and luxurious classic, a tennis chain bracelet never goes out of style. When attending to any semi-formal, formal, or festive occasion, you can always count on your tennis bracelet as your best companion.

Tennis bracelet

This tennis chain bracelet, made of 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia, oozes elegance and class. Because lab-grown CZ stones are made flawless, they sparkle even more brilliantly than real diamonds. If you value quality over quantity when it comes to your jewelry collection, this timeless sterling silver tennis bracelet is a must-have. 925 silver as material, the stunning tennis chain bracelet keeps its value and can remain a family heirloom for ages. Sterling silver tennis bracelet, €99.95 EUR.

If you want to gift a tennis bracelet but are unsure of her wrist size, this adjustable bolo tennis bracelet is a great option that fits all. If you plan to wear your tennis chain bracelet only on special occasions and want to save some cash, make sure to check out this affordable tennis chain bracelet made of hypoallergenic copper and plated with white gold and rhodium.

 6. Designer link chain bracelet

Designer link chain bracelets are for women who are tired of the basics and want something extraordinary from their jewelry. Designer link bracelets consist of links that are unusual in shape and design. Exciting and unique, they are a modern and artistic take on classic link chain bracelet styles.

Gold designer link chain bracelet

This gold designer link chain bracelet is a trendy statement piece with its elongated designer links and a sturdy toggle clasp. The length of the bracelet is 7.9"/20cm, but you can remove as many links as you need to make the fit perfect. Durable stainless steel as material, the link bracelet is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and requires no regular maintenance. Gold designer link bracelet, €38.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

7. Half link chain bracelet

Half link chain bracelets combine two types of chains and are popular among women who love unique jewelry. They mix different chain styles, resulting in a trendy and intriguing bracelet that catches the eye and collects compliments. You can wear half chain bracelets alone or stack them with other bracelets.

Silver half link chain bracelet

Half of this is stunning silver-toned stainless steel bracelet is composed of oval links and half Cuban links. The large coin charm that hangs where the chains meet and the sturdy toggle clasp perfect the design. Silver half link chain bracelet, €28.95 EUR. Also available in rose gold.

Half chain red rope bracelet

Half chain, half rope, this dainty bracelet made of 925 sterling silver, bright red string, and flawless cubic zirconia is a true masterpiece. The small size combined with the bright red color and sparkling CZ stone creates a balanced and harmonic whole that is both casual and luxurious at the same time. Sterling silver red rope bracelet, €39.95 EUR.

 8. Box link chain bracelet

Box link chain bracelets are sometimes called Venetian bracelets. They are designed with interlocking box-shaped links, resulting in one of the strongest builds among all chain types. As the design is not flat, most women prefer their box link chain bracelet thin and dainty rather than thick and bulky.

Gold box link chain bracelet

The hypoallergenic and waterproof material combined with the soft rounding of the square links ensure maximum comfort for this gold box chain bracelet. The length is adjustable with the extension chain. A true classic, this 0.08"/2mm gold box chain bracelet will effortlessly complement any of your looks, casual or formal. Gold box chain bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

 9. Crystal chain bracelet

There are few aesthetic things women love more than diamonds. However, high-quality diamonds are expensive. If you try to save money when buying natural diamonds, you will most likely end up with cloudy, low-grade diamonds that don't sparkle as brilliantly as you may want.

Crystals and cubic zircons are wallet-friendly alternatives to real diamonds. The two artificial stones have no imperfections or cloudiness, are indistinguishable from natural diamonds with a bare eye, and sparkle even more brilliantly than most natural diamonds. Crystals and CZ's give any bracelet a highly luxurious vibe while keeping its price affordable.

Sterling silver crystal chain bracelet

This stunning crystal chain bracelet is dainty, sophisticated, feminine, and luxurious all at once. One half of the bracelet is a thin tennis chain, and the other half an oval link chain. The material of the tasteful bracelet is 925 sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia. You can clip the clasp on any of the oval links to make the size perfect for your wrist. Sterling silver crystal link chain bracelet, €42.95 EUR. Also available in 10K gold vermeil.

Rose gold crystal chain bracelet

The rose gold chain combined with the round clear crystals form a floral-like pattern. The hypoallergenic materials and the extension chain ensure a pleasant wearing experience for any woman. Perfect for summer parties, this rose gold crystal chain bracelet complements any formal and semi-formal outfit perfectly. Rose gold crystal chain bracelet, €32.95 EUR. Also available with pink crystals and in silver.

10. Figaro link chain bracelet

The Figaro chain is a popular chain style of Italian origin. The Figaro chain is similar to the curb chain, but instead of identical links, every fourth link of the Figaro chain is elongated. The Figaro link chain bracelet is an excellent option if you want a comfortable, flat chain bracelet that is not boring.

Gold figaro link chain bracelet

Simple yet exciting, this elegant gold Figaro bracelet upgrades your casual outfit and flatters your formal one. Effortlessly chic, the bracelet looks great worn solo but also layered with other chain or link bracelets. Durable stainless steel as material, the bracelet will never tarnish, cause irritation, or lose its beautiful 14K gold color. Add a matching anklet, and your ensemble is complete. Gold Figaro link chain bracelet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

11. Thin chain bracelet

Thin chain bracelets are sophisticated, elegant, and always in style. Most of the daintiest chain bracelets are usually made of precious metals such as sterling silver or gold, as just little material is enough. Thin and delicate chain bracelets are popular gifts, as they are timeless, luxurious, and more affordable than thick chains, cuffs, or bangles.

Thin rose gold chain bracelet

Dainty and unique, this stunning rose gold chain bracelet is perfect for a woman with a demanding taste. 10K rose gold vermeil as material, the thin bracelet is durable and has a beautiful rose gold hue. Half of the bracelet is a snake chain, and the other half a two-layer lace chain. The length is adjustable with the extension chain, making sure the bracelet fits any wrist flawlessly. 10K rose gold vermeil chain bracelet, €40.95 EUR.

Thin sterling silver chain bracelet

If you're looking for a bracelet that is thin, minimal, and luxurious, this sterling silver CZ hoop bracelet is your top choice. The dainty bracelet, topped off with clear cubic zirconia stones, is made of hypoallergenic and waterproof 925 sterling silver. The clear cubic zircons set in the round hoop sparkle like diamonds whenever light hits it. Sterling silver hoop chain bracelet, €32.95 EUR.

12. Curb link chain bracelet

Number six on our list of the most popular link chain bracelets is one of the classics: a curb chain bracelet. The name curb chain is often used interchangeably with Cuban link, as the two chain styles are very similar. Built of round or oval links that lay flat against the wrist, the curb link chain bracelet is comfortable to wear even in a larger size.

Silver curb link chain bracelet

With a versatile 0.12"/3mm size, this silver curb chain bracelet looks great alone or stacked. You won't have to take this curb link bracelet, made of stainless steel, off your wrist before swimming, showering, or working out, as it is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. Many women love to wear their curb chain bracelets layered with rope and snake chain bracelets. Silver curb link chain bracelet, €28.95 EUR. Also available in gold and rose gold.

13. Beaded chain bracelet

Beads are playful and cheery, whereas chain jewelry is more formal and contemporary. Beaded chain bracelets are the best of both worlds, maintaining the trendy and muted look of chain bracelets while adding a dash of joy and playfulness to the mix. You can choose beads that are neutral in color, or you can go for brighter colors to add a pop of your favorite color to your outfit.

Beaded chain bracelet

Fully waterproof, hypoallergenic, and forever keeping its stunning gold color, this beaded chain bracelet is made for summer days. Turquoise mini beads adorn the thin gold chain, and the extension chain makes the bracelet fit any wrist size. Whether it's a day at the beach or a yoga class, the lightweight stainless steel bracelet is always comfortable to wear. Turquoise beaded gold chain bracelet, €22.95 EUR. Also available in pink, red, blue, black, white, and grey.

14. Layered link chain bracelet

To anyone following fashion influencers or style accounts on Instagram, it's no surprise that layered chain bracelets are incredibly trendy right now. By layering, you can mix and match your favorite bracelets into a unique mix that has just the volume you desire. You can stack any bracelets that you think look good together, but you can also purchase a single bracelet with built-in layers to make sure the layers match and that the bracelet is effortless to wear.

Gold layered link chain bracelet

With two layers, a chunky oval link chain, and a smaller Cuban link chain, you can be sure this bracelet is among the trendiest layered bracelets there are. Effortless and comfortable to wear, this gold-toned stainless steel bracelet adjusts to your wrist size with the extension chain. Gold bamboo cuff bracelet, €42.95 EUR.

15. Heart link chain bracelet

The heart is the most prominent meaningful symbol in women's jewelry. Symbolizing love, caring, passion, warmth, and compassion, heart bracelets are popular gifts among lovers and friends. Heart bracelets will always be in style and loved by women because of their profound meaning.

Rose gold heart link chain bracelet

A bracelet classic, this rose gold heart chain bracelet consists of a cable chain, a toggle clasp, and a heart charm. The bracelet, made of stainless steel, will last with you for years to come without showing noticeable signs of use. The oval links are big enough to accommodate separately bought dangling charms if you prefer to personalize your jewelry. You can choose your desired length from two length options. Rose gold heart link chain bracelet, €39.95 EUR. Also available in gold and silver.

16. Chunky link chain bracelet

Chunky link chain bracelets are currently in very high demand. Often, big statement pieces, quite contrary to what you might think, simplify a look as you wear them alone, not layered or stacked with other elements. Therefore, the most stylish way to wear a chunky chain bracelet is to wear it solo on your wrist, without any additions, such as a watch or other bracelets.

Chunky link chain bracelet

This chunky statement piece consists of large silver and gold oval links, creating a trendy two-tone look. A strong, transparent elastic string goes through the links, fitting the size of the bracelet to your wrist. Stainless steel as material, the bracelet feels valuable on the wrist and is entirely waterproof and hypoallergenic. Chunky two-tone link chain bracelet, €44.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

17. Cross link chain bracelet

Women all over the world love meaningful jewelry, and religious jewelry is no exception. Wearing a cross chain bracelet is an elegant way of showing your faith. Some common ways the cross symbol is attached to a chain bracelet include a charm, dangling pendant, or a cross-shaped link.

Gold cross chain bracelet

Simple and sophisticated, this gold-toned stainless steel cross chain bracelet upgrades any outfit effortlessly. The bracelet showcases a large cross amulet on a dainty gold chain. The sideways cross charm is curved to follow the shape of the wrist. Gold cross chain bracelet, €33.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

Silver cross link chain bracelet

Tiny cross-shaped links form this attractive chain bracelet that is a subtle but meaningful addition to any bracelet stack. The cross-link bracelet is comfortable on the wrist as it is made of waterproof and hypoallergenic stainless steel. Choose your preferred length from three length options. Silver cross link bracelet, €34.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

 18. Adjustable chain bracelet

Adjustable chain bracelets are popular gifts for her. They allow you to nail the size and keep the gift a surprise as you won't have to measure her wrist before the purchase. An adjustable chain bracelet fits any wrist size, and the wearer can wear it loose or tight, exactly how she likes it.

Adjustable gold bar chain bracelet

For a woman who loves beautiful things, this adjustable gold bar bracelet is an exquisite gift. The bar, decorated with a row of brilliant, clear crystals, sparkles brightly whenever light hits it. The adjustable bolo closure is easy to use and offers the best possible fit every time. Adjustable gold bar chain bracelet, €27.95 EUR. Also available in rose gold and silver.

Adjustable rose gold initial letter chain bracelet

Initial jewelry is in high demand among women worldwide, year after year. Wearing an initial bracelet is a symbol of self-love and promotes confidence, strength, and faith in oneself. This charming initial bracelet has an adjustable bolo closure and displays a crystal-enhanced initial letter with a crystal halo around it. Adjustable rose gold initial chain bracelet, €25.95 EUR. Also available in gold and silver.

 19. Charm link chain bracelet

Charm bracelets are a bracelet style that keeps being one of the most loved and cherished every year. Often composed of a chain and a set of dangling charms, the bracelet looks very lively and fascinating on the wrist. Some accommodate collectible pendants, and some come with built-in charms.

Layered charm link chain bracelet

Of all charm bracelets, this layered silver heart charm bracelet is one of the trendiest. The bracelet, mixing two of the favorite chains, oval and Figaro, rests beautifully layered on the wrist. The material of the bracelet, including both chains and the additional heart and ball charms, is waterproof and hypoallergenic silver-toned stainless steel. Silver layered charm link chain bracelet, €37.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

Sterling silver crystal charm chain bracelet

Dainty and delicate, this luxurious crystal charm bracelet sparkles beautifully in sunlight. With 925 sterling silver and flawless clear cubic zirconia as material, the crystal charm chain bracelet is an exquisite gift to yourself or your loved one. The length is adjustable, and the bracelet is fully hypoallergenic and waterproof. Sterling silver crystal charm chain bracelet, €40.95 EUR.

 20. Flower chain bracelet

Most women love flowers, whether they are fresh or on jewelry. Flowers symbolize many things, including beauty, passion, growth, fertility, and divinity. Flowers are associated with summer, love, celebration, presents, and nature. A floral bracelet with your favorite flower on it is a graceful and meaningful addition to any of your outfits.

Rose gold daisy chain bracelet

Versatile and dainty, this rose gold daisy bracelet suits all occasions, casual or formal. With three daisy charms and polished metal beads, the bracelet is subtle yet uniquely detailed. You can keep the daisy chain bracelet always on your wrist as it is entirely hypoallergenic, waterproof, and doesn't tarnish or lose color. Rose gold daisy chain bracelet, €29.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

Crystal rose flower chain bracelet

This gorgeous crystal rose chain bracelet is guaranteed to get you compliments. The combination of red rose flowers and green leaves makes this crystal rose bracelet an unbeatable accessory for any formal and festive occasion. Crystal rose chain bracelet, €37.95 EUR. Also available with clear stones in rose gold and silver.


The list of the top 20 most popular link chain bracelets has come to an end. There are countless chain bracelet and link bracelet styles and designs available online, but we hope we helped you narrow down options.

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Thank you for reading!

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