Top 20 Most Popular Green Bracelets

Popular green bracelets

Green bracelets come in a wide range of designs and styles and are worn by women who love life, nature, and harmony. Because it can be challenging to find one that you like, we are here to help select the perfect green bracelet for your needs. See the complete list and discover the most loved green bracelets right now.

Green is the color of nature. It also represents renewal, balance, growth and acts as the symbolic color of prosperity, freshness, and progress. When it comes to favorite colors, green is only second to blue across people around the world. In jewelry, green has been one of the most popular color choices for centuries already. One of the first known green gemstones worn by people is Jade, also known as Jadeite or Nephrite. It was mined as early as 6000 BC in the form of Dushan Jade. Jade was the favorite gemstone of Imperial China, and they loved to decorate their houses and accessorize with it in the belief of good luck, protection, wealth, and success in life.

Today, green jewelry and especially green bracelets are worn for many reasons, such as raising awareness for certain disabilities and disorders like Tourettes and liver & eye cancer. Environmentally conscious people also often wear green bracelets to pay respects, raise awareness, and protect our amazing planet and its unique biodiversity. Whether you are looking to wear a green bracelet for an important cause or just for the beauty of them, you are in the right place.

To help you get started on your path to finding your new favorite bracelet, we have gathered a list of the 20 most popular green bracelets, including pictures of each. Whether you're looking for a simple green bracelet, one with beads made of natural stone, or a dazzling green crystal bracelet, our list has you covered. All of our picks provide excellent quality for the price, complement feminine looks, and come with a timeless design.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Jade bracelet

Jade bracelet


Starting off the list is this beautiful mint green-colored beaded Jade bracelet made of natural stone beads. Although Jade comes in various green colors ranging from almost pale to dark green, this translucent minty green color continues to be the most loved tone. The bead material of this bracelet is 100% high-quality Burmese (Myanmar) Jade. Jade is often quoted as the stone of prosperity due to its unique semi-transparent composition. It symbolizes well-being, success, purity, and it is believed to draw the abundance of nature into your life. When it comes to green bracelets, Jade is by far the most popular choice among women worldwide. Natural beaded Jade bracelet, €39.95 EUR.

2. Green elegant rope bracelet

Green elegant rope bracelet


This green rope bracelet successfully mixes a simple rope design with a bit more formal gold-toned details. The deep jade green color of the rope adds intensity, and the gold lock mechanism with the two end caps completes the perfect smart-casual / semi-formal look. The string is a premium 0.12" / 3mm thick refined woven cord rope. The rope softly reflects light and comes with a slight stiffness due to its premium material and design. This bracelet offers elegance, versatility, and a unique look that isn't easily matched. Green elegant rope bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

3. Emerald green tennis bracelet

Emerald green tennis bracelet


A tennis bracelet is one of the timeless classics loved by almost every woman ever. This emerald green tennis bracelet with a row of 0.25ct premium cubic zirconia is an excellent alternative for the expensive diamond variations. The deep emerald green color combines well with the classic silver-tone of the tennis bracelet. Furthermore, it looks and feels identical to the luxurious and expensive diamond versions. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic materials and is suitable for daily use, even for women with sensitive skin. Emerald green tennis bracelet, €37.95 EUR.

4. Green Aventurine bracelet

Green Aventurine bracelet


Aventurine is a form of translucent quartz with platy mineral inclusions, often with a unique green color. The green color of premium Aventurine is known as light moss green. Much like natural Jade, Aventurine is also believed to be the stone of prosperity due to its beautiful green color. It symbolizes intellect, optimism, harmony, and it is thought to attract abundance, good luck, and success. Other claimed benefits of Aventurine include its anti-inflammatory effects on the body, alleviation of allergies and migraines, and elevated feeling of well-being. In addition, it is significantly more affordable than Jade or Emerald, making it the perfect green stone for bracelets. Natural Green Aventurine bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

5. Green crystal zodiac sign bracelet

Green crystal & gold zodiac sign bracelet


Astrology and horoscopes are valued by many women all over the world. It doesn't come as a surprise that this absolutely stunning green crystal and gold-toned zodiac sign bracelet comes this high on the list of most popular green bracelets. It is available in all 12 zodiacs, and each of them looks amazing. Wearing this gorgeous gold and green bracelet is a beautiful way to express and embrace your star sign tastefully and elegantly. If you are into constellations and identify with the description of your horoscope, this green crystal zodiac sign bracelet is made for you. Green crystal & gold zodiac sign bracelet, €34.95 EUR.

6. Silver & green lucky charm bracelet

Silver and green lucky charm bracelet


Good luck is something we can never have too much. Perhaps that is why this beautiful silver and green lucky charm bracelet ranks so well on this list. The bracelet is constructed of a durable snake chain, a ball-shaped clasp, and ten beautiful charms. A few charms are adorned with green sparkling cubic zirconia stones, and some feature symbols such as hearts, flowers, and butterflies. This charm bracelet carries a heart-shaped charm with the words "Amour, Love, and Amor" engraved on it as a centerpiece. Although it mainly targets love life, this silver and green charm bracelet is designed to bring good luck in all aspects of life. Silver & green lucky charm bracelet, €34.95 EUR.

7. Sterling silver leaf bracelet

Sterling silver bracelet with green opal leaves


Perfectly bridging the gap between the color green, jewelry, and nature is this sterling silver bracelet with green synthetic opals. A green leaf, in general, is globally recognized as a symbol of nature and purity. Furthermore, a green leaf represents hope, renewal, fertility, growth. A relaxing & purifying, close-to-nature symbol such as the green leaf makes a fantastic bracelet. The precious sterling silver chain only makes it more desirable. If you love nature and are looking for a green bracelet to help express it, this is the best choice for you. Sterling silver leaf bracelet, €41.95 EUR.

8. Malachite bracelet

Malachite bracelet


Malachite is an opaque, easily recognizable natural stone due to its unique, wave-like banded pattern that flows across the rock. It can display a spectrum of green colors, but the most prominent colors of malachite often include classic green, light green, and turquoise. Often called the stone of protection, Malachite symbolizes positivity, nature, and growth. Moreover, it is believed to absorb & dissolve negativity and negative energy. For something mesmerizing and out of the ordinary, Malachite is the ideal choice. Beaded Malachite bracelet, €19.95 EUR.

9. Green halo crystal tennis bracelet

Green halo crystal tennis bracelet


One look at this tennis bracelet, and you can be sure that it is made explicitly for classy outfits. It's a beautiful, luxurious silver bracelet displaying a row of green crystals. A halo of smaller white crystals surrounds each green crystal. If you are looking for a green crystal bracelet that harvests compliments from everyone around you, this is the one. Furthermore, it's almost impossible to look underdressed when wearing a spectacular bracelet like this. The best thing is that it doesn't set you back anywhere as much as you would think. Green halo crystal tennis bracelet, €41.95 EUR.

10. Sterling silver Peridot bracelet

Sterling silver Peridot bracelet


Peridot, sometimes mistakenly called olivine, is a gemstone that only appears in one color, green. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful green gemstones available. Peridot's color palette of green can vary from yellowish-green to olive-green. It has a vitreous to oily luster and a transparent to translucent composition. Peridot is known as the stone of compassion, associated with peace, harmony, nature, and health. In spiritualism, Peridot is believed to increase good health, vitality, restful sleep, and balance the mind. Sterling silver Peridot bracelet, €75.95 EUR.

11. Green & gold small beaded bracelet

Green and gold small beaded bracelet


This cute bracelet with tiny green beads is minimalistic and very fashionable. The beautiful assortment of mixed beads creates an exciting and detailed finish to the bracelet. The gorgeous color combination, simple design, and versatile style ensure you can wear the bracelet on casual and formal occasions, with any outfit, day or night. In addition to its beautiful aesthetic, the bracelet is water-resistant, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. Because a small beaded bracelet like this one is perfect for vacations and summertime, you are guaranteed to fall in love with it. Green & gold small beaded bracelet, €23.95 EUR.

12. Moss Agate bracelet

Moss Agate bracelet


Although Moss Agate is a lesser-known version of Agate, its appealing appearance is enough to make it to the list effortlessly. It's a shiny stone that consists of a blurred mix of white, dark green, and blue hues. The name Moss Agate comes from, you guessed it, its close resemblance to moss. Also known as the stone of restoration, Moss Agate symbolizes renewal, abundance, and healing. It is believed to calm your mind, restore your soul, and give confidence during tough times. Moss Agate is also an excellent gift idea due to its unique, even luxurious appearance, natural origin, and wallet-friendly price. Moss Agate bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

13. Gold & green heart chain bracelet

Gold and green heart chain bracelet


Here is a beautiful gold-toned heart chain bracelet with forest green pear-cut, teardrop-shaped crystals. Pear-cut crystals are thought to symbolize tears of joy, as well as empowerment, independence, and pure intentions. The bracelet displays a total of six crystals and six hearts. Despite its affordable price point, one of the perks of this green crystal bracelet is how much bang for buck it provides. Its visual aesthetic matches the bracelets you can only get after saving two months worth of salary. Although its color is identical to 14K gold, be sure not to get it wet too many times, or it will fade. It's an excellent choice for women who want to look fabulous but prefer not to pay the premium of luxury fashion. Gold & green heart chain bracelet, €19.95 EUR.

14. Nephrite bracelet

Nephrite bracelet


Nephrite, a gem-quality silicate mineral of the amphibole family, is one of two distinct minerals commonly known as Jade. Also known as Nephrite-Jade, Nephrite is a translucent gemstone, usually with a green or yellowish-green color. In addition to the gorgeous look of the bracelet, nephrite has long been thought to attract prosperity and abundance. Nephrite jade is an energetic stone believed to bring good luck and increase the well-being of people close to it. Natural Nephrite bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

15. Olive green square bead crystal bracelet

Olive green square bead crystal bracelet


This stunning yet straightforward bracelet is handmade with sparkling olive green square crystal beads. The square beads are cut in a shape that collects light from all angles, reflecting it beautifully. Holding the beads together is a solid brown cotton cord easily adjustable in length with the macrame closure. The bracelet successfully combines the benefits of casual jewelry into an easy-going, smart-casual design. In addition, the 4mm bead size is noticeable but subtle, making the bracelet easily stackable with other wrist jewelry. Olive green square bead crystal bracelet, €19.95 EUR.

16. Amazonite bracelet

Amazonite bracelet


Although it's technically turquoise or greenish-blue in color, Amazonite is among the most popular natural green stone bracelets of all time. Amazonite, also known as amazonstone, gets its name after the Amazon river because Amazon used to be the source of many green stones. It primarily consists of different shades of blue and green but can also present white and yellow hues. Often quoted as the stone of truth, Amazonite symbolizes harmony, authenticity, and emotional healing. It is believed to help you be true to yourself and enhance your connection with other people. Natural Amazonite bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

17. Rose gold light green crystal bracelet

Rose gold light green crystal bracelet


A crystal bracelet offers a timeless experience that will probably never go out of fashion. When it comes to crystal tennis bracelets, light green crystal stones are a top choice if you love the color and want to wear the bracelet in the most elegant way possible. Green is a color of growth, health, renewal, and harmony, and it represents nature, the universe, and the circle of life. Furthermore, it is said that wearing light green crystal jewelry reminds you to be closer to nature and take care of your health. Although this stunning bracelet only comes in one size, it can easily be downsized and adjusted to fit your wrist size by your local jeweler. Rose gold light green crystal bracelet, €49.95 EUR.

18. Jade & pearl bracelet

Jade and pearl bracelet


This elegant pearl bracelet comes with charming green jade stones. The bracelet has a gold-toned base chain with natural, white shell pearls attached to it. Unlike organic and cultured pearls, shell pearls are made ethically from nacre, the natural shell lining of oysters also known as mother of pearl. In addition, shell pearls are more durable, sustainable, and affordable than organic or cultured pearls. As for the bracelet, the combination of the gold-toned metal with natural Jade and pearl creates a stunning, unmatched look with a lot to offer. Jade & shell pearl bracelet, €29.95 EUR.

19. Macrame bracelet set

Macrame bracelet set with blue, white, and green bracelets


If casual bracelets and stackable design are high on your list, you are going to love this stunning, handmade three-piece macrame bracelet set. It offers three bracelets for the price of one. The set combines blue, white, and green macrame rope bracelets. The bracelets can be worn together as a set or separately to create beautiful, individual looks. All of the colors on this macrame bracelet set are inspired by nature. Together, the three-piece bracelet set symbolizes tranquility, health, safety, and relaxation. It reminds you to enjoy your life to the fullest and inspires your mind to appreciate living in the moment carefree. Blue white & green macrame bracelet set, €34.95 EUR.

20. Prehnite bracelet

Prehnite bracelet


Last but not least, on the list of the most popular green bracelets is this beautiful beaded Prehnite bracelet. Prehnite is a slightly translucent crystal that consists of different shades of light green and light yellow. Sometimes it comes with dark spots, stripes, or inclusions inside it. Also called the stone of visualization, Prehnite symbolizes understanding, calmness, and relaxation. It is believed to enhance precognition and preception when worn or held. Furthermore, the gorgeous translucent tea green color of Prehnite separates it from other natural stones for its advantage. Beaded Prehnite bracelet, €24.95 EUR.

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