Best Cheap Women's Watches Under $50

Best cheap womens watches under 50€

Looking for a trendy, classy, and quality watch at a cheap price?

All of the women on the budget, we got you covered!

Who said that a great watch must cost a fortune? A watch collector may appreciate the hard work and the brand behind a certain wristwatch, but if he wants to own that watch, he has to invest a hefty amount of money in it. If you are a regular watch wearer instead, you can find an amazingly stylish watch for a surprisingly cheap price. And what's best, cheap watches can be functional, trendy, and offer you great value for money. 

We have gathered you a list of the best cheap women's watches under $50. The styles and designs are timeless, and you can be sure that you do not pay any extra for the brand. The watches on this list are cheap but look and feel more expensive than they are. So, whether you need a new watch to wear to the office or a nice watch to suit your weekend wardrobe, you’ll find the perfect women’s watches under $50 below. Let's go!


Nylon Strap Watches By CWC

The first watch on our list is a classic nylon-strap watch for all casual occasions. The timeless design will always be in style, and the quality is extremely competitive with nylon strap watches up to eight times more expensive. That's why it's one of the best affordable watches for women. The nylon strap is extremely comfortable against the skin, making this watch a perfect everyday watch. The case and other metals can be chosen in gold or silver, and the strap from 9 different striped colorways. This watch is the perfect companion with any casual and smart casual outfits. Get it here


Luxurious Stardust Watch For Women

The next one is for those who aim for a luxurious look on a budget. The Classy Women Stardust Watch is way more affordable than it looks and feels. It comes in three colors: rose gold, black, and rose gold case with a blue strap. It is an excellent choice if you're looking for a deluxe women's timepiece at an affordable price. The case and the mesh strap are made of durable stainless steel. The watch is 3ATM waterproof and uses a reliable quartz movement. This watch doesn't have a traditional buckle, but a magnetic closure that ensures a perfect fit for wrists of all sizes. The feminine and classy design will astonish everyone around you and make them wonder where they could get one. Get it here


Simple Minimalistic Watches For Women

This one is a go-to watch for any situation and has easily deserved its spot amongst the best women's watches. For such a cheap price, the quality is excellent. The simplistic design and classic colors fit and improve all outfits and provide a great looking accessory for the outfit. The case and band are made of stainless steel and movement is a reliable quartz movement. The clean minimalistic dial without any extra makes it a very photogenic wristwatch to have. You will not find a similar quality watch for this affordable price elsewhere. Choose a gold, rose gold, or silver case with a white or black dial. Get them here: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver.


Affordable Rose Gold Flower Watch

This flower watch is the best watch for those who are bored with plain classic wristwatches. This timepiece is designed for those who want a unique-looking watch that is affordable and definitely catches the eye. This rose gold tinted beauty has a stainless steel case and a stainless steel mesh band. The dial has a precisely detailed, crystal-enhanced flower in it, that makes this watch stand out from the rest. It looks wonderful with casual and formal outfits. Finding an affordable watch like this is very rare, these kind of designer watches are usually substantially more expensive. Get it here.


Simple Marble Watches For Women

Are you looking for a simple yet trendy timepiece for an affordable price? This is the one. The white or black marble dial combined with gold, rose gold, or silver stainless steel body and strap makes an excellent choice for a watch. Suits perfectly with both casual and formal outfits. The movement is a traditional and reliable quartz movement and the dial consists of pure glass for optimal visual timekeeping. Make your friends jealous with this beautiful design on your wrist. Get them here: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver.


Simple Watch With Silicone Strap For Women

This wristwatch is one of the best wristwatches a woman can wear. It's a real pleasure to the eye with its elegant and sleek outlook. The price is very cheap, especially for its great quality and excellent design. The simple design makes it a perfect watch to all occasions. Whether you're at the office or attending a party, this watch is your perfect companion. 

The stainless steel case is extremely feminine with its rose gold color and 39mm diameter. The strap is made of durable, soft silicone, which ensures comfortable wear and a smooth feel. A better combination than rose gold and white or black is very hard to find. Get them here: White, Black.

7. PURE MARBLE WATCH. $28 / 25€

Affordable Marble Watch For Women

The impressive design of this particular marble watch looks great and fits any outfit from formal to casual. It's hard to find a timepiece as beautiful as this with such a cheap price. The elegant dial is ahead of its time and the 40mm size makes the watch stand out even more. Combine the watch with a bracelet to bring the beauty of it to its maximum potential. Quartz movement makes sure the timekeeping is as reliable as possible. The strap can be chosen from four classic colors: white, grey, brown, or black


Affordable Nylon Strap Watch for Women

A must-have, affordable wristwatch for those who love classic watches. The nylon strap feels extremely comfortable against the skin, making this watch perfect for frequent use. It's the perfect companion for work, school, and leisure. The simple design and rose gold metals create a beautiful combination for trendy women. Choose the strap from 7 colors. Plus, the cheap price doesn't break the bank! Get it here


Space Marble Watch For Women

This cute watch is a stunner! The dial glows in all pastel colors, creating a beautiful space marble pattern. The rose gold case and the beautiful leather band top up the look. This affordable timepiece is your best companion on all casual occasions, such as school, work, and leisure. The band comes in classic colors, such as white, black, beige, and grey, but also in more colorful ones, like light blue, pink, peach, blue, and red. Get it here


Petite Wristwatch For Women

The Classy Women Petite Watch looks amazing on any wrist. The small size and classic colors make the watch a feminine beauty, and the affordable price and free worldwide shipping make it accessible to all. The quartz movement is known to be very accurate, and the stainless steel case endures daily use. This is a must-have watch for anyone who's looking for a cheap, simple, reliable, and beautiful wristwatch. Suitable for everyday looks as well as for festive looks. Get it here


Delicate Womens Watches

The Classy Women Simplistic Watch is an affordable, feminine and delicate wristwatch for all occasions. It comes in two sizes, with a small or medium dial. The outlook is simple yet detailed, making it a perfect everyday timepiece. With rose gold case and beautiful colors, the design signals simplicity and grace. Comes in white, black, grey, pink, and red. Get it here


Clean Womens Watches

The most minimal and one of the best women's wristwatches on the market with a beautiful and simple design, and cheap price. Traditional quartz movement gives the watch a very precise and reliable movement. This divine piece suits perfectly with both casual and formal outfits. The rose gold case combined with a white dial provides an elegant detail to the watch. The leather band in different colors makes the watch irresistible to the eye. Get them here: White, Black, Peach


Luxury Marble Watch For Women

Very simplistic marble dial and unique details combined with 3ATM water resistance make a perfect timepiece for a price this low. It's hard to find a better wristwatch at this price point. Long band enables use for any wrist type and the leather or stainless steel mesh strap feels smooth and comfortable to the skin. The quartz movement keeps time in a reliable manner and the glass dial makes the watch a visual candy to your eye. This elegant wristwatch fits any formal and casual outfit with ease. Perfect choice if you're looking to combine classic and trendy, with superb value for money. Get them here: Leather Strap, Steel Strap


Black Classy Women's Watch

This watch gives you everything you need in a semi-minimalistic manner. Simple design with unique details makes this watch special. The quartz movement gives very reliable and precise movement with +/- 3 seconds a month. An excellent choice if you are looking for a cheap minimalistic wristwatch with unique details. Goes well with formal and casual outfits. Get it here

These were the best watches for women on a budget, and we hope you found a wristwatch of your liking. If your budget is higher and you want a great watch with value for your money, we highly recommend you to check out this Forbes' list of 7 gorgeous watches for women under $500. If the price range of the watches on this list was perfect, but you want to see more styles, make sure to visit our watch collection. If you prefer smartwatches over classic timepieces, they are a bit more expensive, but you should definitely check out LifeWire's list of the best smartwatches for women.

Why choose a cheap watch over an expensive one? 

The short answer is, almost all expensive watches are heavily overpriced. There are a couple of significant problems with the watch industry. To keep people unsatisfied of the wristwatches they already own, big watch companies make sure that watch trends change with the seasons, retaining the demand high for new timepieces. Those watch brands want you to think that in order to be trendy, you must buy a new watch every season. If you only buy expensive watches and want to have the freshest design on your wrist at all times, it's clear that the amount of money you'd have to spend is ridiculous. 

On top of that, watch brands are known to add a little (or a lot) extra on the price tag just because their watches are branded. Even if the watch is seemingly affordable, the manufacturing costs are just a fraction of the price they are sold for. This results in the majority of branded wristwatches being overpriced, and you end up paying a lot more than you should for a watch of that quality. We at CWC want to fight that phenomenon. We think that what people should pay for is the quality and the design, not the brand name. That's why we stand with affordable watches.

Thank you for reading!

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