Flower Necklaces: 9 Beautiful Designs You Need To Have

Flower necklaces you need to have

There is nothing quite like the beauty of a blooming flower. Perhaps that's precisely why the flower design has become so popular in jewelry across the globe. Flower necklaces, in particular, are some of the most wanted pieces among women.

Whether it's a classic necklace with a flower pendant or a dainty choker displaying multiple flowers, the flower design will make you feel more feminine and beautiful. To help you find your new favorite necklace with a floral design, we've compiled this list of the nine most beautiful flower necklaces.

Women have worn floral jewelry for centuries. Moreover, more than a few pieces of evidence suggest that floral jewelry was a widespread accessory over a millennium ago. Today, especially with rising concerns about the health and future of our planet, nature-related jewelry designs like flower necklaces are some of the most wanted pieces available.

Flowers symbolize femininity, positive energy, happiness, beauty, and purity. In addition, a flower can represent many things depending on the circumstances. For example, gifting a rose is seen as a gesture of love, passion, and caring, while a flower wreath is associated with nature and peace. As for jewelry, a flower necklace is often associated with beauty and happiness - women wearing a flower necklace are seen as beautiful, down-to-earth individuals with pure intentions and a heart full of love.

Finding the design that fits your style and personality can be time-consuming. So to help you find the perfect one, we have gathered nine of the most beautiful flower necklaces on this quick and easy-to-read list. Every design is guaranteed to elevate your natural beauty to the next level. So, if you know a flower necklace would look amazing on you, this article is the best place to be.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Sunflower necklace

Sunflower necklace


Starting the list is this stunning sunflower necklace. Sunflowers are believed to represent happiness, longevity, peace and are sometimes considered a symbol of summer or the sun itself. This necklace portrays a beautiful gold sunflower and a leaf that completes the look. You are guaranteed to look absolutely gorgeous wearing this beauty. Silver & gold sunflower necklace, €75.95 EUR.

2. Beaded flower choker

Beaded flower choker necklace


A mellow flower choker like this one is an excellent addition to any outfit. This cute white beaded flower choker necklace takes you back to the '90s. The chic white bead chain is embellished with daisies, giving the necklace an easygoing and fun vibe. The playful style instantly cheers up any casual outfit and gives your attire a girly retro tone. White beaded flower choker necklace, €19.95 EUR. The design is also available with green, red, black, purple, turquoise, yellow, pink, hot pink, blue, and multicolor beads.

3. Natural rose quartz flower necklace

Rose quartz flower necklace


What's better than a flower necklace sourced directly from nature? This rose gold necklace flaunts a beautiful flower-shaped natural Rose Quartz pendant, accompanied by a small 2mm Red Garnet. The Rose Quartz has a natively translucent appearance, making this necklace look and feel prestigious. Rose quartz flower necklace, €57.95 EUR.

4. Lotus flower necklace

Silver lotus flower necklace


Throughout history and different cultures, the lotus has been regarded as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, healing, and perfection. Sometimes called a water lily, lotus is an aquatic plant that grows on every continent. This necklace flaunts a silver mini lotus made from white crystals. The flower has three leaves, portrayed by gorgeous marquise-cut crystals, and a stem and roots, illustrated by a small round-cut crystal hanging from the leaves by a dual-bail connect. Sterling silver mini lotus necklace, €42.95 EUR. The necklace also comes in gold.

5. Rose stem necklace

Rose stem necklace


A rose figure in jewelry symbolizes love, passion, and beauty. A rose necklace suits a woman who appreciates beauty all around her and is passionate about the things she loves. Whereas real roses don't live very long, a rose necklace like this lasts for many years to come. This beautiful necklace displays a rose gold-toned rose stem with two leaves. Rose gold rose stem necklace, €19.95 EUR. It's also available in silver and gold.

6. Two-tone rose stem necklace

Two-tone rose stem necklace


Here's another gorgeous rose stem necklace with a two-tone rose. While the necklace is made from sterling silver, the rose petals are coated with solid rose gold. Instead of being upside down like the previous necklace, this one displays an upright rose, exactly how you would see one in real life. Sterling silver two-tone rose necklace, €61.95 EUR.

7. Pearl flower choker necklace

Pearl flower choker necklace


This cute choker is made of natural, oval-shaped freshwater pearls. The flower-shaped ornament consists of a large round natural green agate as its centerpiece, surrounded by a halo of 10 smaller round pearls. This choker's unique and timeless look offers beauty and ease of use in the same package. If you want a flower necklace and love pearls, there isn't a better alternative than this stunner. Freshwater pearl & green agate flower necklace, €79.95 EUR. The necklace is also available with red agate or with a white large pearl.

8. Heart flower locket necklace

Heart flower locket necklace


This breathtaking heart with a floral rose design engraving is definitely the best choice if you're one for lockets. The heart flower locket necklace is designed to keep the memories of your loved ones safe with you wherever you go. The heart comes with a beautiful rose pressed to it. It's a timeless and classic look, perfectly suited to show respect and cherish your loved ones. Gold heart flower locket necklace, €42.95 EUR. The design also comes in rose gold and silver.

9. Open heart flower necklace

Silver open heart flower necklace


Finally, we have this absolutely gorgeous open heart necklace with a rose flower integrated into it. In addition, the edges of the heart are sprinkled with black faceted zirconias, adding a unique touch to the classic open heart design. If you are looking to get the perfect gift for your girlfriend, this one is definitely among the best purchases you can make. Silver heart & flower necklace, €57.95 EUR.

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