Silver & Turquoise Layered Anklet
Silver turquoise ankle bracelet
Turquoise beads on a silver chain anklet

Classy Women Collection

Classy Women Silver Turquoise Layered Anklet

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Layered silver and turquoise ankle bracelet.

Layered anklet with silver chains and turquoise beads. The combination of silver and turquoise is one of the most popular summer styles, as the pure silver complements the bright turquoise so well. Light and fun, the anklet suits any easy-going summer style giving it a fresh boho-vibe.

The anklet is composed of three layers of silver chain, two of which are adorned with bright turquoise beads. The anklet comes with an extension chain, so the size is easily adjusted for any ankle.

Turquoise color represents youth, energy, serenity, and creativity. A woman wearing jewelry with turquoise details is often perceived as a playful yet intellectual individual, with the ability to seize the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

This anklet was designed with sundresses, sandals, and salty hair in mind. Throw on your favorite summer outfit and top off the look with this stunning ankle bracelet. To keep the anklet in prime condition, avoid water exposure.

  • Anti-allergic material
  • Color: Pure silver
  • Length: 8.9" + 2" / 22.6cm + 5cm
  • Metal: Silver-toned zinc alloy
  • Beads: Turquoise resin
  • Weight: 6.6g