The Paperclip Chain: What Is It And Why You Need One

What is paperclip chain and why you need one

When it comes to trendy jewelry, the paperclip chain has been extremely popular for a while now. From fashion influencers to celebrities, everyone loves paperclip chains. The minimalistic chain with its elongated oval or rectangular links offers a weightless and beautiful look that is here to stay.

A paperclip chain necklace is an incredible staple piece every woman needs in her jewelry box. The simple and sophisticated design is easy to wear as it goes equally well with casual and formal outfits. The chain looks charming whether you wear it alone or layer it with your other favorite chains. If you are not familiar with the paperclip chain, don't worry. We will tell you everything you need to know about the chic chain in less than 5 minutes.

What is the paperclip chain?

The paperclip chain is a contemporary chain style that consists of elongated links that are oval or rectangular in shape. Visually, each link resembles a paperclip, hence the name. A stylish take on the classic cable chain, the paperclip chain appeals to women who appreciate traditional jewelry yet desire something more modern and unique when it comes to their style.

Paperclip chain links

The links on the paperclip chain are elongated and either oval or rectangular in shape.

Thanks to how the links are constructed and attached, the paperclip chain is lightweight and feels pleasant to wear. The clean lines and delicate design make the paperclip chain an attractive piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with any wardrobe, from classic to minimalistic.

Are paperclip chains strong?

The paperclip chain is not the strongest of chains due to the delicate build of the links. However, if you choose a piece made of strong materials, such as stainless steel or sterling silver, the chain will endure regular use with ease without breaking or bending. If the bail is large enough, you can even add your favorite pendant on a paperclip chain.

Sterling silver paperclip chain necklace

Sterling silver paperclip chain necklace, €69.95 EUR. Also available in gold vermeil.

How to style a paperclip chain?

Styling a paperclip chain is easy as its simple design makes it so versatile. Wear it solo or layered. Pick a choker length or a longer piece. Choose from silver, gold, or rose gold. Either way, the paperclip chain looks magnificent and can be worn on any occasion. A paperclip chain necklace is your top choice if you adore timeless jewelry that gives off chic and sophisticated vibes. Contrary to most classic chain styles (e.g. curb, rope, figaro...), the paperclip chain is almost exclusively worn by women, making it an excellent chain style if you're looking for something feminine.

Gold paperclip chain necklace

Gold-toned paperclip chain necklace, €29.95 EUR. Also available in silver color.

What do paperclip chains symbolize?

As beautiful as the paperclip chain looks, it doesn't possess a prominent symbolic meaning. Like many other chain styles, the paperclip chain is popular because of how it looks, not because of any particular symbolism behind it. If you want to add meaning to or personalize your look, you can do so by adding a pendant or a charm either on the paperclip chain or on a separate chain layered with your paperclip chain.

Even though the paperclip chain we talk about doesn't have a specific meaning, it may not be the same for a chain made of regular paperclips.

Rose gold paperclip chain necklace

Rose gold-toned paperclip chain necklace, €32.95 EUR. Available in necklace and choker length.

Why should I own a paperclip chain?

Now, to the question that matters most: why should you go and get yourself a paperclip chain?

We can only tell you why we think every woman should have at least one paperclip chain in her jewelry box. In our opinion, the paperclip chain is one of the most beautiful chain styles that brings a fresh breath into the world of chain necklaces. There is nothing wrong with classic chain styles, but we are happy that a new design has grown this popular worldwide.

What makes the paperclip stand out is its design: the airy aesthetic and clean lines create a delicate look that is comfortable to wear even in larger or longer sizes. Even though the paperclip chain is a relatively new member of the jewelry game, we can tell the design is not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, a quality paperclip chain made of precious metals or stainless steel is an excellent investment. And, what's best, besides expensive high-end chains, you can find paperclip chains also in budget-friendly options. Just make sure that, if you go for a cheaper chain, the material is waterproof and preferably hypoallergenic to ensure a long life for your piece.

To wrap it up, if a beautiful, timeless, and feminine chain necklace you can wear anywhere and anytime is on your radar, there is no better option than a paperclip chain.

Paperclip chain necklace with gold rings and white freshwater pearl

Gold designer paperclip chain pearl necklace, €49.95 EUR.

And, let's not forget that chain necklaces are not the only paperclip jewelry to exist. Paperclip chain bracelets are also in style and, frankly, quite popular. Paperclip bracelets boast the same links as their necklace version, only at a wrist-suitable length. You can see a couple of hot paperclip chain bracelet designs to go perfectly with your paperclip chain necklace below.

Paperclip chain bracelet

Classic gold-toned paperclip chain bracelet, €32.95 EUR. Also available in silver color. On the wrist are also cuff, white bead chain, and box chain bracelets.

Zodiac paperclip chain bracelet

Green zodiac paperclip chain bracelet, €43.95 EUR.

Paperclip tennis chain bracelet

Paperclip tennis chain bracelet made of gold vermeil, €57.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.


A paperclip chain, either as a necklace, bracelet, or both, is an excellent choice if you desire a tasteful, modern, and sophisticated staple piece of jewelry that you can wear anywhere and no matter the occasion. The design is contemporary and timeless, oozing feminine energy while keeping things elegant. If you choose a piece made of durable, waterproof materials, such as precious metals or stainless steel, you can be sure your new adornment will bring you joy for decades to come.

If you want to indulge yourself in knowledge about jewelry tips and trends, we highly recommend visiting our fashion guide. If instead, you are in search of your new favorite necklace, you might find exactly what you're looking for in our extensive collection of women's necklaces.

Thank you for reading!

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