Earrings Under 100:
Popular Budget-Friendly Designs

Are you ready to uncover the hottest earrings under 100? Sit back, relax, and allow us to guide you through the most popular budget-friendly earring styles you will love today and for years to come.

Whether you're on the hunt for your next go-to pair of everyday earrings or the perfect gift for someone special, we've got you covered. And although our picks are affordable, they are of high quality, too.

None of the earrings featured in this article irritate the skin or turn green. Each style is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and carefully crafted, ensuring a blissful wearing experience.

From trendy hoops that make a statement to timeless studs that exude elegance and captivating drop earrings that elevate any ensemble, these budget-friendly picks are destined to become your jewelry box staples.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

Stud earrings under 100

Stud earrings are the most popular earring type year after year. Typical stud earrings are small, elegant, and easy to wear. Their small size and excellent comfort make them ideal for effortless everyday wear.

A pair of stud earrings is always a safe choice that subtly yet noticeably elevates your attire. Below are our favorite studs that you can get under 100:

All the stud earrings above perfectly blend timeless design and premium materials, so you can rest assured they will keep their place as your staple jewelry pieces for years and years to come.

Hoop earrings under 100

Hoop earrings are another fan favorite that never seems to fall out of fashion. From small and minimalistic hoops to large statement pieces, hoop earrings offer something for every taste.

Smaller hoops are perfect for casual and formal occasions, whereas larger hoops give your attire a fun and feminine touch whenever you want to dress to impress. No matter how you like your hoops, here's proof that it is possible to find beautiful designs affordably without sacrificing quality:

Every pair of these hoops is crafted from sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil and made to last.

Drop earrings under 100

Drop earrings are popular among women who want to express their sensuality and femininity. They bring an element of movement to your attire, giving it a lively and flirty touch.

Drop and dangle earrings are the number one choice when going on a date. They are also quite festive, making them an excellent accessory for any special occasion or celebration.

In addition, simple and unadorned drop earring designs can be work-appropriate, too, giving your work look a feminine and tasteful detail.

These gorgeous drop earrings look and feel luxurious without breaking the bank:

Wherever you go, you can be sure to draw positive attention with an elegant pair of drop earrings.

Pearl earrings under 100

From celebs to fashion influencers, everybody seems to love pearl earrings. There's just something about the lustrous shine of pearls that makes them hard to resist!

Even though some pearls are expensive and exclusive, you can find affordable pearls with similar durability and visual qualities. For example, the following pearl earrings are not only beautiful but long-lasting, too:

A pair of quality pearl earrings will elevate anyone's look effortlessly.

Huggie earrings under 100

Huggie earrings are the latest big trend when it comes to earrings. These small hoop earrings hug the ear snugly, creating a comfortable and versatile earring style you can wear on any occasion.

A pair of huggies is a reliable addition to your jewelry collection. Whether at work, meeting friends, or running errands, wearing huggie earrings gives your attire a polished and sophisticated touch.

For their unmatched price-to-quality ratio, these huggie hoops are an excellent investment you can enjoy for many years to come:

Wherever you go, a pair of huggies will ensure you are always properly accessorized.

Long earrings under 100

Wearing long earrings is an effortless way to elevate your look. Earrings that fall at or below your jawline and dangle as you move draw attention to your face and neck, emphasizing your sensual and feminine features.

Dainty long drop earrings like threader and chain earrings suit everyday wear, while larger statement pieces are excellent for parties and other festive occasions.

No matter your preference, these popular, easy-to-wear styles offer something for everybody:

Even though increased size usually raises the price of premium jewelry, these gorgeous long earrings stay well below the 100 price point.

Large earrings under 100

When it comes to finding affordable earrings that are both big and high quality, it can be a real challenge because premium materials are so pricey.

To assist you in your hunt, we've handpicked earrings that are large in size and ooze class. And the best part? All these designs are crafted from sterling silver or gold vermeil so that you can rock them for years on end without any worries.

Whether you're in search of large studs, hoops, or drop earrings, check out the following styles:

A pair of large earrings like these is all you need to accessorize an outfit.

Colorful earrings under 100

Last but least is a gorgeous selection of colorful earrings under 100! From vibrant studs to multicolor hoops, these earrings add a playful and captivating touch to your ensemble.

While neutral colors are timeless, incorporating a splash of color can truly enhance your features and set your style apart.

Whether you're a color enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of vibrant accessories, these earrings are must-have staples in your jewelry collection:

A pair of colorful earrings like these will elevate your style and give your attire a fun yet elegant detail.

What to consider when searching for affordable earrings

Buying earrings on a budget should never be just about the price tag. The secret is discovering pieces that give you the best bang for your buck. That means steering clear of overpriced luxury brands and cheap fast-fashion options that won't stand the test of time.

Aside from the design, the most crucial factor to consider is the materials used in the earrings. Since they come in direct contact with your skin through the piercing, it's important to choose hypoallergenic earrings for your health and comfort. Opt for high-quality materials like sterling silver and gold, which are less likely to cause skin irritation, infections, or allergies.

Now, let's talk about saving money without compromising quality.

Believe it or not, you can find affordable earrings that rival those high-end pieces in terms of durability and style. It's all about being mindful of the materials you're looking for. Instead of splurging on solid gold and diamonds, let us share some savvy alternatives with you.

If you love the elegance of yellow gold and rose gold, consider 14K gold vermeil or 14K rose gold vermeil. Unlike regular gold-plated jewelry that fades quickly and may cause allergies because of the base metal, these options feature a hypoallergenic sterling silver base with a thick layer of 14K gold or rose gold over it. Not only do they look fabulous, but they're also water-resistant and suitable for sensitive skin, offering you durability and comfort.

For those who adore the allure of white gold and platinum, sterling silver is your wallet-friendly go-to. This versatile and enduring material is completely waterproof and can be cherished for a lifetime.

How about those dazzling jewelry adornments?

You don't have to spend a fortune on diamonds and precious gemstones. Instead, opt for cubic zirconias and quality crystals. Even the highest quality cubic zirconias are quite affordable and can fool anyone with their stunning resemblance to real diamonds. Plus, they often have a brighter shine and a more mesmerizing sparkle because they lack all the imperfections of natural diamonds.

If you're a fan of pearls but don't want to spend a fortune, don't worry. Freshwater pearls and shell pearls are excellent alternatives to expensive marine pearls. Not only do they offer a similar visual appeal, but they can also be just as durable, if not more. However, be cautious and avoid low-grade plastic pearls, as their inferior quality is easily noticeable.

So there you have it! With these tips in mind, you can find affordable earrings that combine style, quality, and savings.

To continue your search, visit our collection of earrings under 100 for over 700+ styles of gorgeous premium ear candy that won't break the bank.

Happy earring shopping!

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