6 Opal Necklaces You Need To Have

Opal necklaces you need to have

Opals are among the most beautiful and fascinating natural stones in the world. Their unique appearance makes opals highly desired in jewelry and necklaces in particular. We have picked a few opal necklaces that you need to have in your wardrobe. Discover the most loved opal necklaces from our list below.

The iridescent aesthetic of opals is not seen in other gemstones in the world. As the birthstone of October and the official 14th anniversary stone, opals have roots embedded deep in our history. Even in our changing, modern world, the desire for opals is perhaps more significant than ever.

Although opals are found all over the globe, Brazil, Mexico, the western US, Honduras, and Australia account for virtually all opals found today. While opals can be found in various colors, all precious opals share a similar opal-like play-of-color called opalescence. This pseudo-chromatic optical effect is what separates opals from other gemstones.

To help you find your new favorite opal necklace, we have gathered a list of a few gorgeous necklaces featuring an opal. So whether you're looking for a simple piece that brings out the natural beauty of opals or a necklace that features an opal as part of the design, our list has you covered. Since the most expensive opals carry a price tag of thousands of dollars, we focused on more affordable options. All of our picks are guaranteed to elevate your looks to the next level setting you back too much financially.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. White opal necklace

White natural opal necklace


Starting off the list is this stunning natural white opal necklace. White opal is often considered the most popular type of opal, which is only one of the reasons this beauty deserves first place on this list. The necklace is a classic silver cable chain featuring a gorgeous 1.9-carat, oval-cut natural white opal. The opal connects to the chain using a four-claw prong setting. All in all, this white opal necklace offers the best bang for your buck. It comes with a luxurious look and a natural opal without drilling a hole in your wallet. Natural white opal necklace, €104.95 EUR.

2. Opal sun pendant necklace

Opal sun pendant necklace


The beautiful solar symbol pendant has an opal gemstone as the focal point. Although the opal on this necklace is lab-made, its iridescent shine compares to some of the most expensive natural alternatives. Pair the opal with the gorgeous gold vermeil chain, and you have what some might call a perfect necklace. With the design inspired by the sun, the most significant energy source that enables all life on earth, the necklace portrays life, energy, positivity, and confidence. If you don't care whether your opal is a natural stone or not, a synthetic, lab-made gemstone offers an aesthetic that matches some of the best natural opals at a fraction of the price. Gold opal sun pendant necklace, €61.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

3. Black opal necklace

Black natural opal necklace


A black opal necklace like this will surely attract some admiring eyes. Like the first necklace on this list, this one also offers a natural opal attached to a sterling silver chain. If it weren't for the popularity of white opals, this necklace would be the first place on this list. Perhaps the popularity of black opals has been overshadowed by the white opal variety because black opals are rarer to find in nature. However, suppose you want a gorgeous opal necklace that separates you from the "mainstream" white opal lovers; there isn't a better alternative than this absolutely stunning 1.9-carat natural black opal necklace. Natural black opal necklace, €129.95 EUR.

4. Blue opal heart necklace

Blue opal heart necklace


Another wildly popular piece is this heart necklace featuring a gorgeous blue opal as its centerpiece. The stone itself is a heart-cut gemstone that goes well together with the silver trim surrounding the edges of the heart. What makes this piece unique is that the opal used on the pendant is a genuine opal that has been processed and improved in-lab. This method creates a beautiful end result without adding a hefty price tag to the necklace. If you need some love in your life and enjoy the blue and green tones this opal emits, the blue opal heart necklace is a perfect match. Blue opal heart necklace, €69.95 EUR.

5. Initial necklace with opals

Initial necklace with opals


It doesn't get much more personal than this beautiful initial letter necklace. The design showcases a set of white and pink crystals, a pearl, and two small white opals. The chain is made of high-grade stainless steel, making the necklace highly durable and perfectly suited for daily use. Although the opals on this initial necklace are artificial, the overall aesthetic of the piece looks feminine and established. It's an excellent choice for women who want a personal necklace and enjoy the beauty of opals. Initial necklace with crystals & opals, €39.95 EUR.

6. Dolphin & opal heart necklace

Dolphin & opal heart necklace


Completing the list is this cute dolphin necklace with an opal heart. Like the other heart necklace on this list, this one also features a natural opal enhanced in a lab. However, the opal on this piece is a white opal instead of blue. The dolphin, jumping over the heart, is decorated with clear white crystals, making the pendant look and feel incredibly luxurious. Together, the white opal and polished silver dolphin create a beautiful necklace suited for daily use and occasional fancy date nights. Dolphin & opal heart necklace, €83.95 EUR.

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  • It's the birthstone for everyone born in October.
  • There are two types of opals; common and precious. You can tell them apart by the iridescent aesthetic of the precious opal. Common opals don't display iridescence and look more like regular stones.
  • The rarest and most valuable type of opal is black opal. Contrary to what the name suggests, black opals only have a dark base color and can display any color on the color spectrum.
  • It is the official national gemstone of Australia. Perhaps it has something to do with Australia producing approximately 95% of all precious opals in the world.
  • The iridescence seen in opals is unique to precious opals. This play-of-color is called opalescence - a form of adularescence seen on gemstones like the moonstone.
  • The price of precious opals varies considerably; the rarest ones can cost thousands per carat, while the most common varieties cost anything upwards of 10 bucks per carat.

Thank you for reading!

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