Top 10 Most Popular Sterling Silver Anklets Today

Most Popular 925 Sterling Silver Anklets Right Now

Image showcasing the Sterling Silver Cat Anklet, €28.95 EUR.

Sterling silver anklets, also called 925 silver anklets, pure silver anklets, real silver anklets, or solid silver anklets, are in high demand among women all around the world for a good reason. Silver ankle bracelets are timeless, feminine, beautiful, and luxurious. They are popular gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. As pure silver is too soft a material for jewelry, a small amount of other metal, often copper, is added to make the material more durable. This way, you'll get a stunning pure silver-tone piece of jewelry, that with proper care, withstands regular use for many years to come. And what's best, sterling silver is waterproof and anti-allergic, making sure anyone can wear it with pleasure.

We are here to highlight some of the most popular 925 sterling silver anklet styles that women currently love. Whether you're looking for something dainty, timeless, trendy, or extravagant, our list has you covered.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Sterling silver beaded chain anklet

Sterling Silver Beaded Chain Anklet

Sterling Silver Beaded Chain Anklet, €29.95 EUR

Our list starts with a timeless classic: a simple beaded chain anklet composed of small 925 sterling silver beads. Timeless designs like this are wanted year after year, as they never go out of style. A simple sterling silver anklet like this is a popular gift because real silver is a high-quality material that lasts for many years, and the style is so simple most people love to wear it.

The design of this beaded silver chain ankle bracelet is straightforward, yet the beads create an interesting texture and more volume than a simple chain would. As the beads are round, they easily catch even the slightest ray of light and shine beautifully, creating a lustrous look to the anklet.

2. Sterling silver snake chain anklet

Sterling Silver Layered Snake Chain Anklet

Sterling Silver Snake Chain Anklet, €39.95 EUR

Next up is another classic, a silver snake chain with three layers. A snake chain is one of the most feminine and sexy chains on the market. The chain flows as you move your body, resembling the movement of a snake. It's no wonder why a snake chain is the favorite of many women around the world.

The layered snake chains are rounded and catch light from all angles, giving the anklet a luxurious and sparkling outlook. The simple yet sophisticated design makes sure you can wear this anklet on any occasion, day or night.

3. Sterling silver crystal charm anklet

Sterling Silver Crystal Charm Anklet

Sterling Silver Crystal Charm Anklet, €49.95 EUR

Clear crystal stones adorn this stunning sterling silver charm anklet. Clear crystals are the most popular jewelry stones as they sparkle like diamonds but are much more affordable. With a bare eye, you can't tell the difference between a real diamond, cubic zirconia, and a clear-cut crystal. If a luxurious look is what you are going for but don't want to spend a fortune on real diamonds, a CZ or crystal anklet is an exquisite choice.

The seven lucky charms, alternating in round and marquise shape, are attached to a sterling silver curb chain. They are there to bring you good luck and to purify the air from negative energy. According to some beliefs, the number seven combined with the crystal stones strengthen intuition, improve focus, bring good fortune, and aid mental clarity. If you're looking for a chic lucky charm that you can wear as an accessory every day, this 925 silver charm ankle bracelet is a top choice.

4. Sterling silver heart anklet

Sterling Silver Heart Anklet

Sterling Silver Heart Anklet, €63.95 EUR

A heart symbol is probably the single most widespread symbol in women's jewelry. A heart has a meaning that most of us can deeply feel. It symbolizes love in all forms, including self-love, romantic love, friendly love, and love for the family. It also represents love for the universe, nature, hobbies, pets, or anything you can imagine. The heart represents the endless, unconditional love that we all possess. A heart symbol, as universal as it is, still feels very personal to the wearer and reminds her of the things she loves.

Heart jewelry is a token of love and thus often gifted to express affection. This sterling silver heart anklet boasts a textured heart charm on a dainty silver chain. The minimalist style makes it a suitable ankle bracelet for any occasion, casual, formal, or festive.

5. Sterling silver pearl anklet

Sterling Silver Pearl Anklet

Sterling Silver Pearl Anklet, €64.95 EUR

Delicate yet sumptuous, this beautiful sterling silver pearl anklet is for a woman with a demanding taste. This anklet, embellished with eight white oval freshwater pearls, is the ultimate favorite of elegant women. If you're looking for an ankle bracelet that makes you feel like royalty, or you want to gift someone a piece of indulgence, look no further. The size and shape of the pearls vary slightly, making every anklet unique and ensuring no two identical exists.

The anklet is lightweight and pleasant to wear at all times. The dainty silver rolo chain and the freshwater pearls are anti-allergic, making sure no skin irritation occurs. The white shimmering freshwater pearls symbolize perfection, femininity, longevity, purity, wisdom, and serenity. Pearls are often associated with the Moon, water, and Venus, the goddess of love. Wear the anklet with casual or formal attire.

6. Sterling silver rose flower anklet

Sterling Silver Rose Flower Anklet

Sterling Silver Rose Flower Anklet, €74.95 EUR

A playful mix of silver and gold, this fancy sterling silver rose anklet belongs to the elite of all flower anklets. The petals of the rose flower are golden, thanks to the beautiful 18K yellow gold plating.

Roses are commonly recognized as a token of love and romance and are often gifted to express genuine love. A golden rose is a symbol of good luck and represents joy, happiness, caring, and compassion. A woman wearing the silver rose anklet gives the impression of being an innocent, joyful person who naturally cares about others and shows her feelings and passions fully.

7. Sterling silver star anklet

Sterling Silver Star Anklet

Sterling Silver Star Anklet, €34.95 EUR

A star is another highly popular symbol in women's anklets. This simple 925 sterling silver star anklet has a single star charm pendant on a delicate silver chain. The neutral design makes this anklet a perfect every-day anklet to wear with any outfit.

A woman wearing a silver star ankle bracelet is an independent and passionate woman who's not afraid to walk her path and go on adventures. To her, the mission in life is to learn, to experiment, to grow, and have fun while doing so. A star symbol guides and protects its wearer on this journey called life. The strong symbolism behind this sterling silver star anklet suits someone looking for a powerful charm anklet.

8. Sterling silver charm anklet

Sterling Silver Charm Anklet

Sterling Silver Charm Anklet, €46.95 EUR

Charm anklets are in demand all around the world. They are often worn as lucky charms to enhance the good fortune of the wearer. Usually, the multiple charm pendants hang within a distance from each other, creating an eye-catching and symmetrical ankle bracelet that looks visually pleasing.

This simplistic sterling silver charm anklet has plain round charm pendants and round silver beads on a dainty chain. The charms and the beads are polished, making sure they reflect light as much as possible. The five round charms symbolize love, loyalty, harmony, wisdom, and inner peace. A lucky anklet like this can help you keep yourself grounded when life gets tough and enhance the level of happiness in your every-day life.

9. Sterling silver dog anklet

Sterling Silver Dog Anklet

Sterling Silver Dog Anklet, €44.95 EUR

Jewelry that presents the passions or interests of its wearer is becoming increasingly popular. These days people are searching for ways to express themselves and show their personality through their clothes, accessories, and style. They prefer to stand out from the crowd, not get lost in it.

A subtle way to reveal your interests to the world is to wear a piece of jewelry that shows it. For example, if you are a dog person, own a dog, or wholeheartedly love dogs, this elegant dog anklet made of sterling silver should already be beautifying your ankle. Decorated with sparkling Austrian crystals and detailed with a separate bone charm, this anklet feels and looks luxurious.

10. Sterling silver evil eye anklet

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Anklet

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Anklet, €48.95 EUR

Our list of the most popular silver anklets wouldn't be complete without an evil eye anklet. In some cultures, evil eye charms are protective amulets that ward off negative energy and keep the wearer safe. This anklet also features hamsa hand pendants that serve a similar purpose to an evil eye anklet in some other cultures. Evil eye and hamsa hand jewelry are often worn as lucky charms or just because of their beautiful design.

This anklet, made of 925 silver, displays four evil eye charms and three hamsa hand charms. The blue, clear, and turquoise cubic zirconia stones adorn this ankle bracelet and create a gorgeous look. All in all, this stunning sterling silver anklet is a versatile protective token and lucky charm.

Why wear a real silver anklet?

Silver is a precious metal that is anti-allergic and has a brilliant, bright color. It reflects light beautifully and compliments all skin tones, from light to dark. Silver and gold are the two most popular jewelry materials, with silver being more affordable of the two.

Sterling silver jewelry is durable, and with proper care, can last you a lifetime. Pure silver, by itself, is too soft to be used in jewelry making. To enhance the strength of the material, a small amount (7.5%) of other metals, usually copper, is added. This mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals is called sterling silver, or 925 silver. Since pure silver is not suitable material for long-lasting and durable jewelry, many people, when they name their jewelry real, pure, plain, or solid silver, actually mean sterling silver.

Not only is sterling silver durable and luxurious, but it is also always pleasant to wear, thanks to its hypoallergic qualities. Plus, as a bonus, some say wearing silver jewelry has health benefits and have noticed advantages such as improved immune system, better blood circulation, and boosted energy levels when they have their silver jewelry on.

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