10 Best Cubic Zirconia Earrings For Women

10 Best cubic zirconia earrings for women
In this article, we will list the top 10 best cubic zirconia earrings for women right now. Cubic zirconia is an affordable, increasingly popular alternative for diamonds in earrings. The list includes a few stunning stud earrings, as well as drop and hoop earrings made of CZ. See out the full list to find your favorites.
Cubic zirconia has made a name for itself in the women's fashion industry. If you have never heard of cubic zirconia before, it is a synthesized, machine-made diamond. Because it is a synthetical diamond, it has a way lower price point than natural diamonds. The only characteristic diamonds have over cubic zirconia is durability (CZ 8.5/10 vs diamonds 10/10 on Mohs hardness scale). While diamonds can handle hits and scratches fairly well, cubic zirconia is not as durable in the long run as diamonds. While the differences between cubic zirconia and diamonds are subtle, CZ is the best option available for people with a budget below 1000. Overall, CZ outperforms diamonds in multiple categories because it is more affordable, looks better in general, and is very hard to tell apart from a natural diamond.
Because cubic zirconias are made in a laboratory, they lack the imperfections and flaws of a natural diamond. Flawless natural diamonds are extremely rare and super expensive. This is why many regard cubic zirconia as the perfect, affordable diamond.
Synthesized diamonds, like cubic zirconias, are perfect if you are looking for affordable visually pleasing earrings. Due to the excellent clarity of cubic zirconia earrings, they will look better than regular crystal earrings. Many women like that extra shine the purity of cubic zirconia can offer. Without further ado, let's get started with the list of 10 best cubic zirconia earrings for women right now!

1. Classic round cubic zirconia stud earrings

Classic round cubic zirconia stud earrings

Round CZ Halo Studs, €54.95 EUR & 5mm Round Gold CZ Studs, €37.95 EUR

If you're searching for timeless cubic zirconia earrings to enhance your style year after year, look no further than classic round CZ studs. Their simple yet elegant design and round shape accentuate the stone's brilliance, surpassing the sparkle of most diamonds. You can opt for a single stone for a touch of subtle elegance or amplify the shimmer with a stunning halo design.

2. Cubic zirconia hoop earrings - 34.95€ / $39

Cubic zirconia hoop earrings

Small hoop earrings with cubic zirconia will make your friends envious.

These beautiful tiny hoop earrings come with 3 layers of platinum or gold plating and 11 premium Austrian 0.03-carat cubic zirconias. If you are looking for the best cubic zirconia hoop earrings, these are your best bet. An elegant look with little effort. Quality Austrian CZ looks dazzling and will make your friends envy of your expensive look. The platinum and gold surfaces have been polished to perfection. Make your friends jealous of your style with these beauties. For this price, this is definitely the best quality pair of cubic zirconia hoop earrings.

3. Silver cubic zirconia stud earrings - 32.95€ / $37

Silver cubic zirconia stud earrings

The silver stud earrings embrace your beauty and enrich any outfit.
925 Sterling silver studs with Austrian 0.6-carat cubic zirconia. These elegant silver stud earrings are exactly what you need. The studs have an excellent quality to price ratio, providing huge value for the cost. Our premium cubic zirconia from Austria is the best thing alongside natural diamonds. With these stud earrings, your friends will ask how you suddenly became a millionaire. The 925 sterling silver makes sure the material is durable in use and resists corrosion effectively. A very good choice if you are looking for the best cubic zirconia stud earrings.

4. Cubic zirconia roman numeral earrings - 24.95€ / $28

Cubic zirconia roman numeral earrings

18K rose gold, roman numerals, and clear cubic zirconia is always a good look.

The roman numeral earrings are a gorgeous addition to any look. Add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with this pair of round sparkling stud earrings. These luxurious earrings shine with 18K rose gold plating and clean-cut Austrian CZ. The Roman numerals make the design unique. In comparison with 14K gold, 18K gold is brighter and more beautiful. Subtle and elegant, these studs can be worn from day to night, with every outfit. An excellent choice for smart-casual everyday earrings.

5. Cubic zirconia square drop earrings - 29.95€ / $33

Cubic zirconia square drop earrings

The square drop earrings with emerald cut look very exclusive and high-class.

These amazing drop earrings get their sparkle and luxurious feel from high-quality Austrian cubic zirconias and platinum plating. The large center zirconia stone is surrounded by 16 smaller zirconias. These lever back earrings are made as lightweight as possible to ensure comfortable use. The square cubic zirconia earrings are a perfect companion to a cocktail party and a flawless match to an evening gown. The drop earrings also come in multiple colors, including blue, green, and champagne. In conclusion, the emerald cut earrings offer exceptional luxe for an affordable price.

6. Cubic zirconia ball drop earrings - 26.95€ / $30

Cubic zirconia ball drop earrings

Brighten your outfit with the lovely ball drop earrings.

The ball drop earrings are number six on the list for the best cubic zirconia earrings for women. These earrings give you the ultimate look for a night out. The 18k platinum plating brings them a nice shine with the dazzling Austrian 2.00-carat cubic zirconia. The 8mm size is within reason and doesn't draw too much attention. However, large enough to gather the wondering eyes. A true, timeless pair of classy earrings. On top of the clear and pink cubic zirconia earrings above, you can select your favorite from 7 different colors.

7. Cubic zirconia timeless luxury earrings - 37.95€ / $42

Cubic zirconia timeless luxury earrings

A pair of stunning, round cut cubic zirconia flower earrings are always in style.

With these timeless and luxurious flower earrings, you'll always look magnificent and elegant. They shine in high-grade Austrian cubic zirconias and silver or gold plating. The large and brilliant 3.00-carat gemstone catches the eye and comes in nine beautiful colors. Lever back closure ensures that these earrings don't fall from the ear easily. A better pair of cubic zirconia flower stud earrings can be hard to find.

8. Gold cubic zirconia stud earrings - 19.95€ / $22

Gold cubic zirconia stud earrings

Cubic zirconia earrings with white gold or gold bring out your sensual side.

Sparkling cubic zirconia stud earrings are always a classy and elegant choice. They go with any style and outfit and give out a glamorous vibe without being too flashy. If you don't own a pair of simple CZ stud earrings, it's time for you to get these versatile and luxurious babies now. Choose your favorites from a wide variety of colors, including red, pink, and black cubic zirconia earrings! 

9. Square cubic zirconia earrings - 14.95€ / $16

Square cubic zirconia earrings

The square stud earrings with round cut cubic zirconia will dazzle the room.

Say hello to your new go-to earrings! The square cubic zirconia studs are a timeless, modern, and luxurious addition to any outfit. The sparkling gem is cut with high-quality precision. The polished platings of gold and silver are combined together with an interesting design, creating this beautiful pair of square stud earrings. As the most affordably priced pair of earrings on the list, these square stud earrings are a catch!

10. Cubic zirconia stud earrings - 29.95€ / $33

Cubic zirconia stud earrings

Stunning 0.75-carat cubic zirconia studs will make you look good with all outfits.

As the 10th place on the list is the cubic zirconia stud earrings. They are 18k platinum plated and are certainly the most beautiful pair of studs you have ever seen. The top grade Austrian cubic zirconia can be compared to diamonds. With one 0.75-carat stone in the middle, the 10mm cubic zirconia stud earrings are the best quality on its price range. You can't go wrong with these elegant studs.

This list is about the 10 best cubic zirconia earrings for women right now. All items on the list are the best quality cubic zirconia earrings. We always appreciate our readers. If you read the entire list, as a thank you, we would like to offer a discount to you. If you buy two pairs of earrings from this list, you can get the third pair for free. Go ahead and enter the code BEST EARRINGS at the checkout to get the third pair of earrings in your cart for free. This discount is only available to the readers of this article. MAX 1 use/person!

If you are still wondering whether you should buy cubic zirconia jewelry instead of diamond jewelry, read this article about why smart people buy cubic zirconia jewelry. There you can find why diamonds were valued originally, and why they are valued today. Maybe, with that article, you can deduce why some people prefer cubic zirconia over diamonds or vice versa.

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