Tennis Chain Choker Necklaces: Top 10 Popular Dainty Styles

Top 10 Tennis Chain Choker Necklaces

Of all tennis chains, tennis choker necklaces are the most popular. The luxurious yet simple style is loved by women worldwide. What is most appealing about a tennis chain is its versatility; it goes perfectly with an evening dress at a fancy cocktail event and with jeans and a sweater on a casual day. Even though tennis chains come in different lengths, choker length is, without a doubt, the most favored one.

A tennis necklace is a chain with stones set in a sequence right next to each other. The most expensive tennis chains feature natural diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other precious gemstones, whereas more affordable pieces often display a row of cubic zircons or crystals. Nowadays, cubic zircons sparkle as much or even more than precious stones, meaning that you can save some money and go for a more affordable chain without sacrificing looks or brilliance.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 most popular dainty tennis choker necklace styles. All of the picks we have for you are hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and made of premium precious metals to ensure the quality of every piece. In addition, all of the tennis chokers we chose come with an extension chain, allowing you to adjust the fit perfectly to your neck. If you desire a gorgeous tennis chain choker that you can wear on casual, formal, and festive occasions, scroll down to discover your next favorite piece of jewelry.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Classic tennis chain choker necklace

Classic tennis chain choker necklace


We'll start the list with a classic. This simple and dainty tennis choker boasts tiny white cubic zirconia gemstones that sparkle brilliantly whenever light catches them. Each CZ stone is flawless, meaning that they shine brighter than the majority of real diamonds. The stones are set on a sterling silver or gold vermeil chain, making the tennis necklace look and feel premium. Classic tennis choker necklace, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

2. Round tennis choker necklace

Round tennis choker necklace


Next up is a stunning piece that offers a bit more unique look than a standard tennis choker. In this chain, the white cubic zirconia gems are surrounded by sterling silver or gold vermeil, enhancing the round shape of each stone. This elegant necklace is an unbeatable choice if you're looking for the most luxurious jewelry piece that subtly stands out from all traditional tennis necklaces. Round tennis choker chain, available in sterling silver (€64.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€84.95 EUR).

3. Pink tennis choker chain

Pink tennis choker chain


If you adore girly, playful jewelry, this gorgeous pink tennis choker necklace is ideal for you. The row of beautiful, light pink cubic zircons sparkles like nothing else. The shade of pink is just right to give your outfit a dreamy soft pink detail that oozes feminine energy. To make the look unique to you, you may layer some of your other favorite necklaces with the pink tennis chain. Pink tennis choker necklace, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

4. Red tennis choker necklace

Red tennis choker necklace


There is something about ruby red color that is super appealing. Real rubies, as expensive as they are, keep their spot as one of the most wanted precious stones year after year. In addition to wealth, nobility, and vitality, rubies are said to represent the power of life itself. Rubies are popular romantic gifts; the sexy deep pinkish-red color symbolizes romantic love, passion, sensuality, and faithfulness. Even though the stones in this ruby red tennis necklace are cubic zircons, the color matches natural rubies perfectly. Ruby red tennis choker, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

5. Blue tennis chain choker necklace

Blue tennis chain choker necklace


Coming up next is a dainty tennis choker with sapphire blue gemstones. The stones are round-cut cubic zircons with flawless quality. The rich dark blue shade of the stones was carefully chosen to mimic the color of sapphire, one of the most sought-after precious gemstones. Made of sterling silver or gold vermeil, this long-lasting piece offers a timeless look that never goes out of style. Sapphire blue tennis choker, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

6. Black tennis choker chain

Black tennis choker chain


This black tennis choker is an impressive and powerful sight. With silver or gold details and pitch-black stones, the chain is a captivating combination of luxury, elegance, and depth. The black cubic zircons are round-cut to perfection, embracing the stones to reflect as much light as possible. The black color symbolizes power, mystery, truth, and intellect. It is a color that goes with anything and always looks great on any skin tone. Black tennis chain choker necklace, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

7. Light blue tennis choker

Light blue tennis choker


Light blue is the favorite color of many women. The color is associated with beautiful nature: clear air, the sky, the ocean, and glaciers. A woman who wears light blue color is often perceived as light-hearted, playful, lively, and trustworthy. This tennis choker is adorned with flawless cubic zircons in an icy light blue shade. The stunning color combined with the brilliant sparkle makes this tennis choker a breathtaking piece of jewelry. The dainty tennis chain is your best companion whenever you dress to impress. Light blue tennis choker, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

8. Purple tennis choker necklace

Purple tennis choker necklace


Purple is the color of magic, mystery, royalty, and spirituality. The stones in this tennis chain are light purple, close to lilac or lavender. The dreamy color is absolutely captivating, especially in bright daylight when the CZ stones are in full sparkle. Made of sterling silver or gold vermeil and high-grade cubic zirconia, the choker necklace looks expensive and feels premium. The quality is hard to portray via photos; you need to see the chain with your own eyes and touch it with your own hands to really understand the precise craftsmanship that has gone into perfecting the chain. Light purple tennis choker, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

9. Yellow tennis chain choker necklace

Yellow tennis chain choker necklace


Inspired by yellow diamonds, this yellow tennis chain choker charms with its fresh color. In color psychology, yellow is the color of happiness, joy, optimism, and enlightenment. The cubic zircons in this tennis choker mimic the color of yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds have become a popular alternative to clear diamonds as they are not as common. Women who favor extraordinary jewelry often appreciate colored gems as they are more unique. Also, wearing colorful gemstones is an easy and elegant way to incorporate some color into a look. Yellow tennis choker chain necklace, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

10. Green tennis choker

Green tennis choker


Last but not least is a gorgeous emerald green tennis choker in a dainty size. The stones are dark green with an intense sparkle. Emeralds are one of the most popular gemstones; their rich green color has charmed women all over the world. If natural emeralds are over your budget, emerald green cubic zircons are an excellent alternative. The green color symbolizes nature, faith, confidence, and personal growth. If you're looking for an elegant premium tennis chain in choker length you can wear for decades to come, look no further. Emerald green tennis choker, available in sterling silver (€59.95 EUR) and gold vermeil (€64.95 EUR).

We hope our list of the top 10 most popular dainty tennis choker necklaces had you find your new favorite tennis chain or, at least, helped you narrow down your options. All of the chains we picked for you offer an exquisite look without sacrificing durability or comfort. Wearing them is comfortable even if you have sensitive skin, as they are fully hypoallergenic. Thanks to the classic design and premium materials, you can wear any of these tennis chains today and decades later.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE? If this is the case, we highly recommend continuing your search in our extensive collection of women's necklaces. There you can find a wide variety of chains and necklaces to layer with your tennis choker or wear alone.

Thank you for reading!

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