Butterfly Necklaces: 5 Pieces That Will Make You Fall In Love

Butterfly necklaces that will make you fall in love

Seeing a butterfly is a mesmerizing moment, no matter where you live. The symbolism and radiant beauty of butterflies are the reason they have become so popular in jewelry. As a result, butterflies and butterfly-related designs are among the most desired and searched pieces, especially when it comes to necklaces. To save you hours of research, we have put together a list of the five most beautiful popular butterfly necklaces we could find.

A butterfly symbolizes femininity, change, rebirth, spiritual transformation, and even life itself. It's a totem of hope for many, and many religions and cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. For example, the Christian religion often uses a butterfly to represent resurrection and rebirth. The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is also a widely used metaphor for transforming a sinner into a saint.

In jewelry, there's nothing quite like a necklace that describes who you are and embraces your personality and inner thoughts. Everything the butterfly represents - living in the moment, enjoying the beauty of life, and transforming into a better version of yourself, to name a few - are things we can easily identify with ourselves and within our daily lives.

To help you find a design that suits you best, we have compiled a list of five of the most popular butterfly necklaces, each more beautiful than the other. So, if you're looking to find a butterfly necklace that you are guaranteed to love, this article is the best place to be. Although the necklaces look great already on screen, these butterfly necklaces are breathtakingly beautiful when worn or held in hand in real life.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Crystal butterfly necklace

Silver crystal butterfly necklace


Starting off the list is perhaps the most beautiful butterfly necklace we have ever seen. It has a crystal-embellished butterfly as its main attraction, while a smaller baby butterfly is integrated into the chain a little higher above. What's more, the clear white zirconia perfectly combines the polished sterling silver chain. This stunning design is guaranteed to look good on you and attract admiring gazes from your friends. Silver crystal butterfly necklace, €64.95 EUR. The design is also available in gold vermeil.

2. Acrylic butterfly necklace

Gold white acrylic butterfly necklace


This absolutely gorgeous necklace displays a small butterfly with wings made from translucent acrylic. This piece is a bit more casual than the first pick while maintaining an elegant, classy feel. Although our favorite was the gold chain with the pearl white wings, the necklace also comes with rose pink and sky blue butterflies and in both gold and silver color options. Gold white acrylic butterfly necklace, €25.95 EUR. If you want more color, it's also available in white/silver, sky blue/gold, sky blue/silver, rose pink/gold, and rose pink/silver.

3. Malachite butterfly necklace

Gold malachite butterfly necklace


Another astonishing piece is this gold necklace featuring a beautiful butterfly with malachite - a striped green stone - as its interior. The butterfly comes with gold-trim edges and green malachite as the pattern of its wings. It's a design that stands out from other ordinary necklaces wherever you go. Gold malachite butterfly necklace, €29.95 EUR.

4. 3D butterfly necklace

Rose gold 3d butterfly necklace


The butterfly on this necklace has four smaller and four larger wings that create a lifelike, 3D effect. What makes this necklace even more special are the holes on the butterfly's wings. Thanks to those holes, the fairly large butterfly weighs significantly less than a similarly sized solid stainless steel design would. The design makes it nice and comfortable to wear the necklace for long periods at a time without burdening your neck. Rose gold 3D butterfly necklace, €28.95 EUR. The design also comes in gold and silver.

5. Initial butterfly necklace

Initial butterfly necklace


Finally, we have this unique initial letter necklace that features a butterfly integrated into every letter design. The sparkling pink and white zircons and artificial opals and pearls come in various shapes and sizes, giving the necklace a trendy asymmetrical look. If an initial necklace suits your style, you won't find a more beautiful design with a butterfly integrated into it. Girly initial butterfly necklace, €39.95 EUR.

A few facts about butterflies

Butterflies come in all colors found on the color spectrum. We aren't even talking about the visible color spectrum, either. Recently scientists have discovered that butterflies not only sense but also emit UV light through their wings. Although there's a lot we have still yet to learn about butterflies, here are a few interesting facts you probably didn't know:

  • There are over 17,000 different butterfly species in the world — only around 750 of those live in the United States
  • The average lifespan of a butterfly is approximately one month — yet some species remain as caterpillars for years before the metamorphosis
  • Butterflies have lived on the earth approximately for 200 million years — in comparison, first humans appeared only 2 million years ago, while our species, the modern homo sapiens, only 200 thousand years ago
  • Butterflies use their feet to taste — if a butterfly lands on you, it might be because they think your skin tastes delicious

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Thank you for reading!

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