Thick Gold Chain Necklaces: Top 8 Most Popular Styles Right Now

Top 8 Most Popular Thick Gold Chain Necklaces

Thick gold chains grow more and more popular each day. There is something about a chunky gold chain necklace that appeals to women everywhere. The large size makes a statement and looks expensive, while the gold color flatters any outfit and every skin tone.

When it comes to jewelry, a thick gold chain is one of the easiest pieces to wear. Thanks to the bold size, one chain is all you need to accessorize your outfit. A thick gold chain necklace is your best companion, whether it's a casual day or a dressy event. As soon as you wrap your chunky gold-toned piece around your neck, you will feel like you are ready for anything.

As real gold is pricey, very few have access to thick chains made of it. Therefore, the most popular pieces are made of other gold-toned metals, such as copper or stainless steel. We are fans of stainless steel jewelry because it is durable, waterproof, and suitable for sensitive skin. You can wear a gold-toned stainless steel chain in the shower and while working out without tarnishing it or losing its color. In addition, wearing the chain is always comfortable, thanks to its hypoallergenic qualities.

We are here to help you discover the most popular thick gold chains that will instantly upgrade your look. From feminine designs to bold and bulky pieces, our list covers the top 8 trendiest chunky gold chains right now.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Thick gold figaro chain necklace

Chunky gold figaro chain necklace


Bold, beautiful, and timeless, this stunning thick gold Figaro chain deserves the first spot on our list. The chain is flat and comfortable to wear. The iconic design of the Figaro chain (oval links with every fourth one elongated) originated in Italy and is now loved by women all over the world. This chunky piece in 7.5mm / 0.3" width makes a statement while looking sophisticated as ever. Thick gold figaro chain necklace, €32.95 EUR. Available in other sizes in our full collection of Figaro chains.

2. Chunky gold curb chain necklace

Thick gold curb chain necklace


The beloved curb chain is a unisex chain that keeps its place as one of the most wanted chain necklaces, year after year. Like Figaro, the curb chain lays comfortably flat against the skin. A thick gold curb chain is a necklace that takes your attire to a whole new level with no effort at all. The high-polished links shine lavishly while the bold design is modern and ageless. Chunky gold curb chain necklace, €29.95 EUR. Find it in other sizes in our curb chain collection.

3. Thick gold wheat chain necklace

Chunky gold wheat chain necklace


Wheat chains are praised as one of the most beautiful chain types due to their intricate details and complex structure. The link shape and the way they are interlocked make the chain resemble the head of wheat grain. The bigger the size, the better the braided design stands out. This 7mm / 0.28" gold wheat chain is an unbeatable choice if you adore simple yet intriguing jewelry that makes an elegant statement. Thick gold wheat chain necklace, €37.95 EUR. Also available in other sizes in our wheat chain collection.

4. Chunky gold rope chain necklace

Thick gold rope chain necklace


Many women would say rope chain without hesitation if they had to name their ultimate favorite chain. The twisted, rope-like design looks luxurious and is particularly pleasing to the eye. A thick gold rope chain is among the most popular chains right now as it offers a unique look that is both minimalistic and interesting. If the twisted design has charmed you like many others, this chunky gold rope chain is your top choice. Chunky gold rope chain necklace, €33.95 EUR. More sizes available in our full collection of rope chains.

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5. Thick gold herringbone chain necklace

Thick gold herringbone chain necklace


The fifth spot on our list is reserved for the feminine and luxurious herringbone chain. The herringbone chain is the flattest chain type with a subtle herringbone pattern on it. The chain is polished to perfection, further enhancing the high-end look. A thick gold herringbone chain is the chain you should go with if you appreciate elegant jewelry and want to embrace your femininity in a sophisticated manner. A flat gold herringbone chain is a must-have whether you wear it every day or save it for special occasions. Thick gold herringbone chain necklace, €32.95 EUR. Visit our collection of herringbone chains for more sizes and styles.

6. Chunky gold cable chain necklace

Thick gold cable chain necklace


Although the cable chain is known as the dainty chain you wear with pendants, it looks gorgeous in a larger size, too. The simple design with uniform oval links is a delight to the eye. The rounded links are cut and polished to capture light as much as possible from all angles, giving a shimmering appearance to the chain. A thick gold cable chain is a piece of jewelry that you may wear on a casual day at the office and style for a classy cocktail event. Chunky gold cable chain necklace, €32.95 EUR. To find more widths and designs, visit our full collection of cable chains.

7. Thick gold box chain necklace

Chunky gold box chain necklace


Bold and bulky, this thick gold box chain necklace delights with its refined appearance. Its box-shaped links with rounded edges make the chain look strong and soft at the same time. The simple yet impressive design makes the chunky gold box chain an unbeatable everyday necklace that won't go unnoticed. The chain has a nice weight to it and feels solid in hand. Thick gold box chain necklace, €29.95 EUR. Available in more sizes in our box chain collection.

8. Chunky two-tone rope chain necklace

Thick two-tone rope chain necklace


This stunning thick rope chain is two-toned with half gold and half silver. Multi-tone jewelry is highly trendy and offers a more exciting look than single-colored pieces. In this chain, gold and silver links twist around each other like a rope. The chain mixes gold and silver smoothly, making it easy to combine the chain with gold or silver jewelry (or both). This chunky two-tone rope chain is perfect for women who are not afraid to stand out and be playful with their style. Thick two-tone rope chain necklace, €37.95 EUR.

Bonus: gold paperclip chain necklace

Gold paperclip chain necklace


The popular gold paperclip chain is our final bonus pick for you. The paperclip chain consists of elongated rectangular links that resemble the shape of paperclips. The clean lines and airy aesthetic has charmed fashion influencers and celebrities worldwide. The design is not the thickest but not the thinnest either, making it an extremely versatile chain that every woman should have in her jewelry box. If you're looking for a trendy and elegant chain necklace you can wear on any occasion, look no further. Gold paperclip chain necklace, €29.95 EUR. A dainty gold vermeil paperclip chain also available.

That's it, the list of the most popular thick gold chains has come to an end. We hope you found a style you love, or at least you now know better what you look for in a chain. All of the chains we featured are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and come in multiple length options. Whether you treat yourself or gift someone you love, you can be sure these chains withstand many years of frequent use without tarnishing, rusting, or losing color.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE? If this is the case, you should definitely view our complete selection of thick chains for more exquisite styles and designs. The collection is full of thick and chunky chains that you will surely love. All our chains are made of premium materials and deliver the best quality for the price.

Thank you for reading!

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