Top 8 Sterling Silver Chains To Wear With A Pendant

Top Sterling Silver Chains To Wear With A Pendant

Looking for the ideal sterling silver chain for your favorite pendant? We got you covered. One of these stunning 925 silver chains will go perfectly with your pendant, whether you like your chain dainty, thick, long, or short. Read more to discover the top 8 sterling silver chains to wear with a pendant!

There are many reasons to search for the optimal sterling silver chain for a pendant: you may be replacing a broken chain, feel your beloved necklace is too short or long, seek for a gift that is both timeless and precious, or desire a chain that brings out the best in your pendant. Why sterling silver, you may ask. Well, sterling silver, also called 925 silver, is a combination of durability, beauty, and comfort. It is 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% other metals, usually copper, to strengthen the material. Sterling silver has a stunning bright silver hue, yet it's substantially more durable than pure or fine silver that contains 99.9% silver.

Sterling silver is the ideal material for everyday jewelry: it actually tarnishes less the more you wear it, as the natural oils in your skin keep it clean and polished. In addition, sterling silver is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and always comfortable to wear. In case your sterling silver jewelry does tarnish, it is easy to clean with DIY methods at home.

Now, let's continue to what you came here for: the list of the top 8 sterling silver chains to wear with a pendant!

1. Cable chain

Sterling silver cable chain necklace


The classic cable chain deserves the first spot on our list as it is the most common chain worn with a pendant. It is often considered the basic chain to go with any charms, pendants, or medallions. The chain is dainty yet strong, offering a versatile look for all outfits, casual or formal. The small links are oval or round, making the chain shimmer beautifully in the light. The cable chain comes in many length options for you to choose from. Sterling silver cable chain necklace, starting from €34.95 EUR. The cable chain is also available in gold vermeil.

2. Box chain

Sterling silver box chain necklace


The box chain, the most delicate chain on our list, is the perfect chain for small charms and tiny pendants. The box chain consists of square box-shaped links that together form a highly luxurious shine that flatters your favorite pendant. Even the thinnest of the available box chains, which is only 0.6mm / 0.02" thick, is still durable thanks to the sturdy build of the chain. There are three thickness and five length options to give you just the fit you're looking for. Sterling silver box chain necklace, starting from €36.95 EUR. The box chain is also available in gold vermeil.

3. Rope chain

Sterling silver rope chain necklace


The rope chain is one of the most popular modern chains worldwide. The chain gets its name from its iconic design: its links twist around each other seamlessly, forming a pattern that looks like rope. The rope chain is not the thinnest of chains (starting from 1.2mm / 0.05"), so it best accommodates pendants of medium and large size. It looks equally impressive in shorter and longer lengths and with or without a pendant, making it an excellent piece for layering as well. Sterling silver rope chain necklace, starting from €44.95 EUR. The rope chain is also available in gold vermeil.

4. Figaro chain

Sterling silver figaro chain necklace


The figaro chain is one of the showiest and most eye-catching chains you can choose for your pendant due to its larger size and iconic design. The figaro chain has a beautiful, distinctive pattern: one elongated oval link after three round links. Of Italian origin, the chain is both a timeless classic and a trendy piece that has gotten more and more popular during the past few years, especially paired with a pendant. Since the chain is on the thicker size with its width of 3.5mm / 0.14" or 5mm / 0.2", you will have to make sure that your pendant's bail is large enough for the chain to go through. If the chain fits your pendant, you can be sure that the figaro chain gives the pendant a magnificent accent and your outfit a sophisticated detail that won't go unnoticed. Sterling silver figaro chain necklace, starting from €74.95 EUR. The figaro chain is also available in gold vermeil.

5. Wheat chain

Sterling silver wheat chain necklace


The wheat chain gives your necklace a special touch that not all chains can offer. Even though the wheat chain is considered one of the classics, it is quite a rare sight compared to the most common chains. Built of tiny links that interlock with each other smoothly, the braided pattern of the stunning chain resembles a wheat stalk. Due to its design, it is impossible to craft a wheat chain as thin as a cable or a box chain; therefore, it looks best with pendants ranging from medium to large in size. The wheat chain is available in multiple length options, from short to long. Sterling silver wheat chain necklace, starting from €39.95 EUR. The wheat chain is also available in gold vermeil.

6. Curb chain

Sterling silver curb chain necklace


The curb chain, also called a gourmette chain, is a reliable, unisex chain that never goes out of style. After being around for centuries, the curb chain is still loved and worn by people everywhere. The round links lay flat against the skin, making it a comfortable chain to wear even in thicker designs. The curb chain comes in two thicknesses, 1mm / 0.04" and 3.5mm / 0.14", so you can choose the perfect style according to the size of your pendant. Sterling silver curb chain necklace, starting from €39.95 EUR.

7. Snake chain

Sterling silver snake chain necklace


The snake chain is a dainty round chain that flows and moves like a snake. The snake chain is quoted as the sexiest chain as it follows the shape of your neck and decolletage, drawing attention to the most sensual parts of your body. The feminine shape and flexible movement are accomplished by forming an almost seamless chain from round links. The snake chain is rather thin with three different thickness options that suit pendants and charms from small to medium size. Sterling silver snake chain necklace, starting from €49.95 EUR. The snake chain is also available in gold vermeil.

8. Paperclip chain

Sterling silver paperclip chain necklace


Last but not least of the top 8 sterling silver chains to wear with a pendant is the trendy and elegant paperclip chain necklace. Paperclip chains have become very popular during the past couple of years. They offer a minimal and modern outlook that looks exceptional on any occasion, with or without a pendant and alone or layered with other chains. The Paperclip chain is constructed of oval rectangle elongated links that resemble the shape of a paperclip. The design is weightless, making the chain extremely comfortable to wear. The paperclip chain is 3mm / 0.12" thick, so small charms and tiny pendants that have small bails may not fit on it. However, a paperclip chain combined with a large pendant is an effortlessly impressive look that collects compliments no matter where you go. Sterling silver paperclip chain necklace, €69.95 EUR.

That's it! We hope one of the chains above provides what you're looking for. They all look amazing with a pendant; all that's left for you to do is decide which one goes with your pendant the best. If you would rather have a ready piece with a pendant and a matching chain, you should definitely check out our large selection of stunning 925 sterling silver necklaces before you go.

Thank you for reading!

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