9 Freshwater Pearl Necklaces You Will Love

Freshwater pearl necklace you will love

Freshwater pearls are highly desired by jewelry-loving women all over the world. A freshwater pearl necklace's unparalleled beauty and radiant appearance are enough to mesmerize anyone. To help you choose one that suits your looks and style, we've collected some of the most popular designs available.

The popularity of freshwater pearls has been on the rise during the past few decades. Because of the increased amount of pearls produced by the industry, the competition in pearl production is immense. This competition has led to an improvement in the quality of freshwater pearls while simultaneously pushing down the prices. Today, primarily due to their superb quality, affordable price, and availability, freshwater pearls are among the favorites of women and jewelry designers alike.

Although non-saline freshwater pearl necklaces can't compete with the luxurious, high-end saline saltwater pearls in shape (freshwater pearls aren't as perfectly round as saltwater alternatives), their price point is significantly lower. Compared to what a typical freshwater pearl necklace would cost, a saline water alternative can set you back ten times more. If you are a fan of beautiful pearls and can appreciate the affordable prices, you will love a freshwater pearl necklace.

To help you find one that suits your style, we have compiled a list of the nine most popular freshwater pearl necklaces. Each necklace on this list comes with a stunning aesthetic, flattering your looks with classic and timeless shapes. So, if you're looking to find a freshwater pearl necklace others will undoubtedly love as well, our list of popular choices is the best place to start. Although the necklaces look great on screen, they are breathtakingly beautiful when worn or held in hand in real life.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Classic 8-9mm freshwater pearl necklace

8-9mm freshwater pearl necklace


This stunning 8-9mm freshwater pearl necklace is a classic. It comes with near-round or near-oval pearls that flow smoothly on your neck, elevating your natural beauty. It's the best choice for anyone who wants a simple yet visual pearl necklace. Furthermore, it looks best when combined with a formal or semi-formal outfit. With a classic piece like this, you are guaranteed to be the most elegant woman in the room. 8-9mm freshwater pearl necklace, €74.95 EUR. Also available in slightly large size with 9-10mm pearls.

2. Layered freshwater pearl necklace

layered freshwater pearl necklace


A layered freshwater pearl necklace set offers depth and a personal look without sacrificing the timeless design. By combining a classic baroque pearl choker with a longer matinee pearl chain, this beautiful necklace provides a unique style that's easy to wear anywhere. It's the perfect blend of modern minimalism and traditional complexity. Layered freshwater pearl necklace, €64.95 EUR.

3. 6-7mm freshwater pearl choker

6-7mm freshwater pearl choker


One of the most beautiful chokers on this list is this beauty. It comes with a set of 6-7mm near-round freshwater pearls that look absolutely stunning on anyone. In addition, the necklace has a small extension chain that allows it to be adjusted according to your preference for the perfect fit. The nearly flawless condition of the pearls means some minor imperfections appear on the pearls, adding a nice natural feel to the necklace and cutting the price significantly. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this one. 6-7mm freshwater pearl choker necklace, €64.95 EUR.

4. Green agate freshwater pearl choker necklace

Green agate flower freshwater pearl choker necklace


Here's a great example of how well pearls can combine with other natural stones and elements. The necklace utilizes a beautiful green agate stone as its centerpiece. The agate is framed by a set of round pearls, while the chain itself consists of oval-shaped pearls. It forms a lovely necklace that mimics the appearance of a green and white flower. It's impossible to look bad wearing this masterpiece. Green agate & pearl flower choker necklace, €79.95 EUR. The same design is also available with red agate and a white pearl.

5. Rainbow freshwater pearl necklace

Rainbow freshwater pearl necklace


Another sought-after style is a pearl necklace with colorful beads between the pearls. It's a rainbow pearl necklace design, and this one illustrates what they can look like at their best. Wearing a rainbow pearl necklace can add a pleasant, playful touch to any outfit, which is perhaps why the chains are so popular in the first place. A colorful pearl necklace goes best together with casual and semi-casual looks. 7-8mm rainbow freshwater pearl necklace, €42.95 EUR.

6. Satellite freshwater pearl necklace

Satellite freshwater pearl necklace


Here's yet another stunning freshwater pearl necklace that you are guaranteed to love. It's a satellite necklace made from 6-7mm baroque pearls, and it offers a beautiful, lightweight design. The chain is easy to wear with almost any outfit, and the aesthetic leaves room for other accessories, as well. The sterling silver chain that holds the pearls together shines almost as brightly as the pearls themselves. 6-7mm satellite freshwater pearl necklace, €46.95 EUR. The design is also available with a set of black pearls.

7. Floating freshwater pearl necklace

Floating pearl necklace


One of the most loved pearl necklace designs is the floating pearls necklace. It's a set of three translucent strings that hold different-sized pearls distantly from each other. The look makes the pearls appear as if they were magically floating on your neck. The floating freshwater pearl necklace is best suited with semi-formal outfits and styles. Floating freshwater pearl necklace, €38.95 EUR.

8. Baroque freshwater pearl necklace

Baroque freshwater pearl necklace


There's nothing quite like a white baroque pearl chain necklace. The baroque shape of the pearls makes the necklace feel more natural. This design is best suited for women who want to feel more in tune with nature. It can be especially helpful in relieving stress if you live in a modern, urbanized city. Either way, it's a great-looking pearl necklace that will surely attract some admiring gazes. 6-7mm baroque freshwater pearl necklace, €67.95 EUR.

9. Single freshwater pearl necklace

Single freshwater pearl necklace


Completing the list is this cute silver necklace carrying a single, round freshwater pearl. The pearl itself is a 4-5mm round white pearl with a smooth pearlescent surface, while the chain is a dainty, polished silver cable chain. It's a perfect fit for women who want a freshwater pearl necklace without having to over-commit to buying a flashy piece that only suits specific outfits. Single freshwater pearl necklace, €34.95 EUR.

Why choose a freshwater pearl necklace?

A freshwater pearl has quickly risen to become one of the most notable pearls in jewelry. They are loved by jewelers, women, and their husbands alike. So, why are freshwater pearl necklaces in such demand, and should you get one?

There are a few main reasons why you should choose a freshwater pearl. In short, freshwater pearls are the most durable out of all natural pearl varieties. They also provide a beautiful aesthetic that is only exceeded by the luxurious saltwater pearls like the south sea and Akoya pearls. In addition, freshwater pearls come with a noticeably lower cost than its other competitors. Overall, freshwater pearls are perfect for you if:

  • Your budget is under $300 USD — under this price freshwater pearls tick all the right boxes
  • You plan to wear the pearls often — the durability of freshwater pearls is better than any other natural pearl
  • You don't mind a slight variation in shape — although freshwater pearls are very beautiful and radiant in color, their shape is often not as perfect as saltwater pearls
  • You are fairly new to wearing pearls — unlike its saline water alternative, freshwater pearls can endure chemicals, sweat, swimming, and direct sunlight with ease

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