Top 10 Star Necklaces You'll Adore

Top 10 Star Necklaces You Will Adore

Star necklaces are popular around the world. If you're looking for a beautiful star necklace with symbolic meaning, we got you covered. Full of elegant designs and versatile everyday pieces, our list helps you find the perfect star necklace that you will adore for many years to come.

Humans have admired stars from the start, using them as inspiration and guidance. The brightly shining stars in the night sky form constellations and look magical. Not only are stars mesmerizing to look at, but they are highly symbolic and hold deep meaning. Among other things, stars symbolize dreams, ambition, peace, protection, imagination, faith, good luck, oneness, resilience, divine guidance, and wealth. Stars mean different things to different people; that's why star jewelry resonates with so many women and is a favored gift idea year after year.

Whether you're a frequent stargazer, interested in astrology, or simply love the symbolism of stars, we have listed the top 10 necklaces inspired by the stars above us to help you find your ideal piece of jewelry. The timeless styles on our list are durable and lasting, bringing heaps of joy to you or your loved one if you decide to gift one to her.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. North star necklace

North star necklace


Our list starts with this stunningly minimalistic North Star necklace. The gold-toned necklace consists of a round coin pendant and a dainty chain. At the center of the pendant is the North Star, Polaris, engraved with a tiny white cubic zirconia at its center. As long as humans have lived on this planet, the North Star has been among the brightest stars in our night sky. Because the star always points north, people throughout history have used the Polaris to navigate and guide them to find their way when lost. The North Star symbolizes guidance, hope, trust, and good luck. Gold North Star necklace, €27.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

2. Constellation necklace

Constellation necklace


Our second pick is loved by astronomers who appreciate exquisite and unique jewelry. The necklace, made of gold vermeil, boasts the constellation for each zodiac sign inside oval frames. Every star within the constellation is depicted by colored crystals in different sizes, making the necklace stand out from other zodiac and horoscope necklaces. The constellation necklace makes a thoughtful gift and a personal piece of jewelry that you'll never want to take off. You'll always have the constellation and its stars with you wherever you go. A gold vermeil constellation necklace for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, €74.95 EUR. To find more gorgeous star sign necklaces, visit our complete selection of zodiac necklaces.

3. Small star necklace

Small star necklace


This dainty and simple mini star necklace is one of the most versatile necklaces on our list. The small five-pointed star charm hangs on a delicate chain, ready to give your attire a subtle yet sophisticated detail. Due to its straightforward design, the necklace is easy to combine with other chains and pendants on any casual or formal occasion. A five-pointed star is an ancient symbol of faith and hope. In addition, the star figure symbolizes guidance, protection, eternity, and a bright future at its core. Small gold star necklace, €25.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

4. Compass necklace

Compass necklace


Next up is a luxurious token of guidance and direction. The pendant portrays a compass with a black background and a golden star decorated with premium cubic zirconia. The strong yet elegant contrast of black and gold is always in style, while the sparkling cubic zircons give the necklace a luxurious look. Since the invention of the compass, it has helped people navigate, recognize cardinal directions, and monitor the position of the stars and other celestial bodies. In jewelry, the compass symbolizes safety and protection, offering us hope, direction, and guidance while navigating our complex and sometimes challenging lives. Gold vermeil compass necklace, €79.95 EUR.

5. Opal sun necklace

Opal sun necklace


The fifth spot is reserved for the star that allows all life to exist here on our planet; the sun. The gorgeous gold vermeil necklace features an intricate sun pendant with a shimmering opal stone. The opal stone looks mesmerizing in sunlight as it brings out the stone's play of color in a breathtaking way. The opal stone symbolizes creativity, hope, joy, and clarity and is associated with good luck, magic, and royalty. With the design inspired by the sun, the most significant energy source that enables all life on earth, the necklace portrays life, energy, positivity, and confidence. Gold vermeil opal sun necklace, €61.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.

6. Layered star necklace

Layered star necklace


this chic gold-toned star necklace offers you a trendy layered look effortlessly. the consists of two layers dainty cable chain small charms and tiny colorful crystal pendants. upper layer has five hanging on it while lower displays an arrangement plain square pendants in green purple pink colors. stars symbolize our dreams goals inspiration are token good luck divine guidance protection. signify importance your personal remind to walk most meaningful path without hesitation. Layered star necklace, €32.95 EUR


7. Star and moon charm necklace

Star and moon charm necklace


If you adore graceful and timeless jewelry, you will love this stunning sterling silver night sky necklace. The dainty chain displays an array of adornments; an elegant crescent moon pendant, dangling star charms, and round cubic zirconia pendants. While the stars signify our dreams, goals, and divine guidance, the crescent moon pendant symbolizes feminine energy, creativity, and empowerment. In addition, the round cubic zirconia charms are believed to increase mental clarity and improve focus, but most importantly, they sparkle beautifully in the light, resembling the way the stars in the night sky shine. Sterling silver night sky necklace, €57.95 EUR.

8. Moon, sun & stars coin necklace

Moon, sun and stars coin necklace


A symbol of balance and all life on earth, this necklace celebrates the sun, the moon, and the surrounding stars. The round coin pendant, hanging on a trendy oval link chain, has a handmade look with the sun, a crescent moon, and tiny stars engraved on it. Although they are separate celestial bodies in our atmosphere, people throughout history have connected the sun and moon as opposites of each other; therefore, like the yin and yang, the sun and moon symbolize balance, harmony, and peace. Sun & moon coin necklace, €34.95 EUR.

9. Moon & stars necklace

Moon and stars necklace


A clear night sky inspired the design of this charming and extraordinary sterling silver necklace. The astonishing look is accomplished with individual chains that hang vertically from the dainty choker, each showcasing a high-polished moon or star charm at the end. The polished charms dangle lively, creating an impression of a beautiful night sky. The stars, the moon—if we're lucky, even shooting stars—make the sky at night a majestic show we can gaze in awe for hours. Looking at the stars and the moon above relaxes us, clears our minds, and widens our perspective. With this necklace, you'll always have a piece of the night sky with you. Sterling silver moon & stars necklace, €65.95 EUR.

10. Sunset coin necklace

Sunset coin necklace


Last but not least is a modern yet elegant gold vermeil coin necklace that portrays a beautiful sunset at the end of the day. The round pendant has a turquoise stone at its center, surrounded by the sun's rays. Sunset is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and inspiring moments in our life on this earth. The sky showcases its stunning color blend of warm tones, covering everything the eye can see in a soft yet disappearing moment of peace and joy. Whenever we see or even think about sunset, we begin to feel the calming sensations of its beauty. A setting sun is a metaphor for completion, fulfillment, and achieving our dreams. This necklace brings out the mystery and beauty of a breathtaking sunset that you could gaze at for hours. Gold vermeil sunset necklace, €89.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver, and with a cloudy white stone in gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Our list of the top 10 star necklaces has come to an end. Whether the symbolism of stars is inspiring to you or you love how stars look in the night sky, we hope one of the star necklaces on our list offers just what you desire.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? For more necklaces inspired by the stars, the night sky, the universe, and much more, you should absolutely visit our large selection of necklaces for women!

Thank you for reading!

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