The Psychology of Earrings:
What Your Earrings Say About You

Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry, worn by women for thousands of years to express their style and personality. Earrings can instantly elevate any outfit and add a touch of glamour and charm. But have you ever wondered what your choice of earrings says about you?

In this post, we will explore 22 different types of earrings and what they can reveal about your character and personal style. Whether you prefer dainty studs, bold hoops, or vibrant statement pieces, get ready to discover the hidden meanings behind your favorite pair of earrings!

Read on to find out what the following earring styles say about you:

pearl earrings  ●  crystal earrings  ●  small studs  ●  small hoops  ●  large hoops  ●  classic earrings  ●  floral earrings  ●  heart earrings  ●  butterfly earrings  ●  cross earrings  ●  eye earrings  ●  huggies  ●  simple earrings  ●  drop/dangle earrings  ●  climber earrings  ●  threader earrings  ●  long earrings  ●  colorful earrings  ●  chandelier earrings  ●  theme earrings  ●  artsy earrings  ●  statement earrings

1. Pearl earrings

pearl earrings

In the photo: open pearl hoop earrings, large pearl stud earrings, & pearl drop chain earrings.

Symbolism: Pearl earrings symbolize elegance, sophistication, and femininity.

Your style: Women who wear pearl earrings are likely to have a polished and refined personal style. You love clean lines and simple silhouettes, favoring classic pieces over trendy items. Natural colors are your favorite, and you wouldn't mind 90% of your wardrobe being shades of black, white, and beige.

Your character: Women who are calm, collected, and graceful are naturally drawn to pearl earrings. You appreciate a clean space around you, whether it's your home or your office. You pay great attention to detail and are somewhat of a perfectionist. You know you're at your best when you feel relaxed and stress-free, so you try your best to manage and decrease stress effectively.

For a look that never goes out of style, try the following pearl earring styles:

2. Crystal earrings

crystal earrings

In the photo: pavé cz square hoop earrings, blue square halo stud earrings, & flower crystal huggie hoops.

Symbolism: Crystal earrings, including diamond and cubic zirconia earrings, symbolize wealth, luxury, and glamour.

Your style: You adore high fashion and visual perfection. You prefer to be overdressed rather than underdressed. You understand the power of appearance and style and don't mind spending a sizeable portion of your income on jewelry and fashion.

Your character: You want to be successful in every aspect of your life. You know who you are and will fight for what you care about. You are drawn to beautiful and attractive things and feel at home around them. You often treat yourself to what your heart desires and put great effort into making sure you and your home look put together.

Add a luxurious touch to your attire effortlessly with the following earrings:

3. Small studs

small stud earrings

In the photo: small silver star studs, rose gold crystal clover studs, & baguette cz mini studs.

Symbolism: Small studs symbolize simplicity, practicality, and minimalism.

Your style: You truly believe less is more. You enjoy fashion, but your personal style is practical and functional first. You prefer comfortable, classic, and casual clothing, often favoring basic pieces over flashy items.

Your character: You are practical, down-to-earth, and reliable. You value efficiency in all you do and prefer everything in your life to be easy to care for. Your friends and family know you are organized and trust your word. You find joy in the small and simple things in life.

When going for a subtle look, these dainty studs are your best friend:

4. Small hoops

small hoop earrings

In the photo: gold curly hoop earrings, gold irregular oval hoops, & small thin silver hoops.

Symbolism: Small hoops symbolize femininity, elegance, and versatility.

Your style: Your style is the perfect blend of trendy and timeless. You prefer classic clothes that can be dressed up or down. Even though you value convenience and practicality, you are willing to withstand a bit of discomfort to look good.

Your character: You are feminine, sophisticated, and stylish. Even though you love dressing well, you are not shallow at all, and you take a deep, soulful conversation over small talk any day. You want to make a positive difference in the world, whether it's developing a business or making someone smile. People generally like and respect you.

These small hoop earrings are so versatile you can wear them on any occasion:

5. Large hoops

large hoop earrings

In the photo: large silver heart-shaped hoops, large gold turquoise bead hoops, & chunky gold pavé cz hoops.

Symbolism: Large hoops symbolize boldness, confidence, and sexiness.

Your style: Women who wear large hoops have a bold and attention-grabbing personal style. You love jewelry that shows, such as statement pieces that are eye-catching and unique. You believe fashion is something to be experimented on, and have fun styling different looks for various occasions.

Your character: You are confident, daring, and outgoing. You expect fair treatment and are not afraid to speak your mind. You enjoy life and don't take yourself too seriously. You are not afraid to take risks or be the center of attention.

Try the following styles if you want your hoops to show:

6. Classic earrings

classic earrings

In the photo: 4mm gold cubic zirconia studs, gold solitaire hoop earrings, & silver cz circle stud earrings.

Symbolism: Classic earrings symbolize timelessness, simplicity, and elegance.

Your style: If you are drawn to classic earrings, you appreciate timeless fashion and jewelry that never goes out of style. You don't need anything extra flashy to stand out with your style. You know how to look polished and classy, and many envy your sense of fashion. You prefer purchasing items that you can wear for years and years to come.

Your character: Women who love classic earrings are often perceived as graceful, composed, and conservative. They are in control and may sometimes come across as reserved. They appreciate strong, traditional values and are usually quite successful in whatever they put their mind to.

You can never go wrong with classic earring designs like these:

7. Floral earrings

floral earrings

In the photo: crystal flower drop chain earrings, pink crystal floral studs, & daisy flower studs.

Symbolism: Floral earrings represent a love for nature and beauty, a carefree spirit, and femininity. Depending on the type of flower, they can also have specific meanings (e.g., roses symbolizing love).

Your style: A woman who wears floral earrings loves summer fashion and easy-going styles. You aren't afraid to wear cute colors and are often one of the best dressed in the room. Softer colors and materials, such as flowy dresses, silk, and pastel tones, are your favorite.

Your character: You are a soft, sweet person who loves people very deeply. You see the world through a positive lens and are in touch with your emotions. You appreciate art, music, and creativity, and you love spending time with the people close to you.

Add delightful floral detail to your attire with the following earrings:

8. Heart earrings

heart earrings

In the photo: silver cz open heart studs, gold crystal heart dangle earrings, & red heart threader earrings.

Symbolism: Heart earrings represent love, passion, and romance.

Your style: A woman who wears heart earrings has a strong feminine touch in her personal style. For you, it may mean loving wearing beautiful colors, flowy dresses, feminine jewelry, or high heels. You know how to use your appearance to your advance, and you are often appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Your character: Your fondness for the most prominent symbol of love, the heart, tells the world you are a loving, compassionate person who is much stronger than she thinks. In your heart, you are a romantic that seeks moments that take your breath away. Your loved ones know you as a loyal person who values deep connections and meaningful relationships.

Channel your inner romantic with earring styles like these:

9. Butterfly earrings

butterfly earrings

In the photo: gold crystal butterfly drop chain earrings, gold butterfly stud earrings, & silver butterfly threader earrings.

Symbolism: Butterfly earrings symbolize freedom, femininity, expression, grace, and transformation.

Your style: You enjoy fashion and see it as a way to be creative and express yourself. You want your outfit to look good but also be comfortable enough to go on a spontaneous adventure whenever one calls you. Lightweight fabrics that are easy to move in and comfy shoes are your favorite.

Your character: Those who love butterfly earrings are often sweet, carefree, and open-minded. You love adventures and exploring new ideas and are open to the views and experiences of others. Many people love your energy from the moment they meet you. Being around people energizes and excites you, but you also need some quiet time to process your thoughts.

If you adore butterfly earrings, you will love the following designs:

10. Cross earrings

cross earrings

In the photo: gold crystal cross mini hoops, gold crystal medieval cross huggies, & silver turquoise cross charm hoops.

Symbolism: Cross earrings represent faith, hope, protection, spirituality, and devotion.

Your style: If you wear cross earrings, your style is most likely modest and understated yet elegant and chic. You love to dress in classic, timeless outfits that complement your refined taste. You are not a slave to the newest trends but rather dress in whatever looks and feels good to you, even if it's considered out of fashion.

Your character: You are a spiritual soul with solid faith and devotion. You respect strong values such as integrity, family, and freedom. You always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. You appreciate life as a whole and can find things to be grateful for quite easily.

Express your faith in style with these gorgeous cross earrings:

11. Eye earrings

eye earrings

In the photo: evil eye and crystal heart hoops, gold eye of luck huggies, & silver evil eye stud earrings.

Symbolism: Eye earrings symbolize protection, wisdom, intuition, and spiritual awareness. The most popular eye symbol in jewelry is the Evil Eye which is believed to ward off evil intentions from your life.

Your style: Your style is a very personal aspect of you, allowing you to express yourself or hide parts of yourself if you wish to. What you wear affects your mood strongly, so you always aim to dress the way that feels like you. You may wear eye earrings as a protective token, a symbol of spiritual awareness, or both.

Your character: Women who wear eye earrings are confident and daring, with a touch of mystery. You are in touch with your emotions and love a deep conversation. You are well aware that there is a lot that we as humans cannot see or comprehend, and that's what makes life exciting for you. Many people find you an intriguing person they would like to get to know better.

Any of the following eye earring styles can be a powerful protective token:

12. Huggie hoops

huggie hoops

In the photo: silver crystal mini huggies, 6mm gold huggies, & gold twinkling star huggies.

Symbolism: Huggie hoops are a symbol of comfort, simplicity, and versatility.

Your style: Women who love huggie hoop earrings dress practical and versatile, with an appreciation for timeless fashion. You adore beautiful jewelry but choose a comfy and versatile design over a complicated statement piece any day. You prefer subtle and comfortable clothing styles and love incorporating classic and effortless accessories into your everyday look.

Your character: You are grounded and down-to-earth, and you know who you are. The small things in life make you happy, such as the warming rays of the sun, a cup of hot coffee in the morning, or an episode of your favorite show after a work day. You are an important part of many people's lives, and you are surrounded by people who care deeply about you.

Combine comfort and style with these versatile huggie hoops:

13. Simple earrings

simple earrings

In the photo: wide gold huggie hoops, labradorite stud earrings, & silver open heart studs.

Symbolism: Simple earrings are the representation of minimalism, elegance, and sophistication.

Your style: Your favorite jewelry and clothes have similar features: clean, minimalistic, and understated. You gravitate towards elegant, timeless styles that you can wear for years or even decades. Your dream wardrobe is tailored to your body shape and of high quality, with every piece easily combinable with each other.

Your character: You respect people who are honest and direct with you. At work, you are professional and effective, often getting great results in whatever you do. You have high social intelligence and people skills. You always do your best to respond to situations consciously and make informed conclusions, making you an excellent problem-solver and decision-maker.

These earrings are so simple you can wear them on any occasion:

14. Drop/dangle earrings

dangle drop earrings

In the photo: chunky silver dangle heart hoops, silver cz circle hoop earrings, & gold crystal snake drop earrings.

Symbolism: Drop and dangle earrings symbolize joy, elegance, grace, and feminine energy.

Your style: Those who wear drop and dangle earrings are drawn to a sophisticated and feminine wardrobe and have an eye for style and elegance. You aim to dress according to your body shape and know what clothes flatter your figure. You adore simple and minimalist clothing styles that are easy to dress up with the right set of jewelry and accessories.

Your character: You are a vivid and lively person, which the movement of the dangling earrings emphasizes. When the humor hits right, you laugh hard and contagiously. There is a more serious side to you, too, and you take good care of your responsibilities and commitments. People generally view you as a positive person they can count on.

Add a lively dangling detail to your look with these earrings:

15. Climber earrings

climber earrings

In the photo: rose gold crystal flower climbers, gold climber hoop earrings, & silver crystal star climber studs.

Symbolism: Climber earrings, also called crawler earrings, are a type of trendy earrings that climb up the earlobe. They symbolize glamour, boldness, and open-mindedness.

Your style: Women who love climber and crawler earrings are often daring and bold, open to trying new things and exploring the unknown. Basic jewelry or accessories don't excite you; you would rather have your garments with an edge that separates them from the rest. You follow the latest trends to some extent and are ready to try any style that looks good, even if it's out of your comfort zone.

Your character: You live your life with a spark in your eye, making your energy magnetic. You enjoy beautiful things and like a bit of glamour in your life. You are confident in yourself and stand by your values and what you think is right. People look up to you, many secretly wishing they would have the same level of confidence you have. You are a free spirit, following your desires and what makes you happy.

These earrings are designed to climb up your earlobe beautifully:

16. Threader earrings

threader earrings

In the photo: blue opal threader earrings, crystal cube threader earrings, & gold shooting star threaders.

Symbolism: Threader earrings symbolize elegance, comfort, and practicality.

Your style: Threader earrings are popular because they are comfortable and elegant at the same time. If you wear threaders frequently, your wardrobe is most likely mainly comprised of effortless yet sophisticated pieces you can wear on multiple occasions. You love to dress nicely, but you don't compromise your comfort as you know it's far more important to feel good than to look good.

Your character: Your personality is down-to-earth and practical, with some desire for the finer things in life. Even though you love convenience, you adore glamorous things too and truly believe luxury and comfort can live in harmony. Your smile is contagious, and people often feel happier after interacting with you than they felt before. You understand life on a deeper level which helps you navigate it and put issues into perspective.

For a comfortable yet impressive look, consider these threader earrings:

17. Long earrings

long earrings

In the photo: long gold herringbone chain earrings, long silver oval link chain earrings, & long gold pearl threaders.

Symbolism: Long earrings are one of the sexiest earring styles, symbolizing elegance, sensuality, and magnetic energy.

Your style: If you love long earring styles, your style is bold, confident, and feminine. You know how to use jewelry and clothing to embrace your sensuality and draw attention to the right places. There is nothing you love more than the confidence boost you get from wearing the perfect outfit and accessories. You know how big a part appearance is in everything and how to play it to your advantage.

Your character: You are naturally flirtatious and have a spark in your eye, which may lead some people to believe you are into them when you are just being nice in a friendly way. You are charismatic, confident, and fun to be around. Your vibrant energy is magnetic, making people want to be around and get to know you. You enjoy life and let it show.

These gorgeous long earrings won't go unnoticed:

18. Colorful earrings

colorful earrings

In the photo: colorful bead hoop earrings, rainbow crystal mini hoops, & colorful crystal initial earrings.

Symbolism: Colorful earrings symbolize joy, creativity, and playfulness.

Your style: Women who wear colorful earrings use accessories to uplift their mood and express their persona. Experimenting with colors, patterns, and materials is second nature to you. You think of accessories and clothes as creative tools to bring good vibes and happiness around you. Bright and bold colors don't scare you, making your comfort zone around fashion larger than average.

Your character: You are outgoing and fun-loving, getting energized from being around people. You have a free-spirited nature and a spontaneous approach to life. You are not afraid to take risks, try new things, or be the center of attention. You often inspire others with your creative, positive, and open-minded attitude.

Add a colorful detail to your attire with these styles:

19. Chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings

In the photo: blue crystal chandelier earrings, shooting star chandelier earrings, & silver teardrop mini chandelier earrings.

Symbolism: Chandelier earrings represent luxury, sophistication, and elegance.

Your style: You have a refined and sophisticated personal style that doesn't go unnoticed. Your favorite pieces of clothing and jewelry are glamorous, elegant, and made with precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. You would rather be overdressed or underdressed and gravitate towards intricate, unique jewelry pieces that ooze high quality.

Your character: Women who love to wear chandelier earrings are collected and assertive. You carry yourself with grace and elegance and enjoy the finer things in life. Your sense of self-worth is strong, and you are often the most confident person in the room. Dining in fancy restaurants and attending elegant cocktail events feel natural to you.

These chandelier earrings will be all you need to accessorize an outfit:

20. Theme earrings

theme earrings

In the photo: silver airplane stud earrings, gold dog stud earrings, & silver dolphin mini hoops.

Symbolism: Theme earrings represent a piece of the wearer's interests or hobbies. Due to their nature, they are playful, quirky, and expressive.

Your style: You use fashion to express yourself and your interests. Your style is personal, and you have fun styling and accessorizing outfits. If you find a fashion item you really like, you truly cherish it, and it has a high chance of becoming sentimentally valuable to you. You associate many of your clothing and jewelry pieces with certain people, places, or moments, making them too important for you to ever get rid of.

Your character: A woman who wears theme earrings enjoys life and doesn't take it too seriously. You are a confident, creative, and playful person who thinks life should be lived to the fullest. You have a curious mind and a love for learning about new things. When you find something interesting, you get fully immersed in it and can talk about it for hours. You are a good listener and really care about the people close to you.

Display a glimpse of your interests and personality with themed earrings like these:

21. Artsy/creative earrings

artsy/creative earrings

In the photo: gold arrow heart drop earrings, rose gold feminine essence earrings, & silver egyptian sun earrings.

Symbolism: Artsy and creative earrings are the symbol of creativity, uniqueness, and individuality.

Your style: Adoring artsy earrings signals that your personal style is bold, creative, and unique. Your favorite fashion pieces are rare designs with an artistic touch that you can further style to make the look your own. You appreciate eye-catching, intriguing designs and value unique or artisanal pieces over anything too mainstream.

Your character: You are a creative soul that loves art and self-expression. You are an independent thinker and have a unique perspective on the world not everyone gets. You appreciate life and see beauty even in the most mundane things. The inspiration you draw from the world you direct into creative work, whether it's your day job or hobby.

The following earrings delight with their creative and unique design:

22. Statement earrings

statement earrings

In the photo: large designer crystal heart earrings, blue crystal drop chain earrings, & large purple bead hoops.

Symbolism: Large statement earrings are the embodiment of confidence, boldness, and individuality.

Your style: If large earrings that make a statement are your favorite earrings, you have a strong sense of personal style and aren't afraid to make a bold statement. You love accessories that stand out and love to play with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Your outfit is never boring; even the simplest clothes make an interesting outfit when paired with bold accessories.

Your character: You are fearless and never afraid to speak your mind. You are confident, outgoing, and comfortable with taking risks. You know your worth, and don't settle for anything less. Your sense of style mirrors your personality as a courageous woman who enjoys life to the fullest. You are a bold person with strong opinions, making people either hate or love you.

These gorgeous statement pieces don't lack in size or glam:

The final words.

In conclusion, earrings are not just a fashion accessory; they also hold significant meaning and can reveal a lot about your character, values, and style. The right pair will frame your face and express your personality to the world.

Whether you choose to wear simple studs, versatile huggies, statement hoops, or elegant chandelier earrings, each style carries a unique message and reflects something about who you are. By understanding the psychology of earrings, we can become more self-aware and mindful of the messages we are sending through our fashion choices.

So, the next time you put on your favorite pair of earrings, take a moment to consider what they might be saying about you. And remember, whether you prefer to keep it simple or go all out, the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

Whatever you want to convey with your appearance, our extensive selection of earrings for women has the perfect pair of earrings for you. From dainty studs and comfortable huggies to glamorous drop earrings and mesmerizing designs, each piece is hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof, so you can wear them with confidence on any occasion.

Thank you for reading!

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