12 Most Popular Cheap Chains For Trendy Women

Cheap chains for women

There are many chain necklace designs out there. Unfortunately, most of them come with a rather high price tag. To help women around the world embrace themselves and express their personality through style and jewelry, we've gathered the most popular cheap chains below. With these picks, you are guaranteed to look your best and save a significant amount of money!

A common misconception about jewelry is that you can't find good quality or beautiful designs without paying a good amount of money for it. Although you might not find solid gold or other precious metal necklaces, there are still plenty of trendy chains that will last years in use and cost less than a few months of Netflix subscription.

There are many reasons to buy a cheap chain necklace today. Some women don't have the money, and some do but don't want to spend it on expensive jewelry. Others own an expensive chain but don't want to travel with it and wear a similar or identical, cheaper chain instead when on the road. Whether you identify with these occasions or have some other reason for needing a cheap chain necklace, you've come to the right place.

When it comes to finding an affordable chain, it's important to separate the good-quality chains from the bad ones. You don't want the cheapest chain if it'll change color or turn your skin green within hours of first touching your skin. Instead, you want the most affordable chain you can find that can handle daily use with ease, last for years in use, and complement your style wherever you go. Luckily, all chains in this list are made from high-quality stainless steel or sterling silver, so you'll find the best and most popular chains at the lowest prices.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. 2mm gold rope chain necklace

2mm gold rope chain necklace


The rope chain is a classic, and its 2mm width version is always in very high demand. It's a timeless chain that looks great by itself and goes well with pendants of all kinds. This one is made from high-grade stainless steel, so you can wear it while showering or swimming, too. If you want a stunning everyday chain necklace that lasts exceptionally well in use, the rope chain is a spectacular choice. 2mm gold rope chain necklace, €21.95 EUR. The design is also available in silver and rose gold. Check out our rope chain selection for more sizes.

2. 1.5mm silver snake chain necklace

1.5mm silver snake chain necklace


Snake chains are the sleekest necklaces you'll ever see. It's a versatile and straightforward chain that's easy to wear to any event, from casual to formal occasions. This necklace is made from premium stainless steel, so it's waterproof, hypoallergenic, and shines brilliantly anywhere you go. You really can't go wrong choosing a classic snake chain like this one. 1.5mm silver snake chain necklace, €19.95 EUR. The 1.5mm snake chain also comes in gold and rose gold. Check out our snake chain selection for more sizes.

3. 3mm gold figaro chain necklace

3mm gold figaro chain necklace


The figaro chain is another favorite design hailing from the shores of Italy. It's one of the most loved chain styles, consisting of three round links followed by a single elongated oval link. When it comes to cheap chains, the figaro necklace offers class and durability, and the stainless steel version of it doesn't set you back financially too much, either. 3mm gold figaro chain necklace, €23.95 EUR. The 3mm figaro chain also comes in silver and rose gold. Check out our figaro chain selection for more sizes.

4. Paperclip chain necklace

Gold paperclip chain necklace


Another popular necklace that doesn't set you back too much is the paperclip chain. This gold-toned paperclip chain necklace is one of the trendiest chain necklaces at the moment. The elongated oval links connect flawlessly, forming a feminine, lightweight aesthetic that is easy and effortless to wear. Although it doesn't fit a pendant, the paperclip chain looks impressive without any additions. Gold paperclip chain necklace, €24.95 EUR. The same paperclip chain also comes in silver.

5. 1.5mm cable chain necklace

1.5mm silver cable chain necklace


The cable chain is what first comes to mind when thinking of a chain necklace. It's a timeless and simple piece of jewelry that offers durability without any fancy design elements, exactly what you would expect from a versatile chain necklace. Because of its plain and classic appearance, the cable chain is often referred to as the basic chain. So, if you are looking for a basic chain that holds well in use and doesn't cost too much, this thin cable chain is a perfect choice. 1.5mm silver cable chain necklace, €19.95 EUR. The 1.5mm cable chain also comes in gold and rose gold. Check out our cable chain selection for more sizes.

6. 2mm herringbone chain necklace

2mm gold herringbone chain necklace


If there ever were a contest for the sexiest women's chain, the herringbone would definitely be the winner. It's a flat snake-like chain that flows smoothly on the skin. Many celebrity women, including the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, are often seen wearing a herringbone chain as a core part of their jewelry. If you want to have more appeal without wearing too complex designs, go with this chain necklace. 2mm gold herringbone chain necklace, €23.95 EUR. The 2mm herringbone chain also comes in rose gold and silver. Check out our herringbone chain selection for more sizes.

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7. 7mm cuban link chain necklace set

7mm Cuban link chain necklace


When it comes to trendy casual chain necklaces, the Cuban link chain is the dominating force in the fashion scene. The Cuban link chain is actually a tightly woven curb chain by design. This piece has all the best qualities of what you'd want from an ideal Cuban chain; skillfully honed faceted links with the signature curve of an authentic Cuban link. It's the perfect necklace for street styles and fashionable casual looks. 7mm gold Cuban link chain necklace, €29.95 EUR. The 7mm Cuban link chain also comes in rose gold and silver.

8. 2mm curb chain necklace

2mm silver curb chain necklace


A curb chain is almost identical to the Cuban link chain. The links on a curb chain are round/oval in shape and interlock with each other smoothly, forming a beautiful chain that is flat and strong in design. Curb chain necklaces are often worn alone without a pendant, although a thin one like this does carry a pendant gracefully. This delicate silver-toned curb chain necklace is 2mm in width and is the perfect go-to necklace on any occasion. 2mm silver curb chain necklace, €18.95 EUR. The dainty curb chain also comes in gold. Check out our curb chain selection for more size options.

9. 3mm wheat spiga chain necklace

3mm gold wheat spiga chain necklace


The wheat chain, sometimes also called Spiga chain or braid chain, gets its name from how each link closely resembles the shape of a wheat spike. This well-made wheat chain possesses a luxurious appeal mixed with the unique and ageless look of connecting wheat-shaped links. This stainless steel version of the popular wheat chain is a perfect addition to any casual or smart-casual outfit. 3mm gold wheat spiga chain necklace, €25.95 EUR. The wheat chain also comes in rose gold and silver. Check out our wheat chain selection for more size options.

10. 2mm Venetian box chain necklace

2mm gold Venetian box chain necklace


Consisting of tightly connected links that form a box-like design with four rounded sides, the box chain is among the most durable chains in the world. This makes this stainless steel version of the box chain the most durable chain you can buy from this list. Because the appeal and ageless looks of the chain stem from Venice, Italy, the box chain is also widely known as the Venetian chain. 2mm gold box chain necklace, €21.95 EUR. The box chain also comes in rose gold and silver. Check out our box chain selection for more sizes.

11. Silver single freshwater pearl necklace

Single freshwater pearl choker necklace


This sterling silver necklace has a lot to offer for a simple choker chain. It comes with a delicate and sensual look without sacrificing the timeless design of pearl necklaces. Although it is priced a little higher than other pieces on this list, it's still a fantastic find considering you get a sterling silver cable chain with a natural pearl attached to it. Sterling silver freshwater pearl choker necklace, €34.95 EUR. For more pearl designs, check out our pearl chains collection.

12. 3mm two-tone rope chain necklace

3mm two-tone rope chain necklace


Finally, this breathtakingly beautiful rope chain comes with a mix of gold and silver tones. The 3mm chain captures attention with its elegant combination of silver and gold and offers a sophisticated look for any occasion. The iconic twisted design compliments any outfit and is a must-have staple piece in a modern jewelry collection. If you want to impress your friends, this is definitely one of the cheapest chains for the job. 3mm two-tone rope chain necklace, €28.95 EUR.

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