15 Crystal Necklaces That Will Make You Fall In Love

Crystal necklaces that you will love

Crystal necklaces offer a great way to add luxury and elegance to your everyday life. The sparkly, mesmerizing appearance of crystals makes them a perfect pair for some of the most beautiful jewelry designs available. We're here to help you choose your favorite from some of the most lovable crystal necklaces available.

Wearing a crystal necklace is a sure way to heighten your natural beauty and feel more in touch with your sensual, feminine side. They empower women and, as one of the most popular decorative jewelry materials in the world, crystals offer a stunning aesthetic that usually comes without a hefty price tag. What's best, crystals come in every color from the rainbow and can be combined with almost any necklace design.

When speaking of crystals and crystal necklaces, we need to consider two types of jewelry: natural crystals and synthetic crystals. Both have their benefits, and it is important not to ignore the other simply because you might think the other is better. Furthermore, just like natural crystals seen on necklaces aren't usually completely natural due to being cut and refined in a lab, many artificial crystals also contain natural crystals such as quartz. Because both types can deliver breathtaking aesthetics, we will include both natural and manufactured crystal necklaces on this list.

We have gathered a list of some of the most beautiful crystal necklaces below. So whether you're looking for a small piece that brings out your natural beauty or a colorful crystal necklace, our list makes sure you will find one you love. All of our picks are guaranteed to elevate your looks to the next level and collect admiring eyes wherever you go.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Clear emerald-cut crystal necklace

Clear emerald-cut crystal necklace


Starting the list is this gorgeous clear crystal necklace displaying a small yet radiant emerald-cut crystal. The crystal is made of premium cubic zirconia, and it shows. The emerald-cut zirconia compares to a perfect natural diamond regardless of the lighting conditions. You would need a microscope to tell this beauty apart from a diamond, and even then, the telltale sign is that a natural diamond has imperfections, while this one doesn't. What's more, the dainty size of this necklace makes it ideal for daily wear as well as a great formal wear jewelry accessory. Finally, because the necklace looks even better in reality than on screen, you are guaranteed to love this piece. Silver emerald-cut crystal necklace, €44.95 EUR. Also available in gold emerald-cut, gold carre-cut, and silver carre-cut options.

2. Beauty of the universe necklace

Beauty of the universe necklace


The universe is associated with dreams and aspirations and is often connected with the concept of time. Considering its mysterious nature, a blue moonstone is one of the best gemstones to compare to the universe. This necklace portrays a multidimensional blue moonstone surrounded by a silver halo with white crystal embellishment. The design aims to depict the mysterious universe and its unequivocal beauty. If you are after something natural, timeless, and unique, this is it. There isn't a better alternative than this silver necklace featuring a genuine blue moonstone and a small white crystal that completes the design. Beauty of the universe necklace, €42.95 EUR.

3. Mica crystal tree of life necklace

Mica crystal tree of life necklace


Mica crystal is known for its pearly luster, metamorphic appearance, and aesthetically pleasing translucent to opaque surface. This necklace uses Mica very elegantly by covering the background fully with a layer of if. At the front stands a tree of life made from polished sterling silver. The tree of life symbolizes endurance, protection, connection, and longevity. It's is seen as a stable support that reaches out with its branches, and some cultures associate it with their family. The tree of life is also thought to represent wisdom, rebirth, immortality, and even enlightenment. Silver mica crystal tree of life necklace, €54.95 EUR.

4. Amethyst pendant necklace

Amethyst pendant necklace


When it comes to crystals, Amethyst is one of the all-time favorites. Its gorgeous purple and violet hues fluctuate from almost black to clear lavender and even whiteish tones. The necklace displays a single 8mm / 0.31" amethyst bead framed by a polished silver ring. It's a timeless look that is easy to combine with almost any outfit, from casual styles to formal evening dresses. Moreover, this necklace is best suited for women searching for a natural crystal necklace that looks stunning by itself yet leaves enough room for other accessories. Round amethyst pendant necklace, €49.95 EUR. Also available in Garnet, Aquamarine, Malachite, Tiger eye, Orange moonstone, White moonstone, Grey moonstone, Red agate, Black agate, Lapis lazuli, and Strawberry quartz stone options.

5. Timeless beauty necklace

Timeless beauty necklace


This beautiful gold necklace features an interlocked Roman numeral ring and a crystal ring. Roman numerals represent a time when our Hindu-Arabic numeric system was yet to be found. This necklace presents the concept of time and beauty and how both are linked together. The ring decorated with pure white crystals represents beauty and harmony, while the Roman numeral ring symbolizes time. Together, the interlinked rings stand for eternal and timeless beauty. Gold timeless beauty necklace, €44.95 EUR.

6. Crystal sunflower necklace

Crystal sunflower pendant necklace


Across many cultures, sunflowers represent happiness, longevity, and peace. They are sometimes considered a symbol of summer or the sun itself. This crystal sunflower necklace is ideally suited for someone with a carefree personality or someone who needs a reminder to enjoy life once in a while. The necklace beautifully combines a sterling silver chain with the gold vermeil flower pedals and clear white cubic zirconia at its centerpiece. Crystal sunflower pendant necklace, €75.95 EUR.

7. Green Tourmaline bar necklace

Green Tourmaline bar necklace


This crystal necklace utilizes a stunning Green Tourmaline crystal, a fancy alternative to regular transparent crystals. Although the crystal is called Green Tourmaline, it has a faint bluish hue that adds depth to the green stone. Like the first necklace on this list, this one is also emerald-cut. The sheer beauty of natural Green Tourmaline is enough to attract admiration. Add to that a sterling silver chain and an excellent emerald cut, and you can't help but fall in love with this necklace. Green Tourmaline bar necklace, €46.95 EUR. Also available in Gold emerald-cut, silver carre-cut, and gold carre-cut options.

8. Crystal evil eye necklace

Crystal evil eye necklace


Throughout history, evil eye necklaces have been considered to be one the best, most powerful protective amulets in existence. It's is a belief that a malevolent force could cause bad luck and misfortune to people by staring at them when they aren't aware (giving them the "evil eye"). Therefore, people created jewelry with an eye symbol to protect the wearers from the bad effects of the evil eye. The deep blue crystals combine flawlessly with the clear white crystal on the necklace, so you can be sure it complements your looks wherever you decide to wear the necklace. Silver crystal evil eye necklace, €49.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

9. Crystal butterfly necklace

Crystal butterfly necklace


When searching for a feminine crystal necklace, it's almost impossible to overlook a stunner like this crystal butterfly necklace. It features two butterflies, both displaying a clear white crystal-embellished surface. Because a butterfly is seen as a symbol of beauty, innocence, hope, and even life itself, this one makes a great gift idea as well. In fact, women who wear butterfly necklaces are often perceived as fun, beautiful, delightful, and pure of heart. Silver crystal butterfly necklace, €64.95 EUR. Also available in gold.

10. Blue topaz necklace

Blue pear-cut topaz necklace


Here is the perfect companion to wear with formal and semi-formal outfits like evening dresses and ball gowns. There isn't a ceremonial outfit that wouldn't look amazing with this dazzling blue topaz necklace. Maybe it might have something to do with topazes being among the most beautiful precious stones in the world. What's great about this piece is the convenient and versatile size of the topaz; it's neither too small nor too big, but just perfect. Blue pear-cut topaz necklace, €149.95 EUR.

11. Crystal hamsa hand necklace

Crystal hamsa hand necklace


Hamsa is one of the most widely used symbols in jewelry worldwide. Alongside the evil eye, the hamsa hand is one of the all-time favorite protective symbols. This piece showcases a hamsa hand decorated with a large blue crystal at its center, surrounded by a set of smaller white crystals. The gold chain and trim around the palm look very elegant and make the necklace perfect for daily wearing. Gold crystal hamsa necklace, €69.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

12. Clear crystal halo necklace

Crystal halo necklace


If you are into zirconias, the best-looking necklace you can choose is this absolutely stunning crystal halo necklace. The piece has a 2-carat, faceted clear zirconia as its main attraction and a halo of smaller white crystals surrounding it. While an identical diamond alternative can set you back several thousand, this necklace offers a significantly more affordable option without cutting back on the aesthetics at all. In addition to being guaranteed ethical jewelry, the premium zirconia used in this necklace is impossible to tell apart from a perfect natural diamond by the bare eye. Silver crystal halo necklace, €43.95 EUR.

13. White & cognac crystal cross necklace

White and cognac crystal cross necklace


This dainty cross necklace looks perfect with any style. While the two white crystals have a princess cut, the cognac-toned crystal in the middle has a gorgeous emerald-cut design. Although the cross necklace is petite, the cognac-colored crystal in its center is rarely seen in jewelry. Therefore, we can confidently say you won't see many wearing similar crystal necklaces anywhere in the world. Gold dainty white & cognac crystal cross necklace, €39.95 EUR. Also available in green & black.

14. Classic gold crystal necklace

Classic gold crystal necklace


Another exquisite crystal necklace with an ageless appeal is this classic piece with a round clear crystal pendant. Although the crystal on this necklace is small 0.5-carat zirconia, the gold cable chain completes the truly timeless look. In addition, stainless steel as a material choice is the most practical and durable for daily use. Overall, the simplicity of this necklace makes it ideal for plenty of use cases. Classic gold crystal necklace, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver.

15. Turquoise crystal heart necklace

Turquoise crystal heart necklace


Completing this list of the most lovely crystal necklaces is this fantastic piece. The crystal heart comes in a calming turquoise color that plays well together with the gold details of the chain. In addition, the turquoise heart crystal symbolizes love, joy, and true happiness. This heart necklace concludes our list of crystal necklaces that will make you fall in love. Gold turquoise crystal heart necklace, €34.95 EUR. Also available in silver, gold / white, silver / white, gold / blue, silver / blue, gold / pink, and silver / pink.

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