7 Beautiful Moon Necklaces You'll Love

7 Moon Necklaces You Will Love

Moon necklaces are popular around the world. If you're looking for a crescent moon necklace or a full moon pendant, we got you covered. Full of symbolic designs, elegant styles, and versatile everyday pieces, our list helps you find the perfect moon necklace that you will love for many years to come.

The moon is the largest celestial body visible from earth. Its surface reflects the sun's light so effectively that it is a powerful source of light in the nighttime when the sun is not visible. The moon is a stunning sight with its distinctive craters and different phases. In addition to its mesmerizing visual appearance, the moon holds powerful symbolism and deep meaning. The moon is seen as a feminine figure, symbolizing many things, including the soul, inner knowledge, peace of mind, eternity, enlightenment, gratitude, and new beginnings. The moon as a symbol means different things to different people; that's why moon jewelry resonates with so many women and is a favored gift idea year after year.

Whether you're into astrology or just find the moon magical to look at, we have listed the top 7 necklaces inspired by the moon above us to help you find your ideal piece of jewelry. The timeless styles on our list are durable and lasting, bringing heaps of joy to you or your loved one if you decide to gift one to her.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Crescent moon necklace

Crescent moon necklace


The very first spot on our list is reserved for this stunning crescent moon necklace made of high-quality gold vermeil. The large crescent moon pendant looks elegant and luxurious thanks to its beautiful liquid-like surface that reflects light beautifully. A crescent moon is a feminine symbol that, at its core, symbolizes fertility, time, eternity, and enlightenment. To some, a crescent moon might represent growth and emotion in their lives, while others might carry a moon necklace just because of its chic appearance. Regardless of what this crescent moon necklace might mean to you, it certainly offers a unique and timeless look that lasts. Gold vermeil crescent moon necklace, €74.95 EUR. Also available in sterling silver.

2. White moonstone necklace

White moonstone necklace


Next up is a simple yet gorgeous white moonstone pendant necklace. The necklace, made of real white moonstone and sterling silver, is a top pick for someone who appreciates natural and lasting jewelry. The pendant portrays a full moon with its round shape and the white transparent color of the moonstone gem. White moonstone is often quoted as the "stone of new beginnings" due to its moonlike appearance. Because it symbolizes balance, abundance, prosperity, and emotional maturity, white moonstone is popular among women who seek divine guidance and are turning a new page towards their dream life. In addition, it is believed that keeping a piece of white moonstone close to you attracts love, relieves stress, soothes the mind, and enhances inner growth and strength. White moonstone necklace, €54.95 EUR. Also available with a Grey Moonstone, Orange Moonstone, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Tiger Eye, Garnet, Red Agate, Black Agate, and Strawberry Quartz pendant.

3. Moon and star charm necklace

Moon and star charm necklace


This exquisite sterling silver necklace is inspired by the moon and the stars in a clear night sky. At the center of the chain is a graceful crescent moon pendant adorned with sparkling cubic zircons. Surrounding the moon pendant are small star charms and round cubic zirconia pendants that dangle lively on the dainty chain. The crescent moon pendant symbolizes feminine energy, creativity, and empowerment, while the stars signify our dreams, goals, and divine guidance. The round cubic zirconia charms are believed to increase mental clarity and improve focus. The necklace is an elegant and feminine piece of jewelry that you can wear on any occasion, day or night. Sterling silver night sky necklace, €57.95 EUR.

4. Small moon necklace

Small moon necklace


One of the most versatile necklaces on our list is this simple and delicate crescent moon necklace. The small moon charm hangs on a dainty chain, ready to give your attire a subtle yet sophisticated detail. Due to its straightforward design, the necklace is easy to combine with other chains and pendants on any casual or formal occasion. In its crescent form (also known as the half-moon), the moon is a well-known representation of fertility and feminine sexuality that also symbolizes time, eternity, and enlightenment. The necklace is fully waterproof, so you can wear it no matter where you are and what you're doing. Small gold moon necklace, €24.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

5. Moon & stars choker necklace

Moon & stars choker necklace


Charming and extraordinary, this moon and stars choker is the perfect necklace for women who love unique jewelry, appreciate precise craftsmanship and adore how the sky looks at night. The astonishing look is accomplished with individual chains that hang vertically from the dainty choker, each showcasing a high-polished moon or star charm at the end. The polished charms dangle lively, creating an impression of a beautiful night sky. The stars, the moon—if we're lucky, even shooting stars—make the sky at night a majestic show we can gaze in awe for hours. Looking at the moon and the stars above relaxes us, clears our minds, and widens our perspective. Sterling silver moon & stars necklace, €65.95 EUR.

4. Moon & sun coin necklace

Moon and sun coin necklace


A symbol of balance and all life on earth, this necklace celebrates the moon, the sun, and the surrounding stars. The round coin pendant, hanging on a trendy oval link chain, has a handmade look with a crescent moon, the sun, and tiny stars engraved on it. Although they are separate celestial bodies in our atmosphere, people throughout history have connected the sun and moon as opposites of each other; therefore, like the yin and yang, the sun and moon symbolize balance, harmony, and peace. Sun & moon coin necklace, €34.95 EUR.

7. Layered moon coin necklace set

Layered moon coin necklace set


Our last pick for you is a versatile and timeless necklace set that portrays a smooth coin pendant and a round hammered pendant inspired by the texture or the moon. The necklace set is fully waterproof and consists of three pieces: a plain chain, a dainty polished coin necklace, and a hammered moon coin necklace. You can wear the pieces together or separately, just how you like it. The hammered coin pendant has an irregular surface, inspired by the unique look of the moon with all its craters and features. This necklace set is a way to keep a subtle moon symbol with you at all times while keeping your jewelry as minimalist and simple as possible. Gold layered moon coin necklace set, €69.95 EUR. Also available in silver and rose gold.

Our list of 7 beautiful moon necklaces has come to an end. Whether the moon's symbolism is inspiring to you or you love to gaze at the moon in the night sky, we hope one of the moon necklaces on our list was just what you were searching for.

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? For more necklaces inspired by the moon, the night sky, the universe, and much more, you should absolutely visit our large selection of necklaces for women!

Thank you for reading!

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