Top 20 Most Popular Shell Anklets Today

Most Popular Shell Anklets

Shell anklets are in high demand year after year. A seashell anklet is a popular beach ankle bracelet style among travelers and surfers all around the world. A shell ankle bracelet upgrades any summer outfit easily. Whether you like your anklet with cowrie shells, conch shells, or puka shells, our list has you covered.

With such a large selection of seashell anklets online, we are here to show you some of the most wanted shell anklet designs and styles that can't go wrong. All of the picks on this list are trendy, wallet-friendly, and look absolutely amazing combined with other jewelry as well.

In common language, cowrie shells are sometimes called puka shells, even though they are two different seashell types. For this reason, on our list, the names puka shell and cowrie shell are used interchangeably.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

 1. Cowrie shell anklet

Simple Cowrie Shell Anklet

When it comes to seashell anklets, a simple cowrie shell anklet like this is probably the first style that comes to mind. Made with natural white cowrie shells and wax-coated rope, this popular seashell anklet is waterproof and comfortable to wear. White cowrie shell anklet, €19.95 EUR. Also available in black.

 2. Conch shell anklet

Conch Shell Anklet

Large conch shells are those seashells that you can put over your ear to hear the sounds of the sea. This anklet is decorated with small white natural conch shells. To complement the white conch shell anklet and to bring beautiful contrast, we have included with it a brown cord anklet with knot detail. You can wear them together or separately. Conch shell anklet set, €28.95 EUR

 3. Tassel seashell anklet

Tassel Seashell Anklet

This anklet combines two summer favorites: seashells and tassels. An eye-catching white tassel is combined with a natural seashell and neutral grey rope to create a trendy look that flatters many outfits. The lightweight feel makes it a perfect beach anklet that is always comfortable to wear. Grey tassel seashell anklet, €22.95 EUR.

 4. Black and gold seashell anklet set

Black & Gold Seashell Anklet Set

For someone who likes to mix and match her ankle jewelry, this black, white, and gold seashell anklet set is a must! With a versatile mix of beaded, braided, rope, and chain anklets, the five elegant ankle bracelets look great together as well as separately. The adjustable length ensures a great fit. Black and gold seashell anklet set, €44.95 EUR.

 5. Beaded cowrie shell anklet

Beaded Cowrie Shell Anklet

Fun and beachy, this simple colorful beaded puka shell anklet compliments your summer look effortlessly. The anklet, with its multicolor beads and natural puka shell, looks just like you bought it off an artisan shop at your favorite vacation spot. This beach ankle bracelet is suitable for an active lifestyle, as it is fully waterproof and comfortable to wear. Multicolor beaded puka shell anklet, €14.95 EUR. Also available in black and white.

6. Dainty gold seashell anklet

Dainty Gold Seashell Anklet

If you're looking for a dainty and subtle piece of ankle jewelry for summer, look no further. This ankle bracelet, composed of a delicate gold chain and a natural white cowrie shell, looks gorgeous with a casual or more formal outfit. The double-layer gold chain, combined with the natural seashell, creates an easy-going yet elegant balance. Dainty gold seashell anklet, €15.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

 7. Seashell turtle anklet set

Seashell Turtle Anklet Set

An absolute summer hit, this beach ankle bracelet set includes a white beaded turtle anklet and a turquoise cowrie shell anklet. White and turquoise are ultimate summer favorites, as both fresh colors look amazing against tanned skin. You can wear the two laid-back anklets separately or together. Seashell turtle anklet set, €27.95 EUR.

8. Gold and white seashell anklet

Gold & White Seashell Anklet

This ankle bracelet design, alternating in gold and white seashells, is one of the hottest shell anklet styles in the market. The gold imitation shells flatter the white natural cowrie shells creating an elegant yet bold look. The gold imitation scallop shell pendant works as a beautiful lucky charm. Gold and white seashell anklet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

9. Beaded tassel shell anklet

Beaded Tassel Shell Anklet

The next one on our list is ideal for an easy-going woman who likes to have fun with her style. With three popular elements, a natural puka shell, a soft tassel, and light-reflecting pearls, the playful anklet is an excellent addition to any casual summer outfit. The fresh summer colors, pink and turquoise, balance the classic vibe of white and gold. Beaded tassel shell anklet, €28.95 EUR.

10. White seashell anklet set

White Seashell Anklet Set

The lightweight set of three ocean-themed cord ankle bracelets suits a woman who is always on the move. The soft rope with an adjustable length ensures a super comfortable wearing experience. As the white and blue anklets are waterproof, you can wear them on the beach and by the pool without worry. White seashell anklet set, €29.95 EUR.

11. Brown macrame seashell anklet

Brown Macrame Seashell Anklet

Three reasons explain the popularity of macrame anklets bracelets. One, the soft rope makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Two, the length is adjustable, so the fit is perfect. Three, they look very hand-made, which is a trendy thing in anklets and bracelets. On top of this, macrame rope is waterproof, thus making the perfect beach anklets. This brown macrame anklet has a natural cowrie shell and gold-toned beads as embellishments. Brown macrame shell anklet, €16.95 EUR.

12. Beaded conch shell anklet

Beaded Conch Shell Anklet

What we love about this beaded seashell anklet is how it highlights the stunning natural patterns of the brown and white conch shells. The anklet, composed of small conch shells, turquoise beads, white beads, and clear crystal beads, is topped off with a cute little starfish charm. Beaded conch shell anklet, €23.95 EUR.

13. Gold seashell charm anklet

Gold Seashell Charm Anklet

Not only do charm ankle bracelets look amazing, but they are often used as lucky charms to enhance good luck and positivity in its wearer's life. This particular lucky charm anklet sets to bring success, wealth, and divine energy to your life. The anklet has six white natural seashell charms dangling on a stunning gold chain. Gold seashell charm anklet, €24.95 EUR.

14. Gold and turquoise shell anklet set

Gold Turquoise Shell Anklet Set

There is no better summer color combo than gold and turquoise. The fresh and elegant set of five beach-themed ankle bracelets will make even the most basic outfit look amazing. With beads, braided cord, gold chain, natural and golden seashells, stars, and evil eye charms, you can mix and match the perfect set for every day. Gold and turquoise shell anklet set, €59.95 EUR.

15. Beaded beach anklet

Beaded Beach Anklet

This beaded ankle bracelet is a stunning beach anklet with sea-themed beads. The base of this dainty piece of ankle jewelry is formed by white, beige, and turquoise mini beads. As a centerpiece, there is a natural white conch shell, a starfish bead, a white imitation freshwater pearl, and a turquoise crystal. Wear it with your favorite sundress, crop jeans, or shorts. Beaded beach anklet, €21.95 EUR.

16. Beaded seashell charm anklet

Beaded Seashell Charm Anklet

This seashell charm anklet is a more laid-back alternative for the earlier charm ankle bracelet. Composed of white, turquoise, and peach beads and adorned with five natural puka shells, this ankle bracelet gives off a real surfer vibe. The simple yet interesting shell charm anklet upgrades any of your casual summer outfits effortlessly. Beaded seashell charm anklet, €25.95 EUR.

 17. Colorful cowrie shell anklet

Colorful Cowrie Shell Anklet

A colorful version of the ordinary cowrie shell ankle bracelet we saw at the start of this list. If you like the style of the popular basic cowrie shell anklet but want it with a little twist, this colorful version is a fantastic choice for you. The anklet is waterproof and feels pleasant against the skin. Blue cowrie shell anklet, €17.95 EUR. Also available in pink, red, orange, and light blue.

 18. Silver beach charm anklet

Silver Beach Charm Anklet

Next on our list is a gorgeous silver-toned charm anklet with beach-themed charm pendants. The lucky charms, including conch shell, scallop, and starfish figures, hang on a unique designer chain. The ankle bracelet is quite bold in size and style and looks best paired with simple flats or heels. Silver-toned beach charm anklet, €24.95 EUR.

 19. Silver cowrie shell anklet

Silver Cowrie Shell Anklet

This shell anklet is both minimal and elegant. Built of flat silver-toned imitation cowrie shells, the style is very sophisticated. An ankle bracelet like this looks great as a casual beach anklet but can be worn with a more formal outfit as well. Silver-toned cowrie shell anklet, €19.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

 20. Pearl seashell anklet set

Pearl Seashell Anklet Set

Last but not least on our list is a set of two anklets: one composed of round imitation pearls and one made of oval imitation pearls and a golden seashell charm. The gold seashell charm mimics the Atlantic Sea Scallop, also known as the lion's paw scallop. The beautiful shell charm has a white round imitation pearl on the backside, making it look appealing worn either side up. Pearl seashell anklet set, €26.95 EUR.


The list of the most popular shell anklets has come to an end. We hope you found the seashell anklet you were after. If you are still searching, be sure to check out our full selection of women's anklets. We offer one of the largest anklet selections in the world, and we are confident that you will fall in love with our ankle bracelets.

Before we end this article up, we want to shed light on why shell anklets have become such a popular accessory in the past couple of years.

The symbolism of shell anklets

Seashells have been used in jewelry making for thousands of years. As a natural material, it has always been available and hasn't required any technology. Seashells have always been abundant in tropical seas, and empty shells often get washed on the beach. From there, the beautiful seashells have been picked up and used as decorations in art, jewelry, clothes, and much more.

In history, cowrie shells worked as currency in many parts of the world, and therefore they are still a symbol of wealth and monetary success.

Every seashell has a unique shape and pattern. Each shell is fascinating proof of how truly spectacular nature and our life is. Seashells have kept people intrigued throughout history, and they still keep doing so today and in the future.

As the shell of a marine animal is there to protect it from the outer world, many see seashells as protective tokens.

In conclusion, seashells hold deep meaning on many levels, which partly explain the popularity of shell jewelry. Seashells symbolize success, dedication, protection, and the beauty of life.

Why is seashell jewelry so popular?

The symbolism of seashells is the reason why some wear shell jewelry. However, most women love the feeling, the memories, and the vibe seashell jewelry gives them. Seashells are the embodiment of a vacation in the tropics, as they remind us of the beach, the sun, the sea, the fun, and the feelings of freedom. In the summer, everyone wants to be in that light-hearted state of mind, and a piece of seashell jewelry helps to get there.

Seashells are waterproof and long-lasting, making them the perfect decoration for beach jewelry. Summer is the season of sun, sweat, water, and sunscreen, which can be harsh on some jewelry materials. Luckily, seashells withstand it all, and you can wear your seashell jewelry with peace of mind.

Thank you for reading!

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