14 Popular Everyday Necklaces For Trendy Women

Popular everyday necklaces

A good everyday necklace is a must-have for any jewelry-loving woman. One that doesn't draw too much attention but gives just enough to bring out your beauty naturally. One that matches every outfit seamlessly and doesn't require a second thought. If this sounds like daydreaming, this article is the best place for you to be right now.

If it weren't for jewelry, most of our outfits would lack in terms of appearance and aesthetics. Casual everyday styles, in particular, can almost always benefit from a few added accessories. In addition, accessories like jewelry help make your look more personal and represent your true self more than any bright-colored shirt or dress ever could.

When it comes to everyday necklaces, pick the one you feel most describes your true self. After all, you want your style to reflect your personality and thoughts and not to wear jewelry just for appearances. In addition, since the necklace is intended to be worn daily, the simple and timeless designs work best in an everyday necklace.

Choosing a necklace that you can wear daily, one that goes perfectly together with your unique style preferences, can be a hassle. So to help save some time in finding the best one for you, we've listed 14 of the most popular everyday necklaces that trendy women around the world love. With these stunning necklaces, you are guaranteed to find at least one that you'll love.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Rope chain necklace

gold rope chain necklace


The rope chain is one of the most wanted necklace styles in the world. Its versatility makes it easy to wear as a solo chain or with a pendant. In addition, the timeless design of the rope chain combines well with other jewelry, so you can comfortably wear it with both casual and formal outfits without hesitation. If you need a necklace to wear daily, there is no better alternative than the gold rope chain necklace. Gold rope chain necklace, starting from €49.95 EUR. The chain is also available in sterling silver. Check out our rope chain selection for more sizes.

2. Hamsa hand necklace

Silver hamsa hand necklace


The Hamsa hand is one of the most prevalent symbols to ever exist in jewelry. In addition to the symmetrical, photogenic aesthetic of the Hamsa, it's known as the most powerful protective symbol in the world. In fact, it is thought to protect its wearer from all evil in the world. So whether you are even a tiny bit superstitious or want a beautiful everyday necklace that goes well with any style, the Hamsa necklace is a great choice. Sterling silver hamsa necklace, €49.95 EUR. The hamsa also comes in gold vermeil.

3. Silver rounded cross necklace

Silver rounded cross necklace


When talking about popular everyday necklaces, there's no going around the popularity of crosses in jewelry. As a symbol of faith, hope, and trust, the Christian cross has been a favorite daily jewelry companion for countless women throughout the past few centuries. This exquisite necklace displays a rounded silver cross pendant with white crystals decorating it. The cross has a total of six round-cut crystals with a clear, white color and distinguished appearance. It's the perfect choice for women looking for a classic cross with a personal touch. Sterling silver white rounded cross necklace, €43.95 EUR. The rounded cross also comes in gold/white, silver/black, and gold/black. Check out our cross necklace selection for even more styles.

4. Miraculous medal necklace

Miraculous medal necklace


The Miraculous Medal necklace is another widely favored piece of religious amulets, especially among women. The front side of the pendant depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary in an oval frame, while the backside shows a Marian Cross, two hearts, and a circle of 12 stars around them. The design originates from 19th century France and remains one of the most popular necklace choices globally. Additionally, the Virgin Mary is one of the key symbols of Christianity and historically one of the first global woman icons people have idolized. Gold Miraculous Medal necklace, €64.95 EUR. The Miraculous Medal necklace is also available in sterling silver.

5. Dainty bar & crystal necklace

Gold bar & crystal necklace


Minimalistic styles are in high demand today, so what better way to embrace minimalism than choosing a simple and ageless necklace for everyday wearing. This dainty golden necklace displays a classic bar along with a small white crystal integrated on the chain. The gold bar has a beautiful, polished surface that matches the chain impeccably. Furthermore, a dainty and straightforward chain like this is guaranteed to elevate your natural beauty regardless of the outfit you wear. Gold bar necklace, €39.95 EUR. The bar necklace also comes in silver.

6. White moonstone necklace

White moonstone necklace


This elegant necklace brings nature's touch into everyday jewelry. It showcases a solitaire white moonstone gem pendant as the centerpiece. The bead is 8mm in size, and the necklace itself is made from pure sterling silver. The white moonstone is often quoted as the "stone of new beginnings" due to its moonlike appearance. It's also a symbol of balance, abundance, prosperity, and emotional maturity. Sterling silver white moonstone necklace, €54.95 EUR. Identical variations of the necklace are available with a blue aquamarine, grey moonstone, orange moonstone, strawberry quartz, amethyst, garnet, malachite, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, red-agate, and black agate.

7. Zodiac necklace

Leo zodiac plate necklace


Interest in self-development has increased during the past few decades, and astrology and horoscopes have been integral to that movement. This gorgeous necklace features your zodiac's ancient astrological symbol that matches its original constellation. The design is stunning, and because the material is stainless steel, the necklace lasts exceptionally well in everyday use. If you are into zodiacs and astrology, wearing a zodiac necklace is the best way to embrace your cosmic self. A zodiac necklace for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, €37.95 EUR. For more styles related to zodiac signs and astrology, discover our complete selection of zodiac necklaces.

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8. Initial letter chain necklace

Silver asymmetrical initial letter chain necklace


Necklaces displaying the initial letter of your name are some of the most minimalistic personalized necklaces available. This one combines the letter with a set of three round-cut crystals integrated into the chain surrounding the letter. The delicate aesthetic of the chain makes it ideal for everyday looks and ensures you'll never need to take off the necklace. Of course, an initial letter necklace like this also makes for a great gift idea. Sterling silver initial letter chain necklace, €41.95 EUR. The chain also comes in gold. Check out our initial letter necklace selection for more designs.

9. Evil eye necklace

Gold evil eye necklace


The evil eye necklace is another insanely popular design that women worldwide love to wear. Although it's primarily worn as a protective amulet, the timeless look of the round eye pendant ensures it combines well with every style, making it perfect for daily wearing. This golden necklace showcases a small evil eye made of blue and white crystals. The evil eye is represented by a blue crystal, surrounded by a ring of white crystals and a blue outmost ring of crystals. Gold evil eye necklace, €69.95 EUR. The evil eye necklace also comes in sterling silver.

10. Carre cut crystal necklace

Gold carre cut crystal necklace


A carre-cut crystal necklace is an elegant addition to any outfit. Its luxurious appearance ensures you look and feel like a million bucks wherever you go. In addition, the clear white carre cut aesthetic is a distinctive design for a crystal, so the necklace is a guaranteed choice for any woman wanting to feel unique and elegant at the same time. The crystal on this necklace is relatively small, so it won't be too much, even for casual looks. Gold carre cut crystal necklace, €70.95 EUR. The carre cut crystal necklace also comes with a sterling silver chain.

11. Sunflower necklace

Sunglower necklace


Here's a sunflower necklace that's among the most delightful designs on this list. It has a sterling silver chain featuring a sunflower with a crystal centerpiece and golded flower petals. Across many cultures, sunflowers are believed to represent happiness, longevity, and peace. They're also sometimes considered a symbol of summer or the sun itself. It's the best everyday necklace for embracing the positive energy in your life. Silver & gold sunflower necklace, €75.95 EUR.

12. Yin yang necklace

Gold yin yang necklace


Yin and yang is a dualistic philosophical concept of how two contrasting opposites are actually interconnected and can complement each other. This necklace flaunts a gold yin and yang pendant, portraying the classic balance of black (yin) and white (yang). The dark and light sides of the coin are embellished by a single white crystal, mounted by a strong gold three-claw prong setting. Gold yin yang necklace, €49.95 EUR. The same design also comes in sterling silver.

13. Opal sun necklace

Gold opal sun necklace


This gorgeous golden necklace features a sun pendant with a shimmering opal stone. The shimmer of the white opal stone makes this sun necklace one of the most beautiful pieces on this list. Also, the timeless look of the sun is a fabulous look for any woman. If you are looking for a beautiful everyday necklace that portrays your lively and joyful personality, the opal sun necklace is an excellent fit for you. Gold opal sun necklace, €61.95 EUR. The necklace is also available in sterling silver.

14. Essence of life necklace

Essence of life necklace


Last but not least on the list is this stunning essence of life necklace. It's a simple design featuring a silver ring with a blue, faceted semi-circle crystal inside it. The crystal semi-circle is a representation of water, the essence of life. Water is one of the most popular representations of life, and it symbolizes clarity, nourishment, and healing. It's a great look on casual styles, and the unique appearance makes it a nice addition to some semi-formal outfits, as well. Essence of life necklace, €52.95 EUR.

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