Most Popular Birthstone Bracelets Today

Most popular birthstone bracelets today

Birthstones are crystals or gemstones that embody your time of birth. Each month represents a specific color and a gemstone. Many believe that wearing a birthstone bracelet brings good luck, health, and protection to your life. To find out the most popular birthstone bracelets, make sure to scroll our complete shoppable list.

Birthstones trace their origin back several hundred years. The Book of Exodus describes the twelve stones in Aaron's breastplate as representing the twelve tribes of Israel. It is thought that these twelve stones are connected with the twelve months of the year. A beautiful birthstone bracelet made of natural stone can offer a unique, fulfilling experience. Whether you believe in the symbolism or not, a birthstone bracelet matching your birth month is an excellent accessory to have in your wardrobe.

To help choose the perfect birthstone bracelet for you, we'll go over all twelve months and the corresponding colors & gemstones, with example pictures of each. Whether you're looking for a birthstone bracelet for you or your mom, our list has you covered. All of our picks have excellent quality for the price, beautiful design, and a wallet-friendly price.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. January

If you are born in January, you are in luck. The birthstones for January are Garnet, red zircon, & rose quartz, and the symbolic color of January is deep red. The deep red color is associated with willpower, vigor, courage, and leadership. For January, the most popular birthstone bracelets include a rose gold bracelet with an emerald cut & intensely red garnet stone and an easy-going natural rose quartz bracelet with round beads. Alternatively, you can pick any bracelet with red or pink hues to match your birth month color.

January birthstone red garnet bracelet

A lovely rose gold chain bracelet with a 1.1-carat red garnet. The emerald cut garnet is hand-fitted to the bracelet and surrounded by a halo of tiny clear-white crystals. You can't go wrong with this bracelet. January birthstone garnet bracelet, €66.95 EUR.

January birthstone Rose Quartz bracelet

A gorgeous complementary stone for January is rose quartz. This simple beaded bracelet utilizes natural rose quartz beads to display one of the most beautiful bracelets available for people born in January. January birthstone rose quartz bracelet, €19.95 EUR.

2. February

Although February is the shortest month of the year, its birthstone is one of the most desired. The birthstone for February is the Amethyst, and the symbolic color of February is purple. The mysterious purple color is associated with royalty, ambition, wealth, and wisdom. For February, the most popular birthstone bracelets include a beautiful natural stone amethyst bracelet with a deep purple to violet color and a genuine banded Amethyst bracelet with round beads. You can also pick any bracelet with purple or violet hues to match your birth month color.

February birthstone amethyst bracelet

A gorgeous dark purple and violet-toned amethyst bracelet with natural 8mm / 0.31" beads. This bracelet is an absolute classic when it comes to February birthstones. February birthstone amethyst bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

February birthstone banded chevron amethyst bracelet

The banded amethyst, also known as a chevron amethyst, has a unique appearance. If you want something different than the classic amethyst bracelet, a banded amethyst bracelet is an excellent choice. February birthstone banded amethyst bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

3. March

March marks the end of winter and the beginning of springtime. The birthstones for March are Aquamarine, Jasper (bloodstone), & clear blue crystal, and the symbolic color of March is light blue. The cold light blue is a calming & soothing color associated with tranquility, trustworthiness, freedom, and faith. For March, the most popular birthstone bracelets include a gorgeous beaded natural stone aquamarine bracelet with an ice blue color and a clear blue crystal bracelet with square beads. Alternatively, you can pick any bracelet with light blue or baby blue hues to match your birth month color.

March birthstone aquamarine bracelet

This is a stunning beaded bracelet made of natural aquamarine crystal. The beads have slight cloudiness and come in clean ice blue color known as blue beryl. The beads are 6mm / 0.24" in width and are carefully selected for the best visual aesthetic. March birthstone aquamarine bracelet, €69.95 EUR.

March birthstone clear blue crystal bracelet

Another excellent option for the march birthstone bracelet is this adjustable bracelet. It comes with clear blue square-shaped crystal beads attached to a brown macrame rope. You can't go wrong with this beauty. March birthstone clear blue crystal bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

4. April

April is the month when we start seeing the first leaves on trees. The birthstones for April are Diamond, clear white crystal, & clear quartz, and the symbolic color of April is white. White is the color of purity and innocence. It is associated with peace, harmony, freedom, and clarity. For April, the most popular birthstone bracelets include a gorgeous clear crystal stone tennis bracelet made of sterling silver and a tourmalinated white clear quartz bracelet with round beads. You can also pick any bracelet with white or light grey hues to match your birth month color.

April birthstone crystal tennis bracelet

This beautiful sterling silver tennis bracelet displays a string of 0.18-carat clear & flawless round-cut cubic zirconia. This bracelet matches the quality and visual aesthetic of the high-end diamond bracelets with only a fraction of the price. No wonder it is so popular among women. April birthstone crystal tennis bracelet, €99.95 EUR.

April birthstone clear tourmaline quartz bracelet

A friendly alternative for the diamond and expensive precious metal jewelry is the tourmalinated quartz bracelet. The bracelets beads, made of white quartz, have naturally occurring needle-like inclusions of Black Tourmaline inside them. April birthstone clear tourmaline quartz bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

5. May

May brings the green grass and trees with it as nature transitions from spring to summertime. Accordingly, the birthstones for May are Emerald & Agate, and the symbolic color of May is green. Green is the color of nature. It is associated with good luck, prosperity, balance, and renewal. For May, the most prevalent birthstone bracelets include a lovely silver tennis bracelet with emerald green crystals embedded in it and a beaded green moss agate bracelet. You can also choose any bracelet with green or dark green hues to match your birth month color.

May birthstone emerald green crystal bracelet

This beautiful bracelet displays a row of deep emerald green crystals. The 0.25-carat crystals are attached to a silver-toned metal tennis chain. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this luxurious yet straightforward birthstone bracelet design. May birthstone emerald green crystal bracelet, €37.95 EUR.

May birthstone moss agate bracelet

The moss agate comes in a blended mix of dark green, green, white, and blue shades. This bracelet utilizes specifically green-toned natural moss agate. The unique-looking May birthstone bracelet offers a fantastic aesthetic that will mesmerize you and your friends. May birthstone moss agate bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

6. June

June marks the beginning of summertime. If you are lucky enough to be born in June, your birthstones are Pearl & Moonstone. The symbolic color of June is fluorescent or light purple. Fluorescent is the color of diversity, and light purple represents feminine energy. These colors are associated with romance, fertility, well-being, and fantasy. For June, the most prevalent birthstone bracelets include a classic shell pearl bracelet with 100% ethical origin and a beaded moonstone bracelet with similarly fluorescent luster. You can also choose any bracelet with a light purple hue to match your birth month color.

June birthstone pearl bracelet

A gorgeous 8mm / 0.31" pearl bracelet made of 100% ethical shells. Shell pearls are made of the inner lining of oyster shells, also known as mother of pearl. Unlike regular pearls, shell pearls are do not involve inhumane treatment of oysters. This popular June birthstone bracelet comes in four different widths. June birthstone pearl bracelet, €49.95 EUR. Also available in 6mm, 10mm, & 12mm sizes

June birthstone moonstone bracelet

Moonstones are another wildly popular choice when it comes to the June birthstone bracelets. This bracelet is a natural white in color, and it has a fluorescent luster unique to moonstones. You will surely fall in love with the beauty of genuine moonstones. June birthstone moonstone bracelet, €54.95 EUR.

7. July

July is a popular holiday month when people seek the warmth of the midsummer sun. If you are among the fortunate born in July, your birthstones are Ruby, Onyx, & Turquoise. The symbolic color of June is red and turquoise. Red is the color of passion, and turquoise represents relaxation. These colors are associated with joy, warmth, accomplishment, and life itself. For July, the most popular birthstone bracelets include a beautiful ruby red crystal tennis bracelet and an intensely turquoise beaded Amazonite bracelet. You can also choose a bracelet with a red or turquoise hue to match your birth month color.

July birthstone ruby crystal bracelet

This timeless July birthstone bracelet is displaying a row of ruby red 0.25-carat cubic zirconia. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic materials, and it provides a premium aesthetic at a reasonably low price point — an excellent, affordable alternative for often highly-priced genuine ruby bracelets. July birthstone ruby crystal bracelet, €37.95 EUR.

July birthstone turquoise amazonite bracelet

This gorgeous amazonite bracelet relaxes your mind in an instant. The vivid turquoise color of amazonite reminds you of the tropic and its blue and green waters. The naturally turquoise amazonite represents the thoughts of freedom and carefree life. July birthstone turquoise amazonite bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

8. August

August is the month when the popular meteor shower, known as the Perseids, peaks. If you are among the lucky ones born in August, your birthstones are Peridot, Aventurine, & Jade. The symbolic color of August is light green. Light green is the color of life and nature. It represents knowledge, good energy, wisdom, and balance. The most popular August birthstone bracelets include a stunning sterling silver bracelet with a 1.25-carat peridot gemstone and a beaded, light moss green aventurine bracelet. You can also choose any bracelet with a light green hue, like jade or nephrite, to match your birth month color.

August birthstone peridot bracelet

This dainty silver chain bracelet flaunts a stunning 1.25-carat natural peridot. The peridot is light olive green in color and has a faceted round cut design. This gemstone bracelet is definitely among the most beautiful on this list. August birthstone peridot bracelet, €75.95 EUR.

August birthstone aventurine bracelet

Aventurine has a gorgeous light moss green tone to it. In addition to being one of the birthstones of August, Aventurine is also known as the "stone of prosperity". August birthstone aventurine bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

9. September

September signals the beginning of autumntime. The days start to get a little shorter and darker, and the warm summer days turn into mild fall evenings. Consequently, the birthstones for September are Sapphire & Lapis Lazuli. The symbolic color of September is deep blue. Deep blue or navy blue is the color of power and honor. It represents trust, patience, importance, and intelligence. The most popular September birthstone bracelets include a tennis bracelet with sapphire blue crystals and a beaded Lapis Lazuli bracelet. Optionally, you can also choose any bracelet with a dark blue or navy blue hue, like kyanite, to match your birth month color.

September birthstone sapphire bracelet

The timeless tennis bracelet with sapphire blue crystal is a popular (and wallet-friendly) alternative for expensive sapphire bracelets. The crystals on this bracelet possess an identical deep blue color of genuine sapphires. September birthstone sapphire crystal bracelet, €37.95 EUR.

September birthstone lapis lazuli bracelet

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most wanted natural stone bracelets on the market. You are fortunate if your birth month is September because you get to enjoy the classic beauty of this Lapis Lazuli bracelet. September birthstone lapis lazuli bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

10. October

October provides a multitude of colors resulting from the peak of leaf fall-time. Perhaps in honor of the wide color range of autumn, the symbolic color of October is pink. Appropriately, the birthstones for October are Opal and Tourmaline. Pink is the color of love and compassion. It represents harmony, friendship, healing, and all things good. The most popular October birthstone bracelets include a beaded bracelet made of Pink Opal and a rubellite bracelet (also known as pink Tourmaline). You can also choose any bracelet with a light red or light orange hue to match your birth month color.

October birthstone pink opal bracelet

Pink Opal is a common yet beautiful variety of natural Opal. It is an opaque stone that displays a varying range of pink and red hues. This mesmerizing yet straightforward bracelet is perfect for anyone born in October. October birthstone pink opal bracelet, €34.95 EUR.

October birthstone rubellite (pink tourmaline) bracelet

Rubellite, also known as Pink Tourmaline, is a gorgeous crystal that displays an intense pale pink tone. The Pink Tourmaline bracelet is among the popular choices for an October birthstone bracelet. October birthstone pink tourmaline bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

11. November

During November, Fall turns into wintertime, and we might even see the first snowflakes glide down from the sky. The symbolic color of November is yellow, and the birthstones for November are Citrine & Topaz. Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. It represents optimism, sunshine, youthfulness, and enthusiasm. The most popular November birthstone bracelets include a beaded bracelet made of Citrine and a delicate silver bracelet with blue Topaz. You can also choose any bracelet with a yellow hue, like yellow turquoise, to match your birth month color.

November birthstone citrine bracelet

Citrine has a natural yellow color that often comes with shades of gold, honey, and orange. If you are among the lucky people born in November, you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful crystals. There isn't anything that quite compares to the beauty of genuine Citrine. November birthstone citrine bracelet, €34.95 EUR.

November birthstone topaz bracelet

Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors. One of the most popular Topaz bracelets is this blue oval cut Topaz bracelet. A halo of clear crystals surrounds the Topaz, bringing out its beauty and shine. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this stunning November birthstone bracelet. November birthstone blue topaz bracelet, €58.95 EUR.

12. December

December is the last calendar month of the year. We welcome Christmas time and get to spend time with our family and loved ones. The birthstones for December are Turquoise, blue zircon, & Sodalite, and the symbolic color for December is blue. Blue is the color of honesty and relaxation. It represents stability, truth, understanding, and wisdom. The most popular December birthstone bracelets include a snowflake bracelet with blue zirconia and a beaded Sodalite bracelet. Alternatively, you can choose any bracelet with a blue hue to match your birth month color.

December birthstone blue zirconia bracelet

This stunning Christmas-themed bracelet displays two snowflakes together with ice blue zircon. The snowflakes are attached to a delicate silver chain. Out of all bracelets on this list, this one probably goes best together with its matching month. December birthstone blue zircon snowflake bracelet, €52.95 EUR.

December birthstone sodalite bracelet

Sodalite is a naturally blue stone that looks great in beads. Although the shades of blue vary, Sodalite mainly comes in color known as royal blue. This is a nice casual alternative for the blue zircon December birthstone bracelet. December birthstone sodalite bracelet, €19.95 EUR.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? We also offer one of the largest bracelet selections in the world. If you are searching for a particular birthstone bracelet type, you should take advantage of our gemstone bracelets and crystal bracelets collections. If you don't have a specific style in mind, our full bracelets collection is the best place to start your search!

Birthstone bracelets

A birthstone is a symbolic stone or crystal that matches your birth month. Some people believe that there are specific healing and protective benefits to wearing your birthstones or keeping them close to you. Wherever you go, a birthstone bracelet is an easy way to carry your birthstones with you. In addition, a beautiful birthstone bracelet that fits your style can be an excellent addition to your jewelry collection.

Birthstone bracelets come in different colors and shapes. Every month has a dedicated symbolic color that matches most corresponding gemstones. However, some gemstones can come in a rainbow of colors. In this case, you can choose to use any color of the gem or any gem under the general symbolic color of the month. As an example, people born in November can use any yellow gemstone, like Citrine, and any color Topaz (since Topaz comes in many colors) as their birthstone. 

Choosing the perfect birthstone bracelet

The perfect birthstone is easy to find when you know what you are looking for. It all comes down to personal preference. Most women want their birthstone bracelets to be timeless and simplistic to wear them with as many outfits as possible. After all, many like to keep their birthstone close by. A durable and versatile birthstone bracelet can outlast daily wearing with ease, and you will look good when wearing it with practically any style.

If you are looking to give a birthstone bracelet a gift to someone, it is recommended to pick something popular and straightforward. For example, if you search for a birthstone bracelet for your mom or sister, a classic design is most likely to please them. Also, make sure to check their birthday beforehand so that you are guaranteed to get the correct gemstone and color.

Hopefully, this article helped you find & fall in love with your new favorite birthstone bracelet!

Thank you for reading!

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