6 Gold Figaro Chain Necklaces You Need In Your Jewelry Box

Gold figaro chain necklaces you need

A gold figaro chain necklace is a sophisticated piece of jewelry that you can wear on all casual, formal, and festive events and occasions. The distinctive pattern with alternating round and elongated oval links originates in Italy. The links lay flat against the skin, and the design looks equally stunning with or without a pendant.

Gold figaro chains are so popular because the design is simple and fascinating at the same time. A figaro chain is essentially an intriguing take on another classic chain: the curb chain. Both chains are flat by design, and instead of all links being identically round as in a curb chain, some of the links in the figaro chain, usually every fourth one, are elongated to give the chain some character.

If you appreciate Italian design and want to treat yourself to a timeless piece of jewelry that you know won't go out of style, a gold figaro chain necklace is your ideal choice. Whether you are looking for a set of figaro chains to wear in layers, a dainty chain to upgrade your everyday looks, or a chunky piece to make a statement, our list of the top 6 golden figaro chain necklaces has got you covered.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Gold vermeil figaro chain necklace

Gold vermeil figaro chain necklace


We'll start the list with a luxurious piece that gives your attire a sophisticated touch wherever you are. This figaro chain necklace is made of high-quality gold vermeil: a thick layer of gold over a solid sterling silver base. The links are 3.5mm / 0.14" wide, perfect to wear by itself or add a large pendant. Thanks to the stunning 18K gold color and diamond-cut finish, this figaro chain delivers one of the most luxurious looks in the market in many length options. Whether you treat yourself or spoil someone you love, you can be sure this gold vermeil figaro chain necklace keeps offering value for years and years to come. If you desire something bulkier, the chain also comes with 5mm / 0.2" wide links. Gold vermeil figaro chain necklace, €94.95 EUR.

2. 3mm gold figaro chain necklace

Thin gold figaro chain necklace


If you want your gold figaro chain thin and dainty and don't mind saving some money, this beautiful piece with 3mm / 0.12" links is your top choice. The chain, made of gold-toned stainless steel, is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. The dainty size makes it the perfect everyday necklace that you can keep on your neck at all times, regardless of what you're doing. The thin chain is an excellent choice to wear with your favorite pendant, alone or layered. 3mm gold figaro chain necklace, €23.95 EUR.

3. Gold figaro choker necklace

Gold figaro choker necklace


This gold figaro chain necklace in choker length is for women who love short necklaces that sit tightly around or at the base of the neck. The choker figaro necklace boasts a stunning 14K gold color and is fully waterproof and hypoallergenic. The chain comes with an extension chain, ensuring the fit is ideal for your neck. On top of looking gorgeous on its own, an adjustable gold-toned figaro choker necklace like this is an excellent choice if you plan to layer many chains or pendants, as it is the perfect uppermost layer to your necklace stack. Gold figaro choker necklace, €26.95 EUR.

4. 4.5mm gold figaro chain necklace

Medium gold figaro chain necklace


Our next pick offers you just a bit more volume while still keeping the look somewhat dainty. With medium-sized links that are 4.5mm / 0.18" wide, the gold-toned figaro chain is a versatile piece that you can wear on casual and more formal occasions. The waterproof chain comes in many length options for you to choose from, letting you create all the looks you've dreamed of. 4.5mm gold figaro chain necklace, €26.95 EUR.

5. 6mm gold figaro chain necklace

Thick gold figaro chain necklace


If you like your jewelry elegant yet notable, you should look no further than this gold-toned thick figaro chain necklace with 6mm / 0.24" links. Each link is polished to perfection, giving the necklace a luxurious look and feel. You can wear the chain in the shower and while working out as it is fully waterproof. Thanks to its bold yet versatile size, the chain is gorgeous both on its own and combined with other gold-toned chains and pendants. 6mm gold figaro chain necklace, €29.95 EUR.

6. 7.5mm gold figaro chain necklace

7.5mm gold figaro chain necklace


The last pick we have for you is a chunky and beautiful gold-toned figaro chain necklace in 7.5mm / 0.3" width. The size is significant yet not at all excessive, just perfect for when you want your style to make a sophisticated statement. The polished links shine with 14K gold color, and the pleasant weight makes the necklace feel valuable in hand. The waterproof and hypoallergenic chunky figaro chain necklace comes in many length options, from short to long, ready to take any of your outfits to a whole new level. 7.5mm gold figaro chain necklace, €32.95 EUR.

Our list of the top 6 gold figaro chain necklaces you need in your jewelry box has come to an end. From thin to thick designs and precious metals to stainless steel, the necklaces on our list were chosen to offer you the best gold-toned figaro chain options on the market. All of the chains are comfortable to wear even if you have sensitive skin and will last for years in regular use.

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