12 Earrings That Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Best earrings to make you look slimmer

Did you know that the right pair of earrings can actually make your face look slimmer?

Most of us strive to enhance our features and feel confident in our appearance, and earrings can play a significant role in shaping our look.

Just like the perfect hairstyle or makeup technique can accentuate your facial features, earrings can also have a transformative effect on your face shape.

In this article, we'll explore the power of earrings in creating a slimming effect on your face.

Most importantly, we'll look closer at various earring styles and designs that complement your facial features and make your face appear more sculpted and refined. From beautiful dangle earrings that create vertical lines to angular geometric earrings that add definition, you'll find plenty of attractive options to choose from.

For us plus-sized queens, finding the perfect pair of earrings that flatter your face shape can be overwhelming.

But fear not!

This list of earrings is filled explicitly with designs that make your face look slimmer, making your decision easier. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance, sophistication, or modern flair to your overall look, our list has something for everyone.

So, if you're eager to elevate your style and enhance your facial features, keep reading to discover the most flattering earrings that can help you achieve a slimmer-looking face. Get ready to embrace the power of earrings in highlighting your natural beauty and expressing your style.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Triple baguette drop bar earrings

Gold triple baguette drop bar hoop earrings


Starting off the list are these gorgeous drop hoops for a perfect balance of feminine appeal and slimming effect. They feature three consecutive baguette-cut crystals that dangle elegantly from the hoop. They add a feminine touch and complement a round facial shape perfectly by adding a vertical contrast. These are perfect if you want to elegantly and discreetly nudge your face to appear slimmer—and their timeless aesthetic makes them one of the most versatile earrings on this list, too. Gold triple baguette bard drop earrings, €104.95 EUR. They're also available with black crystals and red crystals.

2. Delicate silver wire threaders

Delicate silver wire threaders


With these wire threaders, you'll go anywhere with maximum comfort. The earrings display two slightly curved sterling silver bars connected by a dainty chain. It's a casual everyday look that brings out your face's feminine and slender aspects. Due to their shape and design, these earrings are ideal for women with a round to near-round face and those with a tad of extra weight that they'd rather not emphasize. Delicate silver wire threader earrings, €34.95 EUR.

3. Gold crystal drop bar earrings

Long gold crystal drop bar earrings


These beautiful gold drop bar earrings with premium crystal inlay will elevate your natural beauty wherever you go. The 2.5cm long drops have a polished gold surface and a crystal-embellished exterior, creating a truly luxurious pair of bar drops. Thanks to their small size, the earrings are surprisingly versatile. So whether you wear them with a lovely evening gown or jeans and a top, these crystal drop bar earrings are more effective at highlighting your beauty than most. Long gold crystal drop bar earrings, €94.95 EUR. These beauties also come in silver.

4. Herringbone chain earrings

Gold herringbone chain earrings


A herringbone chain is one of the most feminine chain types, and this one is no exception. These long herringbone chain earrings are all you need to accessorize an outfit, and the flat dual-link design of the chain allows the earrings to live with your movement. With the long and lively aesthetic, the herringbone chain earrings will make your face appear slimmer and more symmetrical without having to compromise on style or comfort. Gold herringbone chain earrings, €109.95 EUR. The herringbone earrings are also available in silver.

5. Colorful crystal drop chain earrings

Silver colorful crystal drop chain earrings


If you are looking for a pair of earrings that allow you to bring out your personality and make your face appear slimmer, this is for you. This captivating pair of drop earrings feature a chain of seven colorful crystals cut in different shapes, and the gorgeous colors of the crystals go perfectly with the polished silver base. Sterling silver colorful crystal drop chain earrings, €73.95 EUR. The earrings are also available in gold.

6. Crystal butterfly drop chain earrings

Silver crystal butterfly drop chain earrings


As one of this list's most beautiful and captivating designs, these crystal butterfly drops will caress your face and make you feel like a goddess. The elongated design only brings out the slim and slender aspects of your face, and the gorgeous design adds elegance and prestige to any outfit. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Silver crystal butterfly drop chain earrings, €93.95 EUR. You can also get these in gold, or with black crystals (gold & silver).

7. Gold pearl threaders

Gold pearl threader earrings


The delicate design of these pearl threaders will heighten your feminine aspects and make your face appear more narrow. In addition, you'll find these gold pearl earrings to be very comfortable and feel weightless on the ear due to their dainty design. The earrings consist of a curved gold bar with chains connected to each end of the bar. One chain displays a thin, rounded gold plate at the end, while the other features a 4-5mm shell pearl pendant. Gold pearl threader earrings, €52.95 EUR. For more beautiful pearl designs, check out our selection of pearl earrings.

8. Crystal halo threader earrings

Gold crystal halo threader earrings


It's impossible not to look pretty with these crystal halo threaders! The crystal halo is designed to be the shape of a flower, symbolizing beauty, elegance, femininity, and gracefulness. The threader chain creates a vertical element to the earrings, and the halo is well positioned under the earlobe, ensuring you will look as slim as ever. Gold crystal halo threader earrings, €58.95 EUR. They also come in rose gold and sterling silver.

9. Silver teardrop crystal threader earrings

Silver teardrop crystal threader earrings


These elegant sterling silver teardrop crystal threaders are perfect for weddings and other celebrations. The earrings consist of a curved silver bar with chains connected to each end of the bar. It features three pear-cut 0.6ct crystals on separate chains. So if you are going for a classy look that ensures your face will look slim and naturally beautiful, you have a winner. Silver teardrop crystal threader earrings, €89.95 EUR.

10. Gold snake crystal drop earrings

Gold snake crystal drop earrings


The graceful aesthetic of these crystal snake drops is very seductive. These drop earrings not only elevate your feminine aspects but also gently frame your face in a delicate embrace. The small crystal that sits on the earlobe completes the gorgeous appeal of these drops, hammering home the point that you are the most beautiful woman in the room, wherever you go. Gold snake crystal drop earrings, €109.95 EUR. It's also available in sterling silver.

11. Crystal drop chain earrings

Gold crystal drop chain earrings


There's nothing like a timeless and elegant pair of crystal drops hugged by the warm embrace of gold. This beautiful pair of gold drop chain earrings feature five small crystals, embracing a luxurious French-style design. The polished gold surface looks alluring with the clear white crystals, creating an elegant drop set that brings out your natural beauty. Gold crystal drop chain earrings, €109.95 EUR. You can also get these drops in sterling silver.

12. Gold purple crystal flower drops

Gold purple crystal flower drop chain earrings


For classy evenings and cocktail events, nothing crowns your attire better than these flower drops. The extravagant, high-end design highlights your feminine aspects and sets a highly appealing frame for your face. It's quite rare to see a seemingly girly yet elegant pair of drops that so effortlessly improve your entire appearance and looks. Gold purple crystal flower drop chain earrings, €134.95 EUR. The design also comes in silver, and with clear white crystals (gold & silver).

DIDN'T FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? By focusing on vertically emphasized designs and avoiding short and thick earrings, you are well on your way to finding the best pair of earrings that make your face look slimmer. The best place to continue searching for slimming earrings is to visit our long earrings and drop earrings collections filled with hundreds of stunning designs.

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For now, thank you for reading!

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