Top 7 Gold Herringbone Chain Necklaces You Will Love

Gold herringbone chain necklaces you will love

A gold herringbone chain necklace is an accessory that instantly takes your style to the next level; just slip it on your neck for an effortlessly elegant and sophisticated look. The herringbone chain beautifully flatters the shape of your neck and decolletage, bringing out the beauty of your skin.

The herringbone chain is one of the classics. Its flat design and the way its links are attached make the chain move flexibly like a snake. The sexy look that is both luxurious and timeless is why gold herringbone chain necklaces are so popular among women all around the world. Even though a single herringbone chain looks impressive on its own, it is increasingly common to see women layer their herringbone chains with other chains and pendants for a more voluminous look.

You can wear your gold herringbone chain necklace to an elegant cocktail party or a formal business meeting, but you can also wear it on any casual occasion. A gold herringbone chain is your ideal piece of jewelry whenever you want to look your best, effortlessly. From thin to thick and short to long, our list of the top 7 gold herringbone chain necklaces you will love has got you covered.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Gold vermeil herringbone chain necklace

Gold vermeil herringbone chain necklace


Our first pick offers you impeccable luxury at a wallet-friendly price. The timeless and stunning herringbone chain necklace is made of gold vermeil, which looks like solid 18K gold but is essentially a thick gold layer over a sterling silver base. The hypoallergenic herringbone chain is 3mm / 0.12" wide and comes in many length options. If you want to surprise your loved one with a piece of jewelry she can cherish for years to come, this gold vermeil herringbone chain necklace is a top choice. Gold vermeil herringbone chain necklace, starting from €89.95 EUR.

2. 2mm gold herringbone chain necklace

Thin gold herringbone chain necklace


If you like your jewelry dainty and delicate, look no further than this thin gold herringbone chain necklace. The chain is one of the slimmest herringbone chains on the market, with a width of only 2mm / 0.08". The chain is perfect if you're looking for a subtle detail to wear every day or an addition to your favorite mix of gold-toned chains for layering. The material, gold-toned stainless steel, is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. 2mm gold herringbone chain necklace, €23.95 EUR.

3. 3mm gold herringbone chain necklace

Dainty gold herringbone chain necklace


Next up is a stunning staple piece every woman should have in her jewelry box. The size of the herringbone chain is just ideal for everything: a casual day at the office, a fancy party, or an evening with friends. The surface reflects light, making the chain look absolutely mesmerizing no matter where you are. The chain is durable and waterproof, ensuring it won't lose its shine or color even on frequent use. Choose your favorite length from multiple options. 3mm gold herringbone chain necklace, €26.95 EUR.

4. Gold herringbone choker necklace

Gold herringbone choker necklace


This one is for all the choker-lovers that like their necklaces short and sweet. The gold herringbone choker necklace lays close to your neck, flattering your collarbones. You can achieve a perfect fit with the extension chain that allows you to adjust the length of the chain. The chain is made of waterproof and hypoallergenic stainless steel that keeps its shine and color for years. With a width of 3mm / 0.12", the chain is a versatile piece of jewelry that you can wear on any occasion. Gold herringbone choker necklace, €27.95 EUR.

5. 4mm gold herringbone chain necklace

Basic gold herringbone chain necklace


If you want your jewelry to be elegant but desire a bit more volume, this 4mm / 0.16" gold herringbone chain necklace offers you just that. The width is just enough to catch attention in a sophisticated manner. Each link is polished to perfection, giving off a luxurious look whenever light hits the chain. The durable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof herringbone chain necklace comes in many length options like all the other chains on this list. 4mm gold herringbone chain necklace, €29.95 EUR.

6. 5mm gold herringbone chain necklace

Thick gold herringbone chain necklace


The thickest gold herringbone chain on our list makes a graceful statement. The chain frames your face beautifully, giving your attire a chic finish. You can wear the chain on your neck at all times, even while showering and working out, as it is fully waterproof. It won't fade or tarnish even if you wear it daily for many years without ever taking it off. You can be sure to hear compliments when wearing this gorgeous chain! 5mm gold herringbone chain necklace, €32.95 EUR.

7. Layered herringbone chain necklace

Layered herringbone chain necklace


Our last pick for you is an intriguing combination of gold, silver, and rose gold. The necklace with its three layers of herringbone chain is a statement piece that won't go unnoticed. The three-tone layered look is easy to wear as all three chains connect to a single clasp. Together, the gold, silver, and rose gold herringbone chains bring your outfit a unique detail that delights with its simple elegance. Fully waterproof and hypoallergenic, the necklace is comfortable to wear on any occasion, no matter what you are doing. Three-tone layered herringbone chain necklace, €49.95 EUR.

We hope our list of the top 7 gold herringbone chain necklaces helped you narrow down your options and maybe had you find your next favorite piece of jewelry. We carefully picked all herringbone chains on this list to have the best durability and maximum comfort. You can wear any chain comfortable even if you have sensitive skin, as all of them are fully hypoallergenic. Also, every chain comes in multiple length options so that you can customize the look to your liking.

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