18 Timeless Necklace Gift Ideas She Will Love

Timeless Necklace Gift Ideas She Will Love

A necklace is the perfect gift idea for her. At best, a necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that she loves to wear, making her feel beautiful and confident. Whether you search for a birthday present or a Valentine's Day gift, these 18 timeless necklaces will make exceptional gift ideas that she will love!

Gifting jewelry is always a great option, no matter the occasion. Since necklaces are the most popular jewelry type for women, giving a timeless necklace as a present is something you can't go wrong with. When choosing a necklace to gift her, you want to opt for a meaningful piece that you find beautiful and that you think would look amazing on her neck. She will love to wear the necklace if she knows you like it on her.

If you have a specific theme or style on your mind, you may find the perfect gift from our collection of meaningful necklaces. If you're still looking for ideas, go ahead and scroll down to find the top 18 timeless necklace gift ideas we know she will adore. The necklaces we have picked for you are all hypoallergenic so that anyone can wear them comfortably.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Champagne crystal heart necklace

Champagne crystal heart necklace


The first necklace on our list is a stunning piece that is hard to resist. The dainty necklace displays a small heart pendant paved with sparkling cubic zircons in champagne color. The romantic pendant necklace, made of high-quality gold vermeil, is long-lasting and feels luxurious, making it an excellent gift for her birthday or Valentine's Day. The heart shape symbolizes unconditional love, while the champagne crystals give the necklace an elegant look. Champagne crystal heart necklace, €46.95 EUR. Also available with white, red, blue, and violet cubic zircons. For a wide variety of heart necklaces perfect as Valentine's Day gifts, visit our collection of heart necklaces.

2. Carre cut cubic zirconia necklace

Square carre cut cubic zirconia necklace


This silver necklace displays a stunning, pure white carre cut cubic zircon. Carre cut brings out the beauty of the stone in a unique way, and it's not a cut you see on every diamond, cubic zircon, or crystal. While the chain is made of sterling silver, the square stone is premium cubic zirconia with a brilliant shine. A necklace like this never goes out of style and looks as good today as it does after a decade, making sure it brings long-lasting joy to the lucky one you'll gift it to. Sterling silver carre cut CZ necklace, €48.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil and with a green tourmaline stone in sterling silver and gold vermeil.

3. Dainty initial letter necklace

Dainty gold initial letter necklace


She will love this dainty gold vermeil initial necklace with a tiny mini letter charm and sparkling cubic zirconia accents. The small initial charm is adorned with a pavé of clear white CZ stones that sparkle brilliantly with every ray of light. In addition, the delicate chain has a single cubic zircon detail on the left side of the letter charm, giving the necklace a trendy and unique touch. There is no better way to surprise her on her birthday than with a personal initial necklace that makes her feel special and loved. Dainty gold vermeil crystal initial necklace, €59.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver. For more styles, go ahead and browse through our full collection of initial necklaces.

4. Tennis choker necklace

Tennis choker necklace


When thinking of timeless necklaces that are always in style, a tennis necklace is one of those that comes to mind first. This tennis chain is both glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. Made of sterling silver and premium cubic zirconia, it is completely waterproof and stays beautiful for decades. The chain falls at the base of the neck like a choker and has an extension chain to ensure a perfect fit. The tennis necklace is one of the most popular necklace styles that women all over the world love. Because of its brilliant sparkle and luxurious design, the tennis choker necklace is the number one jewelry choice for a party, a romantic dinner, or a classy event. Sterling silver tennis choker necklace, €64.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil. For more options, visit our collection of tennis necklaces.

5. Rose gold love necklace

Rose gold love necklace


A Valentine's Day gift can't get much better than this. The beautiful necklace is made of rose gold vermeil and features a heart and a key charm along with the word love integrated into the chain. The heart has a polished rose gold surface, and the key comes with a cubic zirconia embellishment that adds elegance and style to the necklace. The rose gold color and outstanding design make it one of the most feminine necklaces on this list. Rose gold vermeil love necklace, €72.95 EUR.

6. Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace


A pearl necklace can be just the right present for a tasteful woman who adores beautiful things. The pearls on this gorgeous chain are white round natural shell pearls that are an ethical alternative to freshwater pearls. Each pearl has a smooth, white pearlescent surface and a perfectly round shape. As shell pearls are more durable than freshwater pearls, a shell pearl necklace is an unbeatable option for a woman who appreciates long-lasting jewelry that is both elegant and ethical. The pearl chain comes in multiple length options and has a clasp and extension chain made of sterling silver. Shell pearl necklace, €59.95 EUR. To find alternative pearl necklaces to gift your loved one, visit our full collection of pearl necklaces.

7. Constellation necklace

Constellation necklace


You can't find a more thoughtful birthday gift for someone interested in astrology than this absolutely stunning constellation necklace. Gifting it to your loved one not only offers her a piece of jewelry she'll cherish forever but tells her that you know her well. The luxurious gold vermeil necklace displays an intricately designed pendant with the stars on the constellation depicted by different color crystals. All you have to know is her zodiac sign, and you are ready to impress her with your exceptional gift-picking skills. A gold vermeil constellation necklace for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, €74.95 EUR. For more styles related to zodiac signs and astrology, discover our complete selection of zodiac necklaces.

8. Classic crystal heart necklace

Classic crystal heart necklace


This simple yet elegant necklace features a white crystal heart pendant on a matching gold-toned Singapore chain. The beauty of the gold twisted Singapore chain combined with the sparkling crystal heart will take her breath away. Because the necklace is made of high-quality stainless steel, it is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and doesn't fade or lose color even in daily use. The classic crystal heart necklace is a romantic necklace that goes with any outfit, making it a versatile piece she can wear on any occasion. Classic gold crystal heart necklace, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

9. Dainty oval pendant necklace

Oval pendant necklace


If you want to give her a timeless necklace that she can wear daily, you can't go wrong with this dainty oval pendant necklace. The delicate sterling silver necklace flaunts a small oval pendant with crystal-embellished edges and a smooth, polished center. Even though the design is simple, the quality craftsmanship and precise detailing make it look and feel like a high-end piece. Thanks to the small size and simple design, the necklace is easy to wear with practically any outfit and look. Sterling silver oval pendant necklace, €44.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil.

10. Extravagant teddy bear necklace

Heart and teddy bear necklace


To really impress her on Valentine's Day, you definitely need to give her this extravagant teddy bear necklace. The necklace boasts a heart charm and a teddy bear - both crafted of sterling silver and adorned with countless sparkling cubic zircons. The necklace is an unforgettable gift that stands out with its fun, unique, and romantic design. Even if the necklace isn't particularly her style, a gift like this will make her smile, guaranteed. Sterling silver teddy bear necklace, €83.95 EUR.

11. Colorful crystal cross necklace

Colorful crystal cross necklace


If the gift is for a Christian, you can't go wrong with a beautiful and timeless cross necklace as it shows that you know her and respect her values. This gold vermeil necklace displays a colorful crystal cross pendant on a fine chain. The 12 multicolor round-cut crystals with a brilliant appearance give the necklace a high-end look. The durable materials ensure the cross necklace stays in perfect shape for years to come. Colorful crystal cross necklace, €67.95 EUR. Discover more cross necklaces in different styles and designs from our cross necklaces collection.

12. Beauty of Universe necklace

Beauty of Universe necklace


Nothing tells her that she is your universe better than the Beauty of Universe necklace. The stunning sterling silver necklace portrays a multidimensional blue moonstone surrounded by a round halo with white crystal embellishment. The eye-catching design illustrates the mysterious universe and its unequivocal beauty. The necklace is simple yet exciting, making it an unforgettable gift she will cherish for eternity. Beauty of Universe necklace, €42.95 EUR.

13. Two-tone rose flower necklace

Two-tone rose flower necklace


This gorgeous two-tone rose flower necklace suits a birthday present as well as a Valentine's Day gift. While the chain and the stem of the rose are solid sterling silver, the flower petals are plated with rose gold to give the necklace an intriguing appearance. A flower is a global representation of love, happiness, passion, and caring. A rose gold flower, in particular, is associated with elegance, romance, and self-appreciation. Two-tone rose necklace, €61.95 EUR.

14. Heart pearl necklace

Heart pearl necklace


This cute necklace is made of natural, oval-shaped freshwater pearls and a sterling silver heart pendant. Because the necklace combines pearls and a silver heart pendant, two classic luxurious elements, this stunner is guaranteed to make any woman fall in love with it. The pearls are nearly flawless with a beautiful luster, each carefully refined and processed to have a smooth surface and striking visual aesthetic. If you are searching for the perfect romantic gift, this freshwater pearl heart necklace is one of the top options. Freshwater pearl heart necklace, €109.95 EUR.

15. Crystal ring necklace

Crystal ring necklace


This simple yet meaningful sterling silver necklace comes with an elegant round crystal-decorated ring pendant attached to the chain. The round shape of the crystal ring symbolizes eternity, immortality, and, essentially, the circle of life. At its core, the crystal ring pendant represents perfection, timelessness, and beauty. The necklace is designed to represent the ideology of feminine grace and remind women to enjoy the pleasures of life to the best of their abilities. Even though the necklace packs a lot of meaning, its classic and minimalist look ensures it goes with any outfit, casual or formal. Sterling silver crystal ring necklace, €54.95 EUR.

16. Opal sun necklace

Opal sun necklace


This gorgeous gold vermeil opal sun necklace demands to be gifted to the sunshine of your life. The precisely crafted sun pendant has a shimmering opal stone as its centerpiece. Opal stone looks mesmerizing in sunlight as it brings out a play of color in its full glory. The opal stone symbolizes creativity, hope, joy, and clarity and is associated with good luck, magic, and royalty. With the design inspired by the sun, the most significant energy source that enables all life on earth, the necklace portrays life, energy, positivity, and confidence. The elegant and joyful design is sophisticated yet draws attention, making it an ideal present for your loved one. Gold vermeil opal sun necklace, €61.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.

17. Cubic zirconia halo necklace

Cubic zirconia halo necklace


The list of the top 18 timeless necklace gift ideas couldn't be complete without a halo necklace. Halo jewelry is one of the classics: a timeless style that women worldwide have loved for centuries. This gorgeous round halo pendant necklace is made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Together, the large stone and the surrounding smaller stones sparkle like nothing else. Not only does a classic halo necklace look amazing, but it also serves as the embodiment of perfection, affection, and beauty that transcend the borders and limitations of time. As a birthday gift, the sterling silver halo necklace is an unbeatable, luxurious piece that any woman would be delighted to receive. Cubic zirconia halo necklace, €72.95 EUR. For a similar one in a heart shape, check out the cubic zirconia halo heart necklace.

18. Rose gold timeless beauty necklace

Rose gold timeless beauty necklace


Our last pick on the list is a captivating rose gold timeless beauty necklace with two interlocking rings, a crystal ring, and a Roman numeral ring. The necklace presents the concept of time and beauty and how both are linked together. The ring decorated with pure white crystals represents beauty and harmony, while the Roman numeral ring symbolizes time. Together, the interlinked rings stand for eternal and timeless beauty. The timeless beauty necklace is the perfect birthday present; it signifies that her beauty transcends time and grows as it ages. Rose gold timeless beauty necklace, €47.95 EUR. Also available in gold and silver.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? We also offer one of the largest necklace selections online. To browse more gift ideas, make sure to visit our full necklace collection, where we feature a vast selection of different necklace styles for women!

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