Top 10 Gold Layered Necklaces That Are Super Trendy

Top 10 Gold Layered Necklaces

Are gold layered necklaces in style? Extremely! Layered gold necklaces are undoubtedly the hottest accessory right now. Celebrities, models, and influencers are all madly in love with their layered gold necklaces. Everyone who follows the latest style trends has surely noticed it. But what makes gold layered necklaces so popular? No-one knows. However, it cannot be denied that they look superb.

What is a layered necklace? Gold layered necklaces are a set of two or more delicate gold chains of different lengths. The number of chains varies, but the most popular styles are created with three to five chains. Some chains, if not all, feature one or more pendants. The shortest chain can be as short as a choker, and the longest chain normally falls at the top of the bust. The style of layered necklaces is usually simple and minimalistic, and the desired volume is created by the number and thickness of layers. Layered necklaces are very versatile and can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit.

Because they are so effortless, layered necklaces are also ideal for those who don't consider having the perfect sense of style. If you don't think of yourself as the trendiest woman, you can take an easy step towards a trendy outlook just by wearing a gold layered necklace. At best, layered necklaces are trendy, effortless, affordable, and what's best, can take your outfit up like 1000 levels. We will present to you a list of the best gold layered necklaces so that you can easily find a trendy choice for you. They all are affordable and can be shipped worldwide for free. Let's begin!

The top 10 best gold layered necklaces

WARNING: Be prepared to find your new favorite gold layered necklace on this list. In fact, we bet you won't be able to pick out just one. But don't worry, we've got you covered with an exclusive 3-for-2 discount for our blog reader babes. Use discount code LOVE-LAYERS at checkout to get the third necklace for free!

1. Layered coin necklace

Gold layered coin necklaces are one of the most popular layered necklace styles at the moment. They often have two to four gold chains that each feature a gold coin pendant. The coins can look like real coins, the surface can be smooth, or it can have an abstract pattern.

Layered Coin Necklace

Layered Coin Necklace, 17,95€ / $20.05 & Smooth Coin Necklace, 12,95€ / $15.59

We have chosen two layered gold coin necklaces with different styles to show you. The first coin necklace consists of three chains. All chains are of different lengths and features gradually sized gold coins. The coins display a silhouette of a woman, making them look pretty close to actual gold coins. GET IT HERE.

The second necklace has two gold chain layers with two gold coins. The surface of the coins is smooth, making the outlook quite modern. Beautiful, simple, and trendy! GET IT HERE.

2. Layered pearl necklace

The second style on our list is layered pearl necklaces. Layered pearl necklaces are usually a combination of pearls, gold or silver chain, and pendants.

Layered Pearl Necklace

Layered Pearl Necklace, 18,95€ / $21.17 & Layered Pearl Crystal Necklace, 19,95€ / $22.29

The first layered pearl necklace that we chose on this list is a beautiful, four-layer necklace. It has one layer of oval-shaped pearls, one layer of thick gold chain and two layers of dainty gold chain. Not to mention three beautiful pendants. The more your necklace has layers, the bigger the statement it will make. So if you're looking for a necklace to turn heads and to be a centerpiece of your outfit, opt for a lot of layers. GET IT HERE.

The second pearl necklace has just one large bead, complemented with a delicate gold chain and sparkling crystals. If you like wearing low-cut tops, leaving the longest chain inside the top creates a magnificent look. GET IT HERE.

3. Layered cross necklace

Cross necklaces are extremely popular but also timeless, since wearing one is a great way to express your faith. We chose two distinctive layered cross necklaces on this list so that you can pick your favorite from the two.

Layered Cross Necklaces

Gold Layered Necklace Set, 19,95€ / $22.29 & Layered Cross Necklace, 18,95€ / $21.17

The layered cross necklace set on the left is one of our favorites. The set has five individual necklaces that look perfect when they are worn layered. Since all of the necklaces are individual, the volume and style of the set can be easily modified. You can wear all five on one day, and two of them the next day. Perfect for those who need some change at times! GET IT HERE.

The layered cross necklace on the right is a single necklace with five layers. It's a real eye-catcher, thanks to the chunky first layer with pearls and crystals. It's a very unique-looking necklace with beautiful pendants, interesting details, and a trendy vibe. GET IT HERE.

4. Layered pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces are simply a combination of a chain and a pendant. Pendants can be shaped like anything, such as hearts, crosses, initials, or something abstract. Many necklaces on this list would qualify as pendant necklaces, but just to be sure, we decided to add a couple of layered pendant necklace examples here. 

Layered Pendant Necklace

Layered Shell Pendant Necklace, 18,95€ / $21.17 & Layered Pendant Necklace, 16,95€ / $18.94

The necklace on the left is made of four delicate gold chain layers, with a small to medium sized pendant in each. The pendants include two seashell pendants and a crescent moon pendant. They are both very popular pendant styles at the moment. GET IT HERE.

The necklace on the right has two large beautiful gold pendants on two layers of fine gold chain. The slightly uneven shape of the pendants creates a vintage vibe. The design is simple and elegant, but also interesting and eye-catching at the same time. GET IT HERE.

5. Layered initial necklace

Initial necklaces are, and will probably always be popular. Women love to wear initial necklaces either with their own initial or their loved one's initial. To combine the popular initial necklaces and trendy layered necklaces, the best way to get the perfectly unique set for you is to layer your favorite necklaces. 

Layered Initial Necklace

Large Gold Initial Necklace, 12,95€ / $14.47 & Gold Shell Choker, 26,95€ / $30.11

For example, we love the look above with the shell necklace and the gold initial necklace. The two necklaces are sold separately, but they create the perfect combo when worn together. Get the initial necklace HERE and the shell necklace HERE (and the shell bracelets HERE). 

6. Layered star & moon necklace

Layered star & moon necklaces are in favor of the dreamers. A necklace with star and moon pendants remind us of the vast beauty of the night sky, space, and all the magic that's associated with them. It's no wonder why star and moon necklaces are so popular!

Layered Star & Moon Necklace

Layered Star & Moon Necklace, 13,95€ / $15.59 & Layered Star Necklace, 14,95€ / $16.70

Our pick on the left is a stunning three-layer gold necklace with a star and a moon pendant. The star is decorated with sparkling crystals. It's the perfect go-to necklace for any occasion. GET IT HERE.

The beauty on the right has multiple star pendants displayed on four layers of delicate gold chain. The design of the necklace was inspired by the night sky and all of its stars. This one is also adorned with a set of sparkling crystals. A definite must-have for those who love beautiful and unique jewelry. GET IT HERE.

7. Layered shell necklace

Shell jewelry has been on top of today's trends for a while now, and will definitely be one of the hottest jewelry trends for the summer. Shells can be seen in anklets, bracelets, and most commonly, in necklaces. Wearing a shell necklace that is layered is like combining two of the top trends and getting five times as much trendiness out of it.

Layered Shell Necklace

Layered Seashell Necklace, 17,95€ / $20.05 & Layered Shell Necklace, 14,95€ / $16.70

The first layered shell necklace on this list has three delicate gold chains each featuring a beautiful seashell. The combination of white and gold is a very fresh and luxurious one. Let the picture speak for itself, this pretty necklace is the perfect necklace for summer styles. GET IT HERE.

The second gold shell necklace has a chain with palm tree pendants, and two chains with cute seashell pendants. A nice tropical vibe to add to your outfit! GET IT HERE.

8. Layered disc necklace

Disc necklaces are very popular at the moment, either with one layer or multiple layers. The reason why they are so popular is that the design is very simple yet beautiful. The chain itself can be made of small discs right next to each other, or a regular delicate chain can have several disc pendants on it.

Layered Disc Necklaces

Double Layer Disc Necklace, 13,95€ / $15.59 & Layered World Necklace, 13,95€ / $15.59

The first example of a gold layered disc necklace has them both; a chain made of small discs and a disc pendant. Very simple, yet very trendy. GET IT HERE.

The second example of a layered disc necklace also has a world pendant on it. World pendants are very popular among travelers and those who want to see the world. For people that appreciate the nature and Mother Earth, wearing a necklace with a world pendant is an easy way to express themselves. With two layers of delicate chain, disc pendants, and a world pendant, you have an all-around trendy necklace that can be worn on all occasions. GET IT HERE.

9. Layered chain necklace

Chain necklaces are the most common type of layered necklaces. Chain necklaces are usually very delicate, which makes them perfect for layering. When you wear a chain necklace, you can wear your favorite pendant on it, or multiple pendants for that matter. Almost all of the necklaces on this list qualify as chain necklaces.

Layered Chain Necklaces

Layered Chain Necklace, 16,95€ / $18.94 & Layered Natural Stone Necklace, 11,95€ / $13.35

These two chain necklaces are very delicate. The first one features three pendants on three layers of dainty gold chain. The shortest layer carries a wishbone pendant, the middle layer displays an oval-shaped crystal pendant, and the bottom layer features a gold disc pendant. Very simple, yet very elegant and trendy. GET IT HERE.

The second necklace has two layers, one displaying a natural stone pendant and the other a small moon pendant. It's the perfect choice for women who love natural stone, and you can get the stone in quartz, amethyst, jade, turquoise, onyx, and sodalite. GET IT HERE.

10. Layered choker necklace

Some people love chokers over regular or long necklaces. Chokers, as well as any necklaces, can be layered to obtain the trendy layered look. Since the length of a choker can't vary as much as a length of a necklace (too long, they wouldn't be chokers any more, duh), two to three choker layers are optimal.

Layered Choker Necklaces

Layered Heart Choker, 12,95€ / $14.47 & Layered Opal Choker, 13,95€ / $15.59

Both of the choker necklaces we chose to add to this list have two layers. Both of the layers are delicate and simple, and the second layer displays either a heart pendant or round opal pendant. Get the heart choker HERE and the opal choker HERE.

That's it, thank you for reading our top 10 list of the best gold layered necklaces.

All of these styles have been spotted on countless of Instagram influencers, models, celebrities and it girls. Gold layered necklaces will still be in style for quite a while, so getting one is definitely a good investment. After all, no look is complete without the right jewelry.

If you are ready to spend 100's on individual necklaces and creating your own mix for layering, find some inspiration from this Harper's Bazaar article.

If the price point was great but you're looking for something more, make sure to check out our Necklace Collection for a wide variety of trendy and gorgeous necklaces. And don't forget to take advantage of our special 3-for-2 discount when you're shopping. Use discount code LOVE-LAYERS at checkout to get your third necklace for free!

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